Abandoned Building QuotesAbandoned Building Quotes

Abandoned Building Quotes

You know of abandoned buildings, and you’ve seen quite a number. Abandoned buildings are a common sight across the world, and they range in history, architecture, and type. Abandoned buildings have an evocative power and elicit the very essence of what we have lost in the rush to build a modern society.

With these abandoned building quotes, you get a feel of the unique stories abandoned buildings tell about their surroundings and what they tell us about ourselves. We are an emotional species, and the buildings left behind are symbols of our intelligence, creativity, and visions for tomorrow. If you don’t believe me, ask any group of policymakers who battle over the merits of historic preservation every day. Even though buildings are inanimate objects, they still inspire our emotions in strange ways.

Abandoned buildings are real, tangible links to a time before our current one. With the majority of the world experiencing incredible population growth and rapid urbanization, we are witness to many abandoned buildings and abandoned places. Abandoned building quotes lead us to how abandoned buildings serve as a reminder not only of how quickly things can change but also how some places are left as they were after they were left.

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Quotes for Abandoned Places

Abandoned places are the ones society left behind, and as lonely and abandoned as they are, they are places you can run to when life is a mess.

1. There is beauty in abandoned places. The empty rooms, the bare walls, the windows that stare at the moon, and the winds that whisper to the trees.

2. Abandoned places are found in ruins, the ruins of the past, but in them is also beauty, a small beauty, but it is beautiful all the same.

3. From old theatres to abandoned hospitals, abandoned places house a wealth of history with eerie beauty.

4. Abandoned places are a testament to the human race, a testament to what has been made, and also a testament to what has been left behind.

5. Abandoned places can be intimidating and downright creepy, but don’t be scared. Explorers with an eye for detail will find that abandoned places are full of gems to discover.

6. Abandoned places have many stories and secret rooms to explore, and other things that can tell you a lot about the past of the town it was in.

7. Abandoned places are always a sign of a place that was once used, but has since then, been left alone, perhaps for a year, or for a decade, but left alone nevertheless.

8. Abandoned places are like old photographs. They’re left to rot in their old age but they’re still there, still teaching us lessons, how to keep ahead, and how to handle life.

9. Abandoned places hold such history that they make you wonder, did they get old? Or did they have so much chaos that they ended up alone and lonely?

10. There is beauty in abandoned places, even though it seems there’s nothing left in them. They’re like abandoned children, waiting for a kind soul to comfort them.

11. In abandoned places you find the truth. In those shadows lie the truth untold. What had happened there is the secret untold.

12. An abandoned place is the place where fantasies become tangible, and it’s the place where sorrow hurts the soul.

13. Abandoned places are places forgotten by civilization, where the echoes of life can be felt.

14. Abandoned places are not always bad. They can be a nice refreshing break from the real world.

15. Abandoned places are a place to go, to get away from the world and keep our secrets to ourselves.

16. Abandoned places are places of solitude. They’re the ones that hold the memories of our past. They’re the places where you live in your mind.

17. Abandoned places are beautiful places, inspirational places, full of history, full of life.

18. Look in the eyes of the abandoned places, they don’t ask why they are forsaken, they just sit there, waiting to be chosen again.

19. Abandoned places are so sad, and filled with broken dreams and open wounds. Abandoned places are where bonds have been severed, and the love is only in your head.

20. Abandoned places are like people. They have a story, a history of events, and most of all they have a soul, or at least they did.

21. It’s a shame that old places filled with the hopes and dreams of a generation-long gone, now lay empty, rotting and abandoned.

