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70 Powerful Afternoon Prayers: Good Afternoon Blessings

The Afternoon could either be described literally as a period of the day between morning and nightfall or symbolically as the middle-aged period of life.

Whichever way, it's a time of reflection. A time of taking stock of achievements so far and preparation for the night.

A time to pray for a night of rest. I hope you find these short afternoon prayers helpful as a guide.

100 Thank You Letter to Best Friend: Thanks Letter for a Friend

Finding true friendship is like winning a legendary lottery - you would get overwhelmed trying to reason out how you will spend the money!

If you've enjoyed the best of friendships, especially after you have been disappointed by a couple of fair-weather ones, you'll understand how to value a friend. So I've written enough letters you can send to that special friend of yours.

If you love it, kindly share it. Thanks.

100 Powerful Monday Morning Prayer Quotes & Blessings

Is there even anyone who doesn't need some sweet and lovely Monday Morning Prayers? Each and every one of us needs it, without a doubt.

As you might have known, a lot of people believe that Monday Mornings are always the most difficult days to wake up and hit the road after a long splendid weekend.

The inspiration to press on, just wouldn't be there and for those who are not working yet, it means another long, boring and lonely week ahead.

100 Short Morning Prayers: Good Morning Blessings

Waking up every day is a privilege and you need to understand that it is the faithfulness of God that kept you alive. A lot of people would give anything to remain alive and healthy, remember!

And while a lot of people trivialize this grace, you shouldn't.

Every morning is an opportunity to thank God for the gift of life and invite him to walk the day with you because only him can give the strength and hope you need to make things work for you smoothly.

100 Cute Friendship Text Messages for Sweet Friends

Let's face it: You are on this page because you have a lovely friend - maybe a cute one at that - and you have been spoilt with the ebullience of true friendship.

Of all the friends you have, each moment with this special one strikes a cord of unspeakable satisfaction and words just couldn't explain the feeling.

Sounds like you?

Then you need to pick any of the Cute Friendship Text Messages below for that Sweet Friend of Yours.

100 Inspirational Messages for a Friend: Motivational Texts for Friends

Science says that everything remains where they are except acted upon by external forces. Many times, people want to get things done, but can't go on because they lack inspiration. We may also want to inspire people, but we don't know how to go about it.

This is a list of inspirational text messages you can use to motivate your friends, family (loved ones) and everyone.

100+ I'm Sorry Messages for Him: Apology Texts for Boyfriend

You knew you were wrong and needed to apologize, then you searched online for the best of apology texts to say sorry to your boyfriend and get him to forgive you for real.

Is that you?

Or you knew you didn't do anything wrong. Your instinct told you, you were right but the part of you that wants peace keeps urging you to apologize, even if it would have to hurt you for doing so.

Does that sound like you?

100+ I'm Sorry Messages for Her: Apology Texts for Girlfriend

So true is this saying that, "No one is perfect," which reminds us as humans that there would be times when someone will hurt us or take our feelings for granted and vice versa.

We are either at the receiving or giving end, but whichever end of the rope we find ourselves, there's always a point where we all need to swallow our ego and pride and ask for forgiveness from those who we have offended.