Annoying Coworkers Quotes

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedInStaying motivated at work can be difficult, especially when faced with a less than perfect work environment. There are so many things that can make working hard even more difficult, and some people tend to annoy us. It’s because of their annoying habits, way of doing a job, or just how they …

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I Will Always Annoy You Quotes

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedInA great irony of love is that even with our favourite people, we can annoy each other. Yet, what defines each relationship is the unconditional love to be there and put up with it all. Everyone has that person they love, yet especially love to annoy at the same time. Maybe it’s …

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Do Not Take Me for Granted Quotes

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedInSometimes, people don’t know what treasure they have until they lose it. This popular saying may have been so factual in your past, say in your former friendships or relationships. So you might want to remind one or two people in your life not to take you for granted to prevent such …

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Addicted to Money Quotes

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedInPoverty or wealth are two extremes that can make a person decide to always have money on the ground. This is usually how addiction starts, and addiction to money, for a poor person, is bad, for a rich person is even worse. The rush of getting money regularly, and never having to …

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