Afraid of the Future Quotes and Sayings

There are many people out there who are afraid of what tomorrow may bring and are scared to face the future ahead of them. It’s easy to feel like you don’t have anything worth hoping for, and that you may never get anything better out of life.

These feelings can paralyze you, and prevent you from taking steps toward achieving your goals. Feeling afraid of the future is not a productive way to live. Fear doesn’t exactly motivate us or encourage us to take action.

Facing your fears is important, but that doesn’t mean all fears need to be fought. When you’ve got fears holding you back, it isn’t always about facing them head-on. Sometimes, letting your fears go can actually set you free.

Are you afraid of the future, or do you know someone who is afraid of the future? Then explore this great collection of inspiring afraid of the future quotes to motivate someone who is afraid of the future.

Afraid Of Tomorrow Quotes

Fear is part of our everyday lives; it’s kept inside each and every one of us. Fear can be a good thing if it makes us cautious, and keeps us alert. But too much fear can ruin your life. Be brave, face your fears head-on, and stop being afraid of tomorrow.

1. Being afraid of tomorrow is like a knife slicing through one’s skin. But I know that you are going to heal when tomorrow comes.

2. Fear of tomorrow is an obstacle, it’s a road to nowhere, and you’ll never get there if you’re afraid.

3. No matter where your fears take you, you mustn’t ever be afraid of tomorrow. Tomorrow is a new day, and every new day is a chance to be the best you can be.

4. Tomorrow is always uncertain, there’s no knowing what will happen tomorrow, fear is often associated with the unknown, but what we should fear is not the future, it’s the past.

5. Tomorrow is only a day away, sometimes I’m afraid of tomorrow, sometimes I’m really afraid of tomorrow, sometimes I’m really scared of tomorrow, but I have concluded that tomorrow is only a day.

6. You are afraid of tomorrow because you are scared that the road to tomorrow will be the road to your darkest fears. Don’t be discouraged, just believe that tomorrow will work for your good.

7. Tomorrow is uncertain, the future is not certain. That’s why you should keep your head up, and appreciate all that you have and ever will do.

8. You have to come to a point in life where you realize that there is hope that tomorrow will be great, so don’t afraid.

9. Sometimes you feel like you just can’t get up, you look at your reflection in the mirror, and you think you are too scared to keep going. But you have to be brave, because tomorrow may be better than today.

10. You are afraid of the future. You have always been afraid of tomorrow. You’ve been afraid of tomorrow since you were a child. You need to stop being scared and trust that it will get better.

11. Tomorrow is a funny thing. When you’re a kid, you can’t wait to grow up, but you learn that tomorrow is never as good as today when you’re an adult.

12. You’re still afraid of tomorrow, think about how you would feel if tomorrow you’d be free, and all you’d be left with great thoughts and no regret.

13. Who says you’ve got to be afraid of tomorrow to appreciate today?

14. You know you can be afraid of tomorrow when you’re afraid of today. When you don’t think that tomorrow will be worse, then you have no reason to be afraid of today.

15. You have decisions to make and actions to take, you make your life what it is, so don’t be afraid of tomorrow and what it brings.

16. Sometimes I get scared of tomorrow, but tomorrow will always bring a new day. A new chance for me, and for you too.

17. Tomorrow is a place where we make new dreams, and new desires. It’s a place where we’re afraid of what they may be, but it’s something we did not create, it was inside of us all along.

18. You are afraid tomorrow may meet you unprepared, but don’t be. Just embrace tomorrow with a smile and all your fears will fade away.

19. Are you afraid tomorrow may meet you unprepared? Believe in tomorrow and everything it’s got to offer you.

20. Afraid of tomorrow? Tomorrow is just another day. Afraid of tomorrow? Tomorrow is just an open book.

21. Afraid of tomorrow? Fear is an empty cage, a tight cinch and a prison for the soul.

22. Fear is like a glass of water, and tomorrow is always there to wash it away.

23. Tomorrow is a scary thing to think about, it’s when you fear the future, but that’s when tomorrow is born, so wake up, smell the flowers, that’s where you’re meant to be.

