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50 Prayers for Employment Breakthrough

Prayers for Employment Breakthrough

Possessing a qualification for employment and having to wait for a long period before getting a job isn't a palatable experience.

However, the waiting period is a great opportunity to fully express one's trust in God and exercise faith in His ability to make a way in an unexpected way.

One true way to express one's trust in God is to daily devote time to talk to Him in prayer, and seek His intervention. Because, indeed, the effectual fervent prayer of the righteous works in a powerful way.

200 Best Friend Quotes Ever for a Special Friend

Best Friend Quotes Ever

Many times in life, we think that we can do and be all we want too without the help of others.

And true to this belief, we achieve unimaginable success.

However, we want up one day and realize that all the successes and achievements don't bring us happiness that we need. What brings us happiness are people, the relationships we build. They could be our family or friends.

200 Sweet Good Morning Sms to Wake Up To

Sweet Good Morning Sms.

The Dawn of a new day brings relief, erase bygone events of yesterdays and sprays the air with fragrance of a fruitful day, happy moments, love, happiness etc.

Good morning messages has great positive effects in the life of every human being. Perhaps you have ignored or taken for granted sending morning SMS to your loved ones, family or lover, give it a try again and see how magical it heals a sad heart and gives sunshine and hopes to the soul.

100+ Short Good Morning Prayers to Use Daily

Short Good Morning Prayer

Waking up to view a new day with the bright sky, the sun out and favourable weather is not something to be taken for granted. Waking up each morning is something we should thank our creator for.

The words we say into our morning have great potential to influence how our day would go on and what would become of it. Therefore, what better way and who better to commit out morning and the rest of the day too, if not God.


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