Special Birthday Messages For a Caring Friend

Special Birthday Messages For a Caring Friend

Specially For You On Your Birthday
Friends could send a thousand wishes
And family could join to wine and dine
But sooner, they will all leave you.
But I pray that God will see you through.

Wishes So Sweet To You
Little steps really makes a journey
And little drops, an ocean
Oh! how you have come this far!
I wish you sweet birthday than honey

Wishing You Unending Blessings
More than the sweet sensation of honey
And more than the notes of money
I wish you God’s unending blessings
And may His Glory be your dressing

May Your Life Be Filled With Heavenly Gifts
More than a belated birthday every year
And more than gorgeous clothing you wear
I wish you a life filled with unending joy
And outstanding success that none can destroy
Happy Birthday to you.

May your day be rooted in joy that has no end
And happiness than words could ever explain
May every hour bring than you can comprehend
And may you experience such again and again!
Happy birthday to you my best friend.

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