Until this day, it still makes me so sad to see Marriages fail when everything needed to make it Successful is available. With my knowledge of this, there's something I've discovered. That is, People expect too much than they should. Even so, People base everything on feelings rather than real love. So many people do not know what love in its real sense is. Sad to say, Many people get marriage all wrong!
For marriages to fail, the following are responsible.

You Deserve More Than Love

Many people search for articles, tips and gimmicks to know if the opposite sex really loves them. Love is simply sharing and Caring - no more no less. Anyone who *truly and genuinely* cares for your wellbeing, spiritually, emotionally loves you.

You can actually get thousands of articles on that to help but the big question is if the love will continue. That is where people miss it. Don't be blinded by love, cuz it could blindfold you at first sight.

A Broken Relationship is not Better Than A Broken Marriage

She sat down quietly in a corner. One could barely notice her, except for her intermittent sobs that carelessly gave her away. As I took a glance, I found her weeping in such agony as you'd expect of someone who just lost everything.
Her name was Bisi - she told me later. I offered some comfort to her, and later got her to talk, though reluctantly. Bayo is her boyfriend's - now ex-boyfriend - name. He just broke her heart. And it is only after her life has been broken.