22. Abandoned places offer a unique perspective on history.

23. Abandoned places may be too scary but they do still have a few treasures.

24. Abandoned places aren’t scary, they’re just a place where no one goes.

25. Abandoned places used to be alive but are now as hollow as a broken heart.

26. In abandoned places are possibilities and the beauty of the long lost souls.

27. Abandoned places are the most beautiful because they’re untouched by the outside world.

28. Abandoned places are creepy but you can find great things there too.

29. Abandoned places can be scary, but they also have great sights to be found.

30. Abandoned places are vast, dark, and lonely, but they are still beautiful.

31. Abandoned places were once so full of life, but now none of them has pride.

32. There is beauty in abandoned places. It’s hard to see but with the right eyes, you’ll find something special about these places, where even the trees are afraid to grow.

33. When you look at a place that’s been abandoned, you can’t help but wonder why it was left. It’s a feeling that’s most profound when you see those empty, lonely walls.

34. Abandoned places were once alive, filled with laughter, filled with joy but now left with memories and pain of what once was and what never will be.

35. Abandoned places are so beautiful. They’re full of life where life has been. They are a paradise lost.

36. Abandoned places are the ones left alone by people who had no choice to abandon them in the first place, and I can’t help but shed a tear at how beautiful these places are.

37. There are many abandoned places that are full of beauty even when they’re empty.

38. An abandoned place is like a restful place, a place where time runs at a distance, a place where time seems to be lost, where time is nothing but just a number.

39. When you look at abandoned places, their beauty is easy to see, the buildings are ancient and weathered, but their beauty is not to be denied.

40. Abandoned places are so full of mystery. They are the places where time has stood still.

41. Abandoned places are not all frightful and dark. They, like us, are fragile, but they have a character too. Like us, they have a story to tell.

42. It’s in the abandoned places, where you come to rest to find the remains of a lost time; where beauty and decay are in perfect harmony, and the past is a part of the present.

43. Abandoned places are defined by memories, some lost, others long gone. And even though they’ve lost, they still remain.

44. No one shall believe the beauty of a place if it is ever abandoned.

45. A place is not abandoned, a place is just forgotten. A place is just misunderstood, a place is just left behind.

46. Abandoned places have a beauty that can’t be denied. It’s the beauty of a fallen era’s beauty.

47. Abandoned places are just the way they should be, empty and full of life, made for the soul, where the soul learns to flow.

48. The elegance of abandoned places only adds to the grand menagerie of the world.

49. The beauty of abandoned places are of such a rare kind, which the human mind can not see in its beautiful decay.

50. Abandoned places are hidden gems. Abandoned places are beautiful. They are where the sky meets the sand, where the sun dances through the grass and where you can feel free.

Quotes About Abandoned Buildings

An abandoned building will never become anything great until someone sees all the potential an abandoned building provides and takes action on it.

51. An abandoned building is a call to action, find its potential and then it will be what needs to be done to better your neighbourhood, town or city.

52. An abandoned building is a call to action. Help bring it back to life!

53. An abandoned building can be a call to action. When you see one, ask yourself what must be done to make that building beautiful or bring it back to life? If you think you have the solution, get involved.

54. Abandoned buildings tell a story, read them to find out what happened.

55. Keep an eye out for abandoned buildings around you, and find how to give them life again.

56. Abandoned buildings, like people, had once been a grand place to be.

57. While new buildings are sparkling and bright, abandoned buildings tell a story of the past. They embody the human spirit, which is why I love them so much.

58. New buildings can be nice, but nothing beats the classic charm of abandoned buildings.

59. Give me an old abandoned building with a story over a shiny glass building any day. After all, everything has its own story to tell.

60. Abandoned buildings have a special energy to them. Something that makes me feel truly alive. Never thought I’d say that.

61. Abandoned buildings are intriguing. The texture and light that leaks through the cracks, the worn footsteps on old staircases, the rust on dusty handrails. Abandoned buildings are nostalgic and often hold a story to tell. It’s easy to get lost in one and admire its beauty.

62. The stories that old buildings tell are fascinating. When you step inside, you can almost feel the history and the people who used to live there.

63. Abandoned buildings are eyesores to communities and prevent growth.

64. While many abandoned buildings are falling apart and decaying, there is beauty in the process.

65. Though abandoned, abandoned buildings aren’t empty. Many of them contain objects left behind by their occupants. These tell their stories, and of the lives that once flourished there.

