Alone by Herself Quotes

Alone by Herself Quotes

Generally, there is a difference between being alone and being lonely. Being alone by yourself does not mean you are not lonely. When you are alone, and all the people around you are too busy to spend time with you or have left forever, it can make you feel lonely.

The feeling of being alone can happen to anyone, regardless of age, gender, social group or whether you are living in a big city or a quiet rural village. In most cases, females tend to live in that state of aloneness and keep to themselves more than men for various reasons.

Someone may have hurt some, others may be depressed and want to be left alone, some may feel shy about approaching people for friendship or companionship, and some are the queens of their world who have no one to rely on but themselves.

If you are in this category or know someone in this state of aloneness, these alone by herself quotes were tailor-made for you.

Alone by Herself Quotes

A female who is alone by herself shows she doesn’t have a partner, family, friends, or close associates. She might have tried to be in relationships, but they never work out. Although some persons are okay with this state, others are not but don’t know how to escape it any longer.

1. Alone all by herself, standing at the end of the pier, with no one around, she’s all alone.

2. She woke up alone, sad, lonely, and afraid, a night she couldn’t control, a night that she couldn’t stop.

3. Alone all by herself, we’re on our own when there’s no one else around.

4. Alone all by herself, we’re on our own when there’s no one else around.

5. Alone all by herself on a cold rainy day with her tears and cries, she lost her way when the rain came down.

6. Alone all by herself, she falls out of the sky. At the same time, I stand and watch her fall.

7. But all alone, without anyone to talk to, no one to call her own.

8. Alone, all by herself, no friends, no love to be found.

9. Alone by myself, like a broken dress. Trust me; I am the one who has to put it back together from the inside.

10. Alone by herself, her heart was sad and scared; her mind shattered into pieces of a broken heart.

11. Alone by myself, cold and alone, standing here staring at myself in the mirror.

12. I’m a lonely woman who is constantly on the lookout for someone to love.

13. Alone by herself, she sits alone by herself. And no one’s there to turn off the light when she goes to bed at night.

14. I was a lonely woman before I got married. Now I’m a lonely wife. After all, we only have one person to please.

15. When she is alone, it means she is with him.

16. I am the loneliest woman in the world because I Don’t have a husband. And even if I did, there’s nothing that I would want to do with him.

17. I’m so cold and alone. I want somebody to hold me and tell me it’s alright. I need somebody to come home with tonight.

18. Don’t think of me as single, but as a lonely woman with a little family to take care of.

19. A woman is a lonely flower if she does not grow beside another.

20. I’m alone. I’m cold and alone, but the love you gave me Will last forever.

21. There I am, alone in a room with only myself. And it feels like the worst thing that can happen to a person. That’s how I felt when I had to face my mortality.

22. I am a lonely woman, married, and love my husband, but sometimes I feel very lonely.

23. I was born alone; I Will die alone. I am nobody’s wife, nobody’s slave. I am a woman who knows what she wants and needs.

24. A woman alone is like a fish out of water.

25. I’m here; I’m alive. I’m not afraid to be alone anymore.

26. Some days, I feel like a single woman, and some days I feel like the only wife and sister in the world.

27. I’ve been alone for so long that I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be in someone’s arms.

28. Alone by herself, even angels get lonely.

29. Every woman needs a friend like you who understands what it is to be alone.

30. I’m not lonely. I have a husband I love and children who need me.

31. I’m pretty, but I’m not perfect. I’m a wife, mother and friend. I’m alone all day and night, thinking about and doing for others.

32. She says she’s fine, but I can see she’s not. She’s always alone.

33. I feel like a woman who is alone. I know I’m not; I have love and friends and family around me, but it’s like they’re part of two different lives. One that I share with you and another that I lead on my own.

34. When a woman is alone, it’s because she made the right choice.

35. She’s all alone, without any friends, and no love to be found. It’s a sad story, but sometimes we must leave the drama behind and find peace with life.

36. Alone with my thoughts, I’ll take this time to reflect on my life.

37. She is all alone, with no one to love her.

38. Go out and find your friends, but Don’t forget to bring some alone time with you.

39. When you’re alone, the only thing that matters is you. Be yourself, be free and live life on your terms.

40. When you’re a lonely Lady, wife and sister. Say “hello” to the voices in your head.

41. If you’re alone and feeling lost. Know that this, too, will pass. One day, all Will be right.

42. Standing alone, she feels that her life is over.

43. Life is too short to be alone. I hope this quote helps you find your happiness and the Man of your dreams.

44. She’s a woman who knows how to be alone and together simultaneously.

45. I am alone. I have no family, friends, or husband to call my own. All that is left is me. And I must say it is a lonely life.

