Angels Watching Over Us Quotes

Angels Watching Over Us Quotes

From the Bible to pop culture, and even in our own families, we’ve been told time and time again that angels are with us. But have you ever stopped to wonder what it means, exactly? Those of us who are spiritual beings ourselves all know that there’s no need for anyone to explain or define the spirit realm – it just is.

However, for those of us who aren’t on the same wavelength, or those who might not be open to the idea of angels, you may be wondering what this idea is all about. In scriptures, angels are referred to as servants of God who serve humanity by helping them fulfil God’s will during their lives. They’re also known as messengers from God that carry out his work on Earth.

Life is full of surprises. You never know what lies ahead for you when the night comes. One may lose a dear one in the darkness or gain a new friend. Everything around us is possible and happens to us every second of our lives, but we don’t know how it will happen.

The only thing that makes life bearable is knowing that angels are watching over us: angels who are always there for us and keeping an eye on our every move, protecting us from evil.

People often say that they feel as if their guardian angel is near them; they say they can hear their voice or feel their presence somehow. They say that angels are always by their side to help them through difficult situations.

If you’re looking for uplifting quotes about angels watching over us, here are lovely, and soul-lifting angels watching over us quotes that will give you strength and bring peace to your life.

Angels Watching Over Us Quotes

Angels watch over us, guide us and protect us from the world’s evils. They keep us safe from harm and help us find our way when we are lost. They may not be visible to the naked eye, but they’re there — watching over you, protecting you and guiding you through each step of life.

1. Angels watch over us, angels help us from harm, angels make us alive with love. Angels are our guardian angels who hold our hand when we can’t.

2. Angels are watching over us. When we have no hope, wishes are left unspoken; angels offer comfort, love and hope,

3. Angels watching over us, helping us each day. As new days come, they are there to help us.

4. Angels, with wings as pure as snow, are always there for us. Every night they watch us sleep and watch over us always.

5. Angels, watching over us, always protecting and guiding, always watching over us when we sleep.

6. Angels, we are your people, sent from above, to guide us through the ending and into the rose garden of our hearts.

7. Angels, you’ve been watching over us as long as we’re alive in the sky’s your blue, like the colour of our eyes.

8. Angels watching over us, there are no words that can express how thankful we are to have you here, to guide us.

9. Angels watching over us when I sleep and wake. When I cry and smile. When I am greater than myself.

10. Angels are watching over us every day of our lives. Their love surrounds us like a warm embrace.

11. Angels watch over us; they watch over us with their love. They are always near to us, whispering love’s language.

12. Angels watch over us, laughing at our mistakes/holding our hand when we fall, loving us unconditionally.

13. Angels watching over us, we can’t see or hear, but their silent presence can calm our fears.

14. Angels watch over us, sometimes, not every day, but always when we are in need.

15. Angels watch over us to protect us and guide us in the heavens above.

16. Angels watching us, watching over us, helping us through life and knowing that they are always there for us, with love and devotion.

17. Angels watch over us; the angels watch us as darkness passes and day breaks.

18. Angels watching over us, choosing love, not hate, to collect our tears, and smile when things start to go, angels, please watch over us.

19. Angels watch over us if we fall; if we feel, cry, fight, and die, angels will dry our tears and save our souls.

20. Angels watching over us, guiding us along our way, guiding us in the path of love, teaching us how to be kind, loving, caring, and giving.

21. Angels are always watching over you, just like a guardian angel who will protect you from all dangers in life.

22. A guardian angel is looking over us all the time, but we cannot see his face or feel his presence. However, we know that he is always around us.

23. When we are going through hard times or need support from someone else, we should not forget about angels watching over us.

24. If you believe in angels, you should know that they are always with you and love you more than anyone else can ever do.

25. You don’t know how far your actions will reach. You never know who you’ll touch or why they’ll be touched. But you can be sure that angels are watching from above.

26. I believe in angels, the sweetest thing that I know. They are my friends who lift me when I need them most

27. Angelic powers are always at work around us; they act mysteriously because they are invisible; they act powerfully because they work secretly; they act gently because they work subtly; they act mysteriously because they work secretly.

