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Isn't it lovely to have someone who makes you merry and can give you their best?
Well, I've made some special collection of Appreciation Text Messages for them...
Pick anyone you like and send... You need to make them smile back.

120+ Thanksgiving Quotes to God from the Heart 2019

Thanksgiving Message to God

To say words of appreciation to God, you don't necessarily have to wait for the Thanksgiving day, even if it's a great spot of one's life to show unparalleled gratitude for everything God has done and will continue to do.

Every day is worth thanking for. So, show forth some gratitude to the one who made the sun and the moon stand still for your sake.

2019 Best Thank You God Messages for Everything

An appreciative person leaves the door open for more good deeds and if one would think deep, one would see that there are enough reasons to rejoice and bring thanks to GOD.

It is a common thing to note that regardless of the issues or circumstances facing an individual there are still some who wished they had what he had, the saying that one man's present situation is another man's prayer point is true.