1000+ Motivational Messages for Him or Her

Sometimes, what you need to pull through a difficult situation are some motivational messages. Sometimes, what that special friend needs to overcome a challenge are some motivational messages.

So you’ve got someone to send some of these inspirational messages to? Then choose any to be sent to him or her.

  • Rule Your Anger

No matter the pain,
No matter the stress,
No matter how hurt you are,
No matter what plight,
No matter the pressure,
Never take it out on people around you.
You might be hurting a soul that cares while trying to unleash your fury.

  • Make Your Existence Count

We are all created for a purpose. A plan and a reason. Until we know this reason, we are only existing and when we die, it ends as a waste of creation.

You have so much within you to be what you are meant to be.

That challenge is not an excuse. Lack of finance is not an excuse.

What can you do to birth the purpose you were made for?
Think about it and live your life so everyone will know that you were here and you made a difference.

In everything you do, make your existence count. You are not here to live and die, but to live and impart.

Don’t permit anything to stop you.

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