28. Angels are always watching over us, even when we are unaware of it. We can’t see them, but they see everything, and they love us unconditionally.

29. You are never alone. Even though you may not know that someone is there for you, you do have an angel watching over you every day of your life.

30. It’s easy to get so caught up in the daily grind that we forget to stop and look around. We often take for granted the love and support that surround us, but when we stop to take a moment and reflect on these things, our hearts are filled with gratitude.

31. When you’re feeling down on your luck or life seems too hard to bear, remember that angels are always around you.

32. No matter what you are going through, the angels watch over you.

33. Angels are real, but they don’t have wings or halos. They can be friends, family members, or even strangers who do a small act of kindness that brightens your day.

34. There are angels among us every day protecting children from parents who cannot protect them themselves.

35. Angels watch over us, protect us from harm and guide us through life. They are our protectors, our guardians and our friends.

36. Angels are always near you, but you cannot see them until you believe in them. The angels are always around us, and we are under their protection.

37. Angels are the most beautiful creatures on Earth. They protect us from bad things that happen to us; they save our lives and bring happiness and joy to our hearts when we need it.

38. Every angel has a different purpose in life. Some of them want to be with you all the time, and some want to protect you from the bad things that could happen.

39. Angels never leave us alone; they are always there for us when we need help or feel down.

40. If you open your heart to the angelic world, you will receive love and support. An angelic realm is a place of pure love, and when you call upon them, they will come to help you.

41. Angels come in many forms, and sometimes they don’t even look like angels. Sometimes they are just people who make life better by being in it.

42. Angels are always with you, even when you don’t want them to be. They are there for you and will guide you through your life.

43. Angels are our friends, and they come to help us when we least expect it.

44. Angels are present to help us in many ways. They guard and protect us, our loved ones and even our homes. But they also heal us, guide us and teach us.

45. Angels are watching over us, they guide us when things get rough, angels are watching over us, and they whisper sweet nothings to us in the night.

46. Angels watching over us, angels listening to us, angels wishing all our dreams and love are forever.

47. Angels are watching over us and with feelings of love, endlessly guiding us, being around us every day.

48. Angels are watching above us, keeping us safe from harm and protecting us always.

49. Angels watch over us; they watch over us night and day. They are always keeping us safe and guiding us along the way.

50. Angels are watching over us, keeping us safe when we’re feeling sad, and cuddling us; when they touch us, they heal us.

51. Angels, angels watch us while you sleep. Love us when you’re gone. Angels, angels walk with us every day. Love us when you’re gone.

52. Angels watching over us, watching over us, bringing peace and joy to our hearts, always,

53. Angels are watching over us, and we will forever remain to stand. We’ll always show that hard times don’t stand a chance.

54. Angels watching over us, guiding you and me over yonder may never know why, but we must trust for we are loved.

55. Angels, angels, watching over me, holding my hand, guiding me, making things right, your love surrounds me.

56. Angels are always there to watch us every second of the day; they protect us and are right whenever we need their loving guidance.

57. Angels, from down under, watching over us as we sleep. We can never escape; their loving care keeps us safe.

58. You watch us when we can’t call; you care for us when we’re away. When we’re with our babies, you watch over us and keep us safe. When we’re in trouble, you step in and lend a hand.

59. Angels, you have come and gone, watched over us repeatedly. Your strength, your wisdom, and your wings are with me always.

60. Angels, always watching over us, protecting us from harm, guiding us, helping us, always, always, always, always,

61. Angels watching over us, angels lighting our way, angels are giving us hope.

62. Angels watch over us; mothers love us; fathers are strong for us. We are all one; we are family, we are one.

63. Angels are watching over us, and we know they are there. No one knows or tells us why, but we know they are.

64. Angels are watching over us, their peaceful-looking faces cheering us up when we are sad.

65. Angels are watching over us, praying for peace, that all our thoughts will be free. I have found peace, knowing these angels love