24. Tomorrow is a mystery, it leaves all in fear. Fear has an emptiness that wastes everyone in its cage.

25. I am afraid of tomorrow, I’ll never know if it will bring the sunshine that I need to make my life complete. But I believe I have all it takes to have a beautiful tomorrow, you too should believe this.

Quotes About Being Afraid Of The Future

The worst thing you could ever do is look at the future and let fear overtake your mind. There are many things in life that we cannot control, and trying to control things that we can’t, will only make us exhausted and frustrated. It’s best you take a deep breath and stop being afraid of the future.

26. If you can’t help being afraid of what the future will bring, it’s time to stop being afraid anymore.

27. Fear is not something that you should use or utilize. The future is there to get you to succeed, it is there to tell you, you have a purpose.

28. You could be afraid of the future and what it holds for you and yours. Never be bothered that you are afraid, it’s only a normal thing.

29. Don’t fear the future, it’s the past that’s holding us down. A time where we won’t have a choice, a time we have to put up with.

30. The future is your life. Don’t be afraid, because you are going to have to face it.

31. Don’t be afraid of the future, or of what will happen to you. You have more power than you think you do, to face what tomorrow brings to you.

32. I’m afraid of the future, but I can’t help but ask myself, “will the future really come to be? Well, I will hold on to hope that the future will be good, and so should you.

33. There is no future in the future. The future holds nothing but more of the same. The future is always the future so don’t be afraid.

34. It’s just a matter of time, all the fears about the future will be gone and great hope will be rekindled in you.

35. Being afraid of the future is a lonely way to live. I’ve lived, lived through the years of my life, and I feel a bit of fear. As I take my time to escape, the time I spend here is not enough, I want more and I’ll go after more, in the assurance of a better future.

36. I was afraid of the future, of being hurt, being left behind. But I would not let that stop me, I would rise above my fears.

37. You know what the future is and you are afraid because there are obstacles for you to face, and hurdles for you to cross. But ensure you always fight your way through and ensure you get the best out of life.

38. Being afraid of the economy, being afraid of the future, being afraid of the past, and being afraid of the present. They all won’t do you any good.

39. I’m afraid of the future, I’m afraid of the future, I’m afraid of the future! But I’m not afraid to live in it. You too should be bold and take this stand with me.

40. Being afraid is like being scared you are growing. It’s a natural course of life and it will be just fine.

41. I’m sure of the future, I’m sure of my dreams, and I know one thing, I’ll never be afraid of the future.

42. I hope that your future turns out well and that you become a man, not a boy. I hope that your life is filled with happiness.

43. You can’t allow your fear to control you, because that’s what the future wants. It wants you to live in fear, but you’ve got to keep pushing. So keep pushing.

44. Being afraid of the future puts your present in danger. It’s better to be unafraid so that you can be untouched by the evil of today.

45. Being afraid of the future is a waste of time and resources. Don’t ever be afraid of the future.

46. Afraid of the future? You really don’t need to, because you’ll see what you need to do when you don’t fear the future.

47. There is no such thing as a fear you can’t handle, not even the fear of the future.

48. There are two kinds of people. There are those who look at the future and wonder and those who don’t look away from it.

49. We all have fears, but it’s not always what you think. It’s the unknown that scares us. Please, just focus on today, the future is bright.

50. Fear of the future may be a fear of the unknown, a fear that everything you ever knew will be tossed aside, a fear that future decisions may not be good ones, but that’s how a future is built.

51. Afraid of the future, the unknown, the day when the future is no longer there. Don’t be, for the future is just around the corner waiting for you.

Ensure that you live your best life, and don’t let fear of the future hold you back. Just because you don’t know where you’ll end up later in life, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start walking right now. Just remember that even if your path isn’t always obvious, it will ultimately lead to something worthwhile. So, ensure you move forward with confidence every day and stop being afraid of the future.

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