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100 Happy New Month Love Messages and SMS (November 2018)

Happy New Month Love Messages

A new day, new month, a new year brings a special flavour which spices up the day for us.

Seeing a new dawn in a new month for some people gives a sign of relief that they are progressing, achieving their dreams and moving on while for some, it throws them into another dawn of uncertainty.

The feelings that come when the love of your life wakes up in a new month and receives the first warm welcoming message from that person who dwells constantly in the heart, how explosive would the smiles be.

120 Sorry Quotes for Best Friend

Sorry Quotes for Best Friend

In friendships, it is very normal and natural for misunderstandings to occur once in a while. The truth is, it is those we truly love, that we tend to hurt the most.

So, since misunderstandings are inevitable, it is very important to make sure both parties are very quick to apologise when it happens, for the friendship to flourish.

100+ Sorry Messages for Friends - Apology Messages to a Friend

I'm Sorry Messages for Friends

Ideally, many friends are so much closer to us, than our family members and we share a part of our lives with them. Now, having quarrels and misunderstanding isn't inevitable for as long as we have our senses and differences. That's why you need some Sorry Messages for a Friend - I am Sorry Messages for Friends you've offended.

100+ I'm Sorry Messages for Him: Apology Texts for Boyfriend

I Am Sorry Messages for Him

You knew you were wrong and needed to apologize, then you searched online for the best of apology texts to say sorry to your boyfriend and get him to forgive you for real.

Is that you?

Or you knew you didn't do anything wrong. Your instinct told you, you were right but the part of you that wants peace keeps urging you to apologize, even if it would have to hurt you for doing so.

Does that sound like you?


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