Always Be Silent Quotes

Always Be Silent Quotes

Being silent is an art few understand, and even fewer practice with talent. Silence is a power when it is practised with perception; it controls not only others but ourselves.

We all have our reasons to be silent, some good, some bad. Sometimes we do it because of certain situations, and sometimes we do it because we are trying to spare someone’s feelings.

Silence is a source of great strength. Being able to remain silent can be one of your greatest strengths. It’s something that will take you far in life. Silence is golden. This collection of always be silent quotes is just what you might need to get started.

Always Be Silent Quotes

Always be silent; it pays. Silence doesn’t even get a participation ribbon. Silence is better than any medal and all the gold in the world. Why? Because it’s something everyone wants, but very few people truly can do it successfully.

1. Be still and listen to the silence. Always be silent when you can, and always speak when you must.

2. When you’re struggling, always be silent and listen to your inner voice.

3. Always be silent. Give space to others. Allow them to speak and act without interference from your own agenda.

4. Always be silent, act soft and give peace a chance.

5. Always be silent! Be still! Be cautious! Be watchful! Be prepared! Be ready for the unexpected.

6. To be silent is a virtue. To remain silent implies thoughtfulness, deliberation and caution.

7. It’s better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

8. We are all born into different bodies and circumstances, but that is not what makes us who we are. Always be silent.

9. Always be silent. In silence, let the truth be known. It’s okay to be quiet. It’s okay to observe the world around you. But always remember that the best way to learn is to be still, see what happens and react.

10. Being silent does not mean you are not alive; it means you’re trying to be still enough to hear the voice of God.

11. We all need a little silence from time to time. Silence is a place to think, a time to reflect. And in silence, we can hear the wisdom of our hearts.

12. Of course, silence is golden, as the saying goes, and you could also say that words are cheap (not so much if you are paid for them). Therefore, sometimes there is wisdom in not talking.

13. Remember that the most powerful voice is often the quietest. Silence is sometimes more potent than words.

14. The best revenge is the one in your heart. Live a life that makes you happy and not afraid to be bold. Always be silent.

15. Always be silent and peaceful, for the beauty of silence is a greater beauty than all that can be found in words.

16. Always be silent. Never speak unless you can improve the silence by improving upon it. Never rush.

17. We can’t fix the world, but we can change ourselves. And if that means being silent, then let’s be silent. Never judge, always listen, and always be silent.

18. It’s easy to speak when great thoughts are flowing, but silence speaks volumes.

19. Always keep your mind and body open for new things, follow your dreams and don’t stop trying. Always be silent.

20. Silence can be a powerful tool and a great protector. Let’s all make it a habit always to be silent; we will thank ourselves later.

21. The ability to be silent is humans’ most powerful tool. Be the change you want to see in the world always.

22. To be silent is a great privilege. To be silent in the midst of mistakes is a positive sign that the person who has fallen into silence is not afraid to take responsibility for his own actions and decisions.

23. Don’t say anything that is not true. Just be still, and watch the miracle unfold. Always be silent.

24. We always ask ourselves, what if it’s too late? But the answer is never. And at all times, no matter how dire the situation is, there is always hope.

25. There will always be a reason for silence. Silence is a tool for distinguishing between what is important and what isn’t, what should be said and what should stay unspoken.

26. Sometimes, you have to let go. Sometimes you just have to shut up and listen until they stop talking. The best time for planning is before you start.

27. It’s the quiet moments when you know your life is in order. There is no sound in the world more beautiful than silence

28. Always be silent, and let your words be only a breath of love spoken in a moment of understanding.

29. Always be silent. Speak when you must, but never unless you really must. Let the world pass you by, and never let it overtake you.

30. Don’t get yourself in trouble by talking too much. Always be silent and let people see the real you. The only way to get through today is to be silent.

31. Be silent. Be still. Be yourself. Do not assert your will on others or try to gain control of their lives or the world around you. You don’t need to do any of those things because, ultimately, you are the only person in charge of your life.

32. Never reveal yourself, for that is the most powerful form of self-expression. It is better to be silent and thought the fool than to speak and be called an idiot.

