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Lies You Should Expect Every Guy To Tell In A Relationship

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Are you in a relationship? You are about to say that scintillating YES or one just ended? Whatever category you fall into, congratulations. Relationship right? Take a moment and ask yourself what that 12-letter word is...And what is the answer? You are clueless, isn't it? Then you have a well of information to dig out before you are qualified to be in one.

What Happens When Marriage Opens Your Eyes

Henry, ''what has gotten over you? You're changing by the day. This is not what I bargained for when I married you... '', Anita shouted before Henry cuts in. ''What are you implying?, he stammered under his breath as if unsure of the words to utter. But it was not that he wasn't sure of the words to frame; it was just in a bid to not allow her regret the marriage a moment further.

Why Lovers Don't Like Sharing Secrets in Relationships

Openness is a great tool in relationship building. With openness, a relationship can build a 'Romantic Rome' in a day. And in achieving success in relationship, openness should be a necessity. It is such tool that could do the magic of repair and sustenance in any relationship. But this platform can be ruined if all a lover does is to hear and not do.