Lies You Should Expect Every Guy To Tell In A Relationship

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Are you in a relationship? You are about to say that scintillating YES or one just ended? Whatever category you fall into, congratulations. Relationship right? Take a moment and ask yourself what that 12-letter word is...And what is the answer? You are clueless, isn't it? Then you have a well of information to dig out before you are qualified to be in one.

What Happens When Marriage Opens Your Eyes

Henry, ''what has gotten over you? You're changing by the day. This is not what I bargained for when I married you... '', Anita shouted before Henry cuts in. ''What are you implying?, he stammered under his breath as if unsure of the words to utter. But it was not that he wasn't sure of the words to frame; it was just in a bid to not allow her regret the marriage a moment further.

How Starting Over Will Improve Your Relationship

Nothing breaks a relationship than expecting much from it and getting less instead. When disappointments pile up, there is every tendency that such relationship will be on the brink of collapse. If you are a great web surfer, at one time or another, you would have had to clear your cache, your browsing history and more just for you to have a better browsing experience. If you don't do this, you will no doubt have some difficult time browsing after using your personal computer for a long time.

How to Find True Love

Nothing breaks my heart these days than hearing from teenagers that, 'True' love doesn't exist. If that ideology is true, then we'll have to put our parents, perpetually, on the wheelchair of pity. Because it would only have been a lifetime defeat they've plunged themselves in since they got married.

The Best Investment Towards Marriage

Thinking deep about life, and by knowledge, I've come to realize that nothing really grow or is kept alive without a dose of investment. Plants grow because they have water, and of course because they're grown on soil.
Then this is my verdict: if you want anything to grow the more, you must invest in it the more. Without any shadow of doubt, this is valid even in relationships cum marriages. As a single thinking of when to marry, so many things crop up in your mind.

The Best Age to Get Married

To get married, research has shown that a particular age bracket is great for the single male and another for the single female. I learnt it's mid 20's for the female and late 20's for the male -how great that is! It is such a great idea if you get to that age as a single and the next thought is the plan for honey moon.

The Best Way To Grow Your Love

Sometimes I wish one can't say 'I love you' until it has been shown through one's action. This finds root in the fact that so many people profess love than they really mean. Just as the saying goes, 'It's easier said than done.' Real love to me and to every other person is soothing to the soul. Its thought encapsulates more than ordinary - it's ecstatic! But a million-dollar question is, 'Does Real and Ideal love truly exist? Yes it does!

How to Keep The Spark in Marriage

There's no such successful establishment like a successful marriage. Its thought is more than mere ecstasy - it's more than giving life, to me. And there is nothing as trilling in life than a marriage that is cultivated upon a lasting fulfilment- its rhythm can't be compared with that from the best stringed instrument. If your marriage is successful, I duff my cap!

What to Do When Marriage Delays

There are five greatest sermon to preach to oneself every day. These are Where? When? What? Why? And How? As far as I know, these questions have been the greatest teachers of all times when followed.
At a time when marriage delays, the greatest of the above questions to be considered is Why? In life, we learn that delay is not denial, but I can tell, delay could be denial. When there is any delay, ask these questions and make sure you answer them to the best of your knowledge.


Until this day, it still makes me so sad to see Marriages fail when everything needed to make it Successful is available. With my knowledge of this, there's something I've discovered. That is, People expect too much than they should. Even so, People base everything on feelings rather than real love. So many people do not know what love in its real sense is. Sad to say, Many people get marriage all wrong!
For marriages to fail, the following are responsible.

You Deserve More Than Love

Many people search for articles, tips and gimmicks to know if the opposite sex really loves them. Love is simply sharing and Caring - no more no less. Anyone who *truly and genuinely* cares for your wellbeing, spiritually, emotionally loves you.

You can actually get thousands of articles on that to help but the big question is if the love will continue. That is where people miss it. Don't be blinded by love, cuz it could blindfold you at first sight.

A Broken Relationship is not Better Than A Broken Marriage

She sat down quietly in a corner. One could barely notice her, except for her intermittent sobs that carelessly gave her away. As I took a glance, I found her weeping in such agony as you'd expect of someone who just lost everything.
Her name was Bisi - she told me later. I offered some comfort to her, and later got her to talk, though reluctantly. Bayo is her boyfriend's - now ex-boyfriend - name. He just broke her heart. And it is only after her life has been broken.