66. Brutally confronted with the harshness of reality, abandoned buildings are compelled to retire.

67. Abandoned buildings can be about new opportunities, not just danger.

68. Abandoned buildings are not just an eyesore, they are dangerous as well.

69. Abandoned buildings are preventable and a sign of neglect.

70. There’s a thrill in finding an abandoned building which is something nobody wants, especially in an era where everything gets instantly erased into oblivion.

71. Abandoned buildings serve a purpose but also represent questions of how we value the built environment.

72. Abandoned buildings are beautiful in their own humble way.

73. Abandoned buildings are not always a negative space; they can be repurposed and turned into useful things.

74. A lot of people see an abandoned building and only focus on what could be wrong. They see a building that once housed people. Maybe it has been reclaimed by nature, or maybe it’s full of urban exploring teenagers. But the point is always the same; an abandoned building used to have heart.

75. Abandoned buildings have seen better days, but they still have a lot to offer.

76. While it can be sad to see a building that used to hold so many memories for many people sit empty, I think it’s important to realize that abandoned buildings are not all bad.

77. Abandoned buildings can be beautiful.

78. Abandoned buildings are no longer important for the modern community. In an era other than when it was built, it finds a new hobby and a new purpose.

79. There is something magical about an abandoned building that most people don’t see. They are a symbol of earlier times and how far we have advanced as a society.

80. Abandoned buildings can be the source of many stories.

81. Despite their vacant appearance, abandoned buildings are full of unique stories.

82. Abandoned buildings can hold a lot of memories. If the right person has their hands on the property, these buildings can be reused; just like the memories in an old photo album.

83. An abandoned building is a blank canvas that has been waiting far too long to be used. Its walls tell stories of how the people who lived there once hustled to better their lives, and the lives of those around them.

84. Abandoned buildings have seen their share of rough weather, and their time on earth seems to have ended. But they still have a lot to offer: beautiful scenery, awesome quotes, and awe-inspiring stories and images.

85. Abandoned buildings have seen better days, but, they can still be found to have a lot to offer.

86. Abandoned buildings have so much untapped potential.

87. Abandoned buildings are not useless, they do have a function in our communities.

88. Abandoned buildings are useless rotting eyesores that diminish our quality of life.

89. Abandoned buildings can be just as valuable as active ones, if not more so.

90. The history of abandoned buildings is rich and complex, and understanding how to get the most out of one can be as exciting as it is challenging.

91. Abandoned buildings might seem scary and desolate, but they can actually be some of the hottest real estates on the market.

92. Abandoned buildings are excellent sources and starting points for urban exploration.

93. Abandoned buildings are full of curiosity, beauty, and history. They are treasures waiting to be explored.

94. Abandoned buildings are a delightfully surprising relic from the past.

95. Abandoned buildings can be an exciting break for travellers, an alternative to lodging that is a little more off-the-beaten-track.

96. There’s a lot to love about abandoned buildings. These forgotten fortresses show an incredible amount of what went into them in the first place, and even today we learn new things about how these structures were made. They give an insight into each period’s architectural values, culture and priorities.

97. Sometimes the best art is found in abandoned buildings.

98. The world would be a better place if we didn’t have abandoned buildings.

99. Reinventing an abandoned building is not an easy task but can bring peace and safety to a community.

100. Buildings are made to be used, not to be left behind as ruins. Abandoned buildings deserve our respect and attention.

I hope you enjoyed these abandoned building quotes and find them useful. Abandoned buildings abound and do not only connote problems, threats and adverse impacts but also convey a sense of importance and have been an inspiration for some designers out there that have turned these places of bleakness into homes that make people feel warm and welcome.

Whether it is the love of old abandoned buildings, or the desire to make a statement, make the best use of these abandoned building quotes as you find appropriate.

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