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2019 Best Valentine's Day Messages for Her

Valentine's Day Messages for Her

Every day is gifted with time to avail you the opportunity to express your love for the amazing woman, the lovely lady, your darling, beautiful wife, your sweet, precious girlfriend whom you love dearly.

Of all the days in a year, Valentine's day is a symbolic day for the expression and display of love and affection among all lovebirds around the world.

2019 Best Opening Prayer Points for Church Service

Opening Prayer Points for Church Service

Jesus is the head of the Church and the Church is His bridegroom that He is coming to take in marriage.

Prayers are integral part of our faith. It is one of the ways of communing with God and exercising our profession as believers.

That's the truth!

Not starting with prayers before the commencement of any of our Church meetings or programmes is as trying to start a vehicle without the key.

2019 Best Happy Weekend Quotes

Happy Weekend Quotes for Facebook

After the storm, comes the sunshine! Then, the rainbow follows closely. Then, all is bright, beautiful and colourful with our world. A crazy marathon work schedule is like a tsunami hit. The weekend offers an irresistible relief package that makes for a beautiful comeback.