Christian Prayers

Short Good Morning Prayers to Use Daily in 2019

Short Good Morning Prayer

Waking up to view a new day with the bright sky, the sun out and favourable weather is not something to be taken for granted. Waking up each morning is something we should thank our creator for.

The words we say into our morning have great potential to influence how our day would go on and what would become of it. Therefore, what better way and who better to commit out morning and the rest of the day too, if not God.

35 Powerful Opening Prayers for Church Service in 2019

Being alive is a privilege, having good health as supplement is by grace and knowing the only true God who is to be worshipped for this provisions is the greatest feeling ever.

We gather from time to time to fellowship, forsaking not the gathering of brethren and every of such coming together there is need to appreciate God and invite his presence. You know that when he comes, then we are rest assured of a successful outing.

Prayers for a Friend in Need (2019)

Many times, our friends are in dire need of things that we can't provide, either because we can't afford it or because it isn't in part of our personal capabilities.

Leaving them in uncertain hopelessness is not what we can accept too, so we look for the next best option, which is looking forward to heaven to pray down help and support.