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120 Good Night Prayer Quotes from the Heart

Good Night Prayer Quotes

After a hard day at work or a busy day at home, we find ourselves looking for that quiet time we can spend with the Almighty.

Many times when we pray for our lovers or loved ones we find ourselves in a quagmire.

We often ask, What should I pray about? What does she/he really need at this point in their life? I have taken it upon myself to help you with that.

2019 Powerful Good Morning Prayer Quotes for Yourself, Friends & Loved Ones

Good Morning Prayer Quotes

At the beginning of every year we write out plans for the year. Our goals and objectives for the year. We then break these plans into months and days. Each month for each task, each day for each exercise.

We then try as much to make our days productive. Going by our human strength some things might be impossible but we all know that "With God all things are possible". Then prayer sets in and takes its place to crown our efforts.