Omowunmi Amoniyan

A teachable and reliable individual with good time management and organizing skill. A matured team player with great interpersonal skills.

Making Assumptions Quotes

Making Assumptions Quotes

Relationships are the base foundation of society. Without relationships, we would be unable to raise children, build homes and communities, or Foster love and affection. Without trust, relationships can be broken. You need to be able to trust that your family Will always be there for you. Your friends will always be there for you. …

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I Want to Be a Better Man for You Quotes

To Be a Better Man Quotes

Being a better man doesn’t mean much to you now. Maybe you’re young, still figuring it all out, and will eventually get married and have kids, but for now, you don’t know what that means. The phrase “being a better man” is thrown around without any real explanation, which is why I want to tell …

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Be Your Mans Peace Quotes

Be Your Man’s Peace Quotes

We are all with this need and desire deep inside us. I am talking about the need to be our loved one’s peace or a man’s peace as it is widely known. This may sound simple to you, and indeed it is, yet it is also very powerful. This truth can transform your romantic relationship. …

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Being a Human Quotes

Being a Human Quotes

We are all human, and we all have feelings. When we feel happy, hurt, or upset about something, it’s best to talk those feelings out with someone who can relate. Those emotions will build up and become harder to cope with if you don’t. Worst case scenario, they could lead you down a path in …

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