33. Life is too short to be anything but what you want it to be. That’s the most important thing anyone can remember: always be silent, always listen, and always respect.

34. We all need silent moments, especially in tough times. It’s always good to be around people who don’t know what to say.

35. You’re not always going to be right or popular. But that’s okay because being true to yourself is one of the most beautiful things you can do. Always be silent.

36. Silence breeds confidence. Silence is power. Silence is beauty. You don’t have to speak. You just have to listen. Sometimes silence is better than words.

37. Sometimes, silence is the best answer. The power of words is nothing compared to the power of silence. Be the change you wish to see.

38. You can’t get better at something unless you do it. You won’t know what you’re capable of until you try. Always be silent. Always let them tell their story; always let them speak for themselves.

39. Never cease to be silent. Never cease to listen. Always be silent and listen to the voices that call out from within you.

40. Be a man who never gets noticed. Be a man who is always respected and admired. Sometimes it’s best to be silent, not just in words but also in deeds.

41. Be a silent warrior who doesn’t expect praise but knows that they will receive it unconditionally, along with support and love.

42. Never give up on your dreams. Always believe that anything is possible, even if it means keeping your mouth shut for a long time.

43. It is better to be silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt. Silence is a gift to the ears and a great reputation to the mind.

44. Always be silent. It is the one thing that cannot be said, but it can always be understood.

45. Always be silent: listening is the beginning of wisdom. You will be always wise. The greatest strength is knowing how to be silent and listen.

46. When you’re at a silent retreat, all kinds of things get revealed. Always be silent and trust the thoughts that come from within you.

47. In every life, there is a crossroads where you must stand and make a choice. Always be silent; listen to what your heart has to say.

48. Always be silent, not only to judge others but to learn and grow yourself. In a world where words are so often misused, always be silent.

49. As a man in the world, you will always be a stranger. Be silent and make others uncomfortable, but never at your own expense.

50. Be silent and listen. You will be surprised at how much you can learn. Always be silent; the small hours of the night are the quietest.

51. Always be silent and let people wonder how good your silence is. Be silent, be still. Let the world go by, it will always find you where you are.

52. We should always strive to be silent, because words are like toilet paper. They’ll clean you out or stick around no matter what.

53. Silence is a form of integrity and a symbol of greatness. Silence is the true definition of wisdom. If you can live without words, you’ll learn to hear with your soul.

54. Let your silence be more powerful than the words you speak. It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

55. Always remember: When it comes to dealing with difficult people, Focus on the people you can be kind to and let go of the rest. Always be silent.

56. Always be silent, and know that there is an equal and opposite reaction for every action. Always be still. Always listen, lest you be overwhelmed.

57. Always be silent and peaceful, like a still lake in the midst of stormy waves. Silence is a window of opportunity.

58. Be silent, be still. Be a part of the great silence that surrounds us all. It is your greatest opportunity to hear what God has to say.

59. Always be silent. Always listen. Always do a little more than you say you’re going to do. Let silence be your biggest ally. The more you speak, the more you lose.

60. Silence is not a virtue; it’s a necessity of life. You don’t need to say anything; just listen. A calm mind is a quiet mind, and a quiet mind is the best place to hear your own thoughts.

61. Stillness is the place where we find our clarity and strength when all else around us falls quiet. Always Be Silent to protect your thoughts and feelings.

62. Silence is not a weakness. It is the highest form of courage. It is good to be silent sometimes. It is a good yoga pose for meditation.

63. Be silent when it’s more important to be heard. Be silent and become the servant of the great master.

64. Silence is the cemeteries of the heart. It’s where our words go to die. When it comes to saying things, always be silent.

65. Always be silent, my friends. The best words are always the ones you never say.

66. It’s always wise to be quiet. People will hate you if you act foolish. Always be silent and never let people know what you are thinking.

67. Never let anyone make you feel like a lesser version of yourself. You don’t have to be the loudest voice in the room, but you do have to be a voice. Be silent.

