Oluwakemi Agbomuserin

Fighting Sickness Quotes

Fighting Sickness shows how strong you are and how much you are not willing to give up. It shows that you have a strength that is bigger than your pain, bigger than your fear and bigger than your illness. It shows that even when you feel like giving up, there is still something inside of …

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Alone in a marriage Quotes

Marriage is a relationship that is built on trust, love and respect. It is also a relationship that can be very difficult to maintain at times. When you are alone in a marriage, there is no one around to help you get through the tough times. When you are alone in a marriage, you have …

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Water Baptism Quotes

We were all born into sin and separated from the love of God. But God loved us so much that he sent his son Jesus to take our punishment for us on the cross. That’s why we celebrate water baptism. It isn’t about joining a church or being clean, it’s about becoming a child of …

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