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2019 Heartfelt Get Well Soon Messages for Friend

Get Well Soon Messages for Friend

A wise man once said, "There is magic in the little things", this can also be said of sending a 'Get well soon' message to an indisposed loved one.

Wishing a quick recovery for that sick person is the best way to show someone you are thinking of them during a tough time.

Putting up a get well soon message for that loved ones who are being sick and (or hospitalized) can seem like an arduous and a bit challenging task.

70 Powerful Prayers for Family Protection in 2019

Prayer for Family Protection

It is no longer shocking that evil is happening all over the world and through researches, it has been concluded that God is the greatest security and by depending on Him we are more than safe.

Are you thinking of embarking ob a journey or just going out for your normal day to day activity and you just want to send some requests to heaven whether for today or future day's protection???

Top 70 Breakthrough Prayers for Every Occasion in 2019

We must have heard the popular saying that "Prayer is the master key". It is, indeed, the key to opening many doors of supernatural happenings.

When things are smooth, we pray. When otherwise we still pray. Different prayer points for different situations.

We all, at some points, need breakthroughs in different situations and stages of our lives. So when at those points, we channel our prayers to breakthrough.

2019 Prayers of Praise and Thanksgiving to God

For every day we live, we involve in different transactions, something in exchange for another: money in exchange for goods or services.

Same way, we have most importantly, the gift of life and every other of life's blessings - which includes the air that we breathe. If we're to give something in exchange for all of these to the Supreme being, what do you think it'd be?

2019 Powerful Good Morning Prayer Quotes for Yourself, Friends & Loved Ones

Good Morning Prayer Quotes

At the beginning of every year we write out plans for the year. Our goals and objectives for the year. We then break these plans into months and days. Each month for each task, each day for each exercise.

We then try as much to make our days productive. Going by our human strength some things might be impossible but we all know that "With God all things are possible". Then prayer sets in and takes its place to crown our efforts.