68. Let’s not forget the power of silence. Silence is golden. The quietest and softest sounds are those which are seldom heard.

69. When you are in the presence of someone who exudes their greatness and confidence, always be silent.

70. Always be silent. Always be still. That is the key to all victory. Always be silent, and then people take you seriously.

71. Keep your head up and emotions in check. You will be rewarded for your silence, believe me. Always be silent.

72. Living a life in constant motion is exhausting. We need to remember that, at times, we should be silent. Take time out and relax.

73. You don’t have to be something you’re not just because someone else made you feel like it. To seek inspiration and wisdom, you must be silent and still.

74. Speak in silence, and people will think you are listening. Speak in wisdom, and people will perceive you as an authority. Never forget to be silent and listen.

75. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to be quiet and listen. Be a good listener, and you’ll never have to talk about anything again.

76. Being quiet is not being dumb; it’s being smart. Be like a tree that gives and forgets. There are words that must be spoken, but what’s really important is being silent and listening.

77. Be true to who you are, don’t try to be someone else. Silence is the best way to say everything. Always be silent.

78. Never speak unless you can improve the silence. Silence is the language of the angels and the most powerful word in any language

79. The most potent words are those unsaid. Always be silent, and know that your presence is enough.

80. Always be silent. Always listen. Always watch for the magic reveal that is a leading sign of change.

81. There is a difference between being quiet and being passive. It takes courage to be silent when others are clamouring for your voice.

82. Be still. Be silent. Be confident. Be the best version of yourself.

83. Silence should not be mistaken for weakness. It is a strength, a true sign of greatness, and one that far too few follows.

84. Be silent. Be still. Be good. Be kind. Give respect, even when it is not deserved. Always be silent and unassuming in the presence of good people, for that is the best way to be noticed by them.

85. We are born with the ability to learn, grow, and discover. Only by not speaking can we truly be free. Be silent and listen. You will be surprised at what you hear.

86. Be silent to avoid giving the wrong advice. Be patient to avoid giving false hope. Be true to yourself, so you don’t have to fake being someone else. Be silent so that you may hear what cannot be said.

87. People will think you don’t care if you are silent. If you speak, they will think you don’t know. But in truth, if you act as if nothing has happened, then nothing has happened. And that is the only solution to life’s problems.

88. Don’t let people know what you are thinking. You will have the chance to leave a legacy. Make it count. Always be silent.

89. Be the person who listens and does not talk. Always be silent. Always be still. Always keep forgiveness and mercy in your heart, for this is the work of perfect peace within you.

90. Always be quiet, as to be never in a hurry. One of the most important things we can learn from nature is to always be silent.

91. Remember, always be silent and let people speak for themselves. We’re always being told to be silent but never to be still.

92. It’s better to be silent and think the fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Always be silent.

93. Be silent, be still. The world cannot be changed by a single act, but it can be changed by a thousand. The silence of an empty room is always loud.

94. A continuous cycle of silence is much more valuable than the loudest of words. Silence is the language which the deaf can hear, and the blind can read.

95. Always be silent and know that your actions speak louder than words. We all need a little time to be silent and reflect.

96. Always be silent. Let your words be few and of good quality, like the sycamore tree, which does not determine by height, but by its fruit

97. Always be silent. You are not required to answer. Be interested. You are not required to look up. Be aware. You are not required to listen. Be involved. You are not required to speak.

98. Be in a state of flow, with nothing but your thoughts and the present moment to worry about and distract you from them. If you’re too busy, then you’ll never have time to become distracted by your thoughts, so be silent and let them go.

99. Be more than you could have been, so more than anyone else can be. Always keep your head up, and always carry yourself well and with dignity. Always be silent.

100. Silence is the most beautiful thing you can experience. Remember to always be silent, never speak unless you can add value, and always keep your answers short.

Now, you must know that these always be silent quotes basically talks about being silent in the right manner.

One of the most important lessons you will learn is that there’s always a time to be silent. Being silent isn’t just about the number of words you speak. It’s what you choose to say and when to say it. Having a strong sense of timing is one of the most important qualities people often wish they possessed.

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