Why Lovers Don't Like Sharing Secrets in Relationships

Openness is a great tool in relationship building. With openness, a relationship can build a 'Romantic Rome' in a day. And in achieving success in relationship, openness should be a necessity. It is such tool that could do the magic of repair and sustenance in any relationship. But this platform can be ruined if all a lover does is to hear and not do.

A Broken Relationship is not Better Than A Broken Marriage

She sat down quietly in a corner. One could barely notice her, except for her intermittent sobs that carelessly gave her away. As I took a glance, I found her weeping in such agony as you'd expect of someone who just lost everything.
Her name was Bisi - she told me later. I offered some comfort to her, and later got her to talk, though reluctantly. Bayo is her boyfriend's - now ex-boyfriend - name. He just broke her heart. And it is only after her life has been broken.


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