A Pretty Face Gets Old Quotes

A Pretty Face Gets Old Quotes

What is the most common thing you think of when you picture an older adult? I can give you some examples. The majority envision a small figure with white hair. Some may imagine a weak or sickly-looking figure. Others can see wrinkles, saggy skin and an unusual outfit.

Some believe that physical beauty in a woman’s most important asset. But that’s not the case. We should understand that our appearance isn’t always a determining factor in how others perceive us. Knowing that a pretty face will get old, but a good mind remains forever, is a special thought to keep in mind.

We should never take the right person for granted because personality is something that could fade with time, but intelligence and compassion stay. These a pretty face gets old quotes that will help you to appreciate people, especially women, for who they are rather than for their beauty.

A Pretty Face Gets Old Quotes

A pretty face gets old and loses its charm. What remains is a true heart. A pretty face is just skin deep; it fades with age. But a good heart will always be there through the trials of time and temptations that never fail to arise. The mind is more elusive than we can imagine.

1. An ageing beauty isn’t always what it seems. For in a world full of spectacle and mistakes, love will mend hearts broken by lies.

2. When your pretty face gets old, remember, you are always worth loving, even when you look old, wrinkled, and tired.

3. A pretty face can get old, but a beautiful smile never does.

4. The prettiest face gets old, but the kindest heart always stays young.

5. The only thing that gets old is that you’re trying to keep pretty.

6. Gorgeous does not have to mean old. There is nothing more powerful than a beautiful face, young and ageless.

7. It’s a pretty face, but it gets old. I’ve got to have something more.

8. The most beautiful faces get old, but the most captivating characters never die.

9. Time is the only thing that makes a face pretty and old.

10. Don’t get stuck with a face that looks like an old picture. Get a new, pretty one.

11. Life is a beautiful thing to be lived, but it’s even more wonderful to be shared.

12. You get better with age. Not just physically but also in how you see yourself, your goals and what you want out of life. Be humble, and open-minded and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

13. A pretty face gets old, but a kind heart stays forever young.

14. When a pretty face gets old, you have an ugly soul.

15. She’s the pretty face that gets old and tired, but she doesn’t mind.

16. Age is only a number. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and you can be any age you want.

17. Your beauty will never age because it is first, on your inside; you can only get old, which means beauty is timeless.

18. We all want a pretty face, but what happens when our looks fade away? Your quirky and witty personality is all you’ll have left.

19. The most beautiful woman in the world can’t change her looks, but she can change her mind.

20. If a pretty face is the only thing you see, that’s all you’ll ever get.

21. The most beautiful face can age if not cared for. But when we look at ourselves in the mirror and see a face that is not at all old but one that has become more beautiful with age, this is the secret of beauty.

22. The secret is always to keep your face fresh, young and beautiful. It never gets old!

23. Be the prettiest version of yourself. After all, beauty should not be defined by age or style.

24. A pretty face gets old, but a beautiful heart never does.

25. You get old. You lose your looks. You lose your money, and you lose your friends. But you can’t lose the good stuff, like a pretty face.

26. I was thinking about all those beautiful faces that get old. I wonder if they know the secret of youth?

27. Pretty and ordinary things are duller, less colourful, and more commonplace. But pretty faces can’t be compared to ordinary ones.

28. Your face can tell the story of your whole life. So remember to take care of yourself to live a beautiful life.

29. A pretty face can’t hold its head high when it’s old.

30. You can’t take the beauty out of a pretty face, but you can make it more beautiful.

31. Do you ever look in the mirror and think, “Wow! You look so pretty”? Then you can stop because someone older is always more attractive.

32. You can’t always look at the pretty face, but you can always look at the long face.

33. The happier you look, the more people will ask you if you’re okay. It’s your responsibility to choose how you want to be treated.

34. You’re never too young or too old for a brand new start. A Pretty Face is about getting back up again and going for the next adventure!

35. A pretty face is about getting back up again and going for the next adventure!

36. You look good today. You always do. No matter what you do to your face, you’ll grow old gracefully.

37. The greatest beauty is not the outward appearance but a heart’s goodness.

38. The most beautiful things in life are not found on the surface. They are found with a little work and much patience.

39. Your face is a memoir of your life and can’t be erased or rewritten. People see when they look at you and how they judge you. A pretty face gets old, but the soul inside never does.

40. A pretty face is not all you need to be successful. You need a brave heart to show the world it’s there, eyes that see what others cannot and ears that hear what they cannot hear.

41. Life is too short to spend it looking at your wrinkles. So get out there, look fabulous and have fun!

42. Don’t sacrifice your pretty face for the sake of your career. You never know when you’ll get another shot at it.

43. It’s not what you look that makes you beautiful; it’s how you make people feel about themselves.

44. A pretty face gets old, but beauty is more than a pretty face. Beauty lies in the heart and soul of a girl.

45. The only thing that changes when you get older is your appearance. So this face you see today will be gone tomorrow. So don’t treat it like it’s something to value when you’re young, and you’re pretty, and people like you, because it won’t last. It isn’t worth treating as an investment.

46. How many times have you felt like a pretty face? It’s time to let that go and focus on your inner beauty.

47. The prettiest face gets old; the prettiest smile is a lie. I’ve been here before, but now I am newer and better than ever. And you should know that.

48. Who said that a pretty face gets old? I say not at all. Instead, keep it looking fresh, and your beauty will never fade away.

49. When you’re older, you’ll stop looking young and start looking beautiful.

50. When you look in the mirror and see a pretty face, don’t forget to thank your grandma for bringing you into this world. A pretty face gets old, but an interesting mind never does.

A pretty face is only temporary, like a tattoo; it doesn’t last forever, and what you put on isn’t you. Only your true personality will show through in the end, whether or not it’s fake or if you’re wearing makeup. I hope these a pretty face gets old quotes could bring this awareness to the forefront of your life once again.

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