Kehinde Victoria

Kehinde Victoria Ikulagba is a content writer, blogger and a Bsc degree holder in Geography. She co-owns and has bagged a certificate in screenwriting from Screenwriterholics. Kehinde engages in admin works for Multiple Birth Arena when not writing.

Always Be Authentic Quotes

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedInThe truth is, the world we live in today does not often time appreciate the originality of individual differences. Society expects that we act the same way, love the same things, and look the same way. Even if they say be yourself, they still have the picture of someone we should look …

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Moving to a New Country Quotes

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedInChange is the only constant in life. It’s a fact that we all have to deal with, and it’s one of the biggest challenges we face as humans. As beautiful as it is to experience positive change in all aspects of our lives, it can be overwhelming at first. This is because …

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Do Not Take Me for Granted Quotes

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedInSometimes, people don’t know what treasure they have until they lose it. This popular saying may have been so factual in your past, say in your former friendships or relationships. So you might want to remind one or two people in your life not to take you for granted to prevent such …

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Fixing a Broken Heart Quotes

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedInA broken heart is one of the most painful feelings you’ll ever experience. It can leave you devastated and make life feel meaningless. It can make you wonder if you will ever be happy again or feel the love you felt for that special someone. With all of these uncomfortable emotions that …

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