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Taiye Christiana Ikulagba is a content writer and blogger. She holds a BSc degree in Geography. When not writing, she spends her time reading the stock market. Taiye has earned a certificate in screenwriting from Screenwriterholics. She is also a co-owner of TKwrite.com.

Autumn Is My Favorite Season Quotes

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedInAutumn, just like other seasons, happens once a year between September and December. This season stands out for many reasons, like for its richness in colour and activities that make the family bond. Therefore, it’s not hard to fall in love with this season. What better way can you do this than …

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I Am Authentic Quotes

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedInTo be authentic is to be genuine, honest and sincere. Authenticity helps you feel safe and comfortable in your relationships because you can trust that what you say is who you are and matches what they think or feel about you. In a world full of hoaxes or deception, being authentic can …

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You Broke My Heart Quotes for Him

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedInYou are here in the first place because you are heartbroken. I’ve been there myself, and I feel your pain. You have been betrayed, shattered and disappointed by the person who you thought was your one true love. Don’t let a guy get in the way of your happiness. We’ve all been …

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Choose Love Over Fear Quotes

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedInWhat do you do when life seems to be falling apart? When so much is going on and then it feels like your world is imploding. The best thing to do is to remind yourself that in all of the chaos, you have one thing that will never ever change: your ability …

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