Sweet Thank You Messages for Boyfriend & Girlfriend

Sweetest of Thank You Messages for My Boyfriend. Sweetest of Thank You Sms Messages for My Lovely Girlfriend.

1. Thank You for Being my One and Only Boyfriend

Since I met you, I've got no reason to give up in love and in life. With your care, my heart is rejuvenated on a daily basis. You have proven to be the one and only.
Thanks very much  for it all. I love you dearly.

2. Thank You for Being My One and Only Girlfriend

My world has changed, my heart beats have turned magical, my moments have been awesome and my soul has found a lasting rest.... Since I met this lovely you.
Indeed, your love is true and pure. You are truly one in a million and will be my one and only forever.
Thank you. I love you for who you are.

3. You Deeds Are More than I Can Verbalize

Your touch is electric, setting my body on lasting rhythms. Your voice is magical, calming my soul.
Your love is so real, being my essence and muse.
Your are unique in your own way.
Thank you. I love you. I really do. I will forever do.

4. I Will Love You Again and Again

If there is anything I'm sure I can do over and over again,
Without rehearsals, it is loving you again and again.
You are my trophy cause I won your heart.
I am your trophy too 'cause you won all of me plus my heart.
I love you.

5. Your Love for Me is Appreciated

Your decision to make me your one and only is appreciated.
Thinking about our love journey, I'm always elated.
From your love's course, I will never deviate,
And I promise my love for you won't depreciate.
I love you.

6. I Will Love You Forever

I wish I could send more than a love message,
I wish I could love you pass this age.
I am nothing apart from what you made me,
So forever, it is you and me.
Thank you. I love you.

7. Your Love is Satisfying

Your beauty is perfect, no need of make up,
Your love satisfies than my best of meal,
I choose to love you through without breakup,
And to defend your interest is a lifetime deal.
I love you.

8. You Will Always Be in My Heart

There is no other places I would keep you but my heart.
I will cling to your love and never depart.
Our love will be a fulfilling one at that,
To keep this love going and growing I will do my part.
I love you.

9. Thank You for Always Being My Goto Person

Despite life's challenges, you're still here,
And when I needed you, you were there.
When I needed help, you were very near.
Thanks forever my love, my dear.
I love you.

10. I Love You so Much More

Looking into my life and seeing you have given so much,
I don't know what to say than I love you so much,
I just pray one day that I will pay a bit of your kindness back,
For not a moment with you did I ever lack.
I love you.

11. It's Your Love Forever and Ever

I yearn for the rhythm of your love,
Than the soothing of the rain sent from above.
If I will want anything it is more and more of our love,
Thanks for all you have given, my love.
I love you.

Thanks for Your Daily Love and Care

12. Thanks for Your Daily Love and Care

Thank you so much for loving me this way,
Thanks for your care and support every blessed day,
Thank you my love, for leading me on the right way.
Thank you, thank you, and thank you, is all I could say.
I love you.

13. Your Love Has no Match

Show me a man or woman who is in love,
And I will show you one who has been loved much and cared for.
Your love is matchless because it shines and brightens my day.
Thank you for loving me this much, my love.
I love you too.

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