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100 Sweet Love Sms to Make Your Lover Melt

1. Your love has made me speechless....
I can't think of what to say because every passing day,
You give me reasons why I should be with you.
You have won my heart and I'm proud of you.
Love you my honey, my sugar.

2. I reasoned out and I found out that there exists no tomorrow without you in my today
Without you love, my daylight is as dark as the night.
I appreciate your love, my love and my best friend.

87 Sweet Love Messages for Her or Him

So let me ask you... Is there any feeling greater than the one that is incessantly triggered by the awe of love? is there thought that is as rhythmic as the one that comes with thinking about the one one loves? Well, you are about to find out... And these Sweet Love Messages for Her or Him should help you put such feelings of ecstasy at test.

Ready? Let's go.

Sweet Love Messages for My One and Only

Nothing colors my world than the touch of your love.
Nothing brings out the best in me, but your love.
Nothing else will I desire but your love
In the morning, noon and night, nothing but your love.
Roses wither, colors fade but true love stays forever.
I confess you've redefined love in the perfect way.
With you forever will I stay. I love you.

60 Best Messages to Say Thank You to Someone Special

If you are reading this piece, one thing is sure: you have tasted the inherent merriments of friendships, whether romantic or platonic. 

To me, when you see those who suffer betrayal, you will understand what a great friendship or relationship means.

Thank You My Love for Everything? Messages of Appreciation to Loved Ones? or some Appreciation Text Messages to Send to Someone You Love and Cherish? 

Be ready to get the best of appreciation Sms Messages for that Special Person.

20 Appreciation Messages for Best Friends

1. How can I write some special appreciation messages for you? Words wouldn't stop failing me on every chance I had. You're more than an Angel.

2. If I could break a bank, I can't get enough to buy the gift that will appreciate your worth. You've done a great job to keep me happy. Thank you, friend.

3. Just to tell you this secret: I feel so special having you as my friend. I hope the feeling will ever be there. Thanks for being a friend.

20 Appreciation Messages To a Friend That Touched My Heart

Appreciation Text Messages from Me to You

1. Without an exam with you, I got an excellence in friendship. Without a passport, I got a stay in your world. With my level of unworthiness, you've given me a place in your heart. And here is my appreciation - thank you for being you.

2. Just now, I'm changing my thought about life. I had once thought one's mind can't be touched this much, except in romantic relationships. Now you have changed my life forever. Thank you so much, dear friend.

Romantic and Sweet Love Sms for Her or For Him

I love you more than a dictionary could define
Without doubt, our coming together is divine.
You are the romantic branch which grows my love's vine.
You charge me up more than would red wine.
Your love is like a magic spell
Too ecstatic that it makes my head swell
Without you I sure can't be well
My life without you is like I'm in little hell.