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Sweet Short Messages for My Boyfriend

101. When I met you, my fears grew wings, flew away and never returned. Truly, your love is magical! 

102. I've drooled at the sight of superheroes until you came as one. Now, you make me melt.

103. I am sure you'll make the moon and the stars jealous since your love illuminates my heart.

104. Of all the alphabets, four made more sense today. H.E.R.O. They reminded me who you are to me.

105. The talk about fate used to be some old fairy tales until I met you. I never deserved you, my love.

106. I used to think I know so much about love until you began to show me yours. I'm just speechless!

107. If everything will fail, my love for you will not. I've come to love you forever.

109. Now I can preach to the world about miracle because it's what brought you to me.

110. Just when I was getting stuck in my mental quagmire, you gave your hand in love to pull me up.

111. When I tried to get the right word to describe your worth, all adjectives gave up.

112. You are so unique in your own way and I have come to thank you for being you all the time.

113. You don't have a match. You don't have a rival. My heart belongs to you and you alone.

114. Your presence in my life has brought the best definition of happiness. 

115. If you're doubting my devotion for this relationship, kindly kill the thoughts! You're mine forever.

116. How else can I express my gratitude for your love when words keep failing me! 

117. Until I will find the right word to show my appreciation to your love, I give up!

118. When you see how often I blush and smile, that's what being with you has caused.

119. All I can say is that you have changed me from the worst to my best.

120. Would you permit me to tell the whole world that you are my timeless merriment? Mwah!

121. I was only existing before we met until meeting you brought meaning to my life.

122. Now that you came into my life, I can sit back and watch as blessings unfold.

123. I think about you all through the day and you still wouldn't leave my dreams? I'm in love's trouble!

124. I will keep on daydreaming the day I'll wake up next to you. Just wish it can fast forward it! 

125. It's my every hour desire to be with you for the rest of my life. Can we make this a deal? 

126. Let me sit back to count the countless luck your love has brought.

127. It's an understatement to say I love you. Please help me with a better word.

128. A wish, please: Can I be in your arms for a lifetime?

129. As long as I live, I won't stop falling in love with you.

130. Let us enjoy this boundless love together - it's our time!

131. Haters are allowed to continue in the businesses of watching us.

132. Without any doubt, our love is going places.

133. I used to miss you until you took a permanent spot in my heart. 

134. I wouldn't stop to wonder how I got so fortunate to have you.

135. I feel a heaven on earth each time your hands hold me. 

136. If I would have to love in the afterlife, you'll still be mine.

137. Please, my love, teach me how to stop missing you.

138. I am a lifetime fan of your thoughts-turned-fantasies. 

139. I watched you become my worst distraction on a daily basis.

140. You are the rhythms and I'm the blues. Let's dance together!

141. I just sent a kiss to say thanks. Quickly tap here to reveal it.

142. Oh, what a wonder, a wonder you are to have loved me this much.

143. If I have loved you by a spell, may I never be free from it.

144. I started the journey to eternity in love the very day we met.

145. Can I keep looking at your pictures throughout today?

146. You will remain my best. Have I said this today?

147. You are free to take me round the world, even in my dreams.

148. I will give you my whole heart if you won't break it.

149. Can you help my heart from beating faster to your thoughts?

150. Won't you just get out of my mind for once? Hmmm!

151. I wake up every day hoping to find you beside me. I can't wait.

152. The journey down the aisle with you seems far but I'll wait.

153. I just can't stop thinking about you, just pay me for the job.

154. You are my sunshine and I mean every alphabet of the word.

155. I just looked at your picture. It's time to blush alone.

156. Your love has taken over my heart. Can I have a spot for myself?

157. I'm sorry I can't die for you. I need to be alive to love you.

158. Some days, I keep smiling at your thoughts. Today is one of such.

159. Your love has vindicated me. I am free of hurts and pains.

160. When songs can't give me the best of tunes, I listen to your voice.

161. Each thought of FOREVER reminds me of your love for me.

162. Can't we just have a year of picnic? You and I alone.

163. I used to think love has an end until you proved me wrong.

164. I won't just give up on love until the day after forever. 

165. I'm done loving you now. Can we please move to forever?

166. Just apply for the Guinness world records for best lover alive!

167. My shadow just told me that you and I rock! True or true?

168. Just have a kingdom and be the king. I'll just be your queen.

169. If all you want is my heart, you already have the whole of me.

170. Just because of your love, life is worth living every day.

171. Let's get a script writer, I think our relationship will win an award. 

172. You are beyond amazing, kindly let your shadow know.

173. Our love story is better than a new wine, it gets sweeter every day.

174. You are not the best thing that ever happened to me - your love is.

175. I love it when I'm beside you but isn't there a place closer?

178. All the boasts I can make about true love is because of you.

179. Loving you is a lifetime job, I need no sabbatical.

180. I thought I got a degree in love until I saw the syllabus of your love.

181. Let's get this going, I see your love promises new things.

182. I thought I found strength in you until you became my worst distraction.

183. The day you know how much I love you, you'll want to enter me.

184. I just can't get enough of your love, it's my favorite meal. 

185. You've made me the version of me that I only daydreamed.

186. I know I can... Yes, I know I can... Be your love forever.

187. I want us to hang out, but do not want to be back so soon.

188. For all that your love has given, permit me to say thanks again.

189. It takes me so much energy and time smiling at your thoughts.

190. With you, I changed my mind about impossibilities!

191. You are the only thief I cherish, just because you stole my heart.

192. I can go all day with few minutes of your thoughts.

193. I want you to stop crossing my heart and start living in it. Deal?

194. Every moment with you perpetuates my thought about us.

195. By now, you should know I cherish a minute with you.

196. Your love for me won't make me doubt magic. 

197. Every second spent with you builds me up to love you more.

198. Can I meet the professor that taught you how to love this much?

199. I can't go crazy about you. I need to be sane to love you.

200. I've signed the deal with you, I'm forever yours.

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