46. Alone at last. I’m finally alone, finally free. Free to do what I want, who I want and how I want.

47. I love my husband but miss him when he’s gone. I wish we could stay home together more than once a month.

48. I’m the loneliest woman in the world. Loneliness is not a crime.

49. A woman who knows how to stay by herself is the most beautiful.

50. Alone by herself is what she prefers because it gives her the option to make her own decisions, but with you, there’s always someone to blame.

51. The woman I love is no longer here. Someone Else took her place, but this one was empty. I hope you’re happy, Honey.

52. Don’t you love that feeling of being all alone?

53. I’d rather be alone and happy than with a man who’s not.

54. As a lonely wife, I now have the love of my husband, siblings and friends. I feel happy and complete when I am with people. I’m thankful for what I have and not always looking at what’s missing in my life.

55. It’s Just me, myself and I since my friends are all out of town.

56. My husband is never home. He’s off at work or out with the guys. My friends are busy with their lives, and I’m left alone all day to do the things I love. Oh, the joys of being a single woman!

57. I’ve been married for almost 25 years, but I still feel like an unmarried girl.

58. I’m all alone, and I feel so blue. I can’t stop thinking about my friend, who is in love with a married man.

59. I am a woman who is still not married, does not have children, and has no lover. I am afraid of growing old alone.

60. Every day is a new beginning, even when alone.

61. I miss you more and more every day. I want to be home with you, my hubby.

62. Alone at the beach in a bikini—now that’s a girl who knows how to keep it real.

63. I’m Just a girl who’s trying to be strong. But sometimes, please hold me when I am all alone.

64. She’s alone, but she’s not lonely. She’s strong; she’s independent. And no matter what she does, she doesn’t apologize for who she is.

65. Who says you can’t be happy alone?

66. When you’re alone and can’t find anyone, there’s only so much your phone can do.

67. A woman is strong enough to endure the worst, but not when her Man is not there with her.

68. She walks alone through the moonlit night.

69. When you’re feeling lonely, remember that it’s okay. You’re not alone – let the voice inside your soul be heard.

70. You might feel lonely, but remember that you have a mission to accomplish. Stay strong, and keep getting better.

71. Alone, all by herself – what’s the point?

72. Alone, all by herself. No friends around, no love to be found. What’s the point of living if you can’t do it alone?

73. When you’re alone, the world May seem scarier, and there’s no one to tell you that it’s okay. But remember that there are people who care about you and love you, even if you can’t see them.

74. A single life doesn’t have to be lonely.

75. Don’t let the world isolate you. It’s okay to be alone, it’s okay to be sad, and it’s okay to be afraid. A confident person doesn’t need other people around them Just because everything is going great for them.

76. You are not alone; there is a community out there that cares about you. You must give the community a chance to be your friend and let them know they can help.

77. Alone with only her thoughts, she realizes it’s a waste of time to try and remember the past.

78. The only person who truly knows what you’re going through is yourself.

79. Alone, all by herself. The sound of the ocean waves surrounds her. She has no friends around, no love to be found. But she’s the one who made her way in this world.

80. Alone, with no one by her side. No love to be found.

81. No one understands her; no one will ever love her. She’s all alone, and it breaks her heart.

82. You’re all alone as a female because you’ve got it all.

83. I’m not lonely; I’m the most special person in this world.

84. The only place I feel alone is in my mind. But I am not afraid to be by myself because that’s the best time when I get to be creative and find happiness.

85. I’m a woman of many talents and interests. But the one thing I can’t stand is being alone.

86. I’m not alone because I have you. I’m not sad because I exist in this world with you. I’m happy, my hubby.

87. She’s the one who always knows the right thing to say. She’s the one who makes me feel like I am not alone.

88. You’re not alone. I’m right here with you, my wife.

89. I used to be a woman who didn’t like being on her own. Then I met someone who proved there is something good about being alone.

90. She was all alone, with no friends around.

91. Alone, alone, with no friends around the lonely dark streets. She’s got nothing left but her music and her memories.

92. Alone, all by yourself. Just you and your thoughts. The only thing that can make you feel better has friends around you.

93. My heart hurts for all the lonely women who feel like they have no one to turn to. I know how you feel.

94. She’s alone. That’s why I can never get her out of my mind.

95. A lonely woman is someone who hasn’t been told she’s beautiful in a Long time.

96. Even alone, she knows no one can take her heart.

97. It takes a lot of bravery to be alone. And even more, bravery to be with the right person.

98. You’re not lonely if you’re with someone who makes you feel loved.

99. She is at home by herself. She had no friends around her to talk to. When she’s is all by herself.

100. Alone, all by myself. I might as well be a nobody. No friends around to regret.

As a female, finding yourself alone isn’t always a bad thing. It can teach self-reliance and independence and give time to think and reflect on things. But it’s not a place to stay for too long to avoid other avoidable issues.

I hope you enjoyed this piece. Please comment and forward these alone by herself quotes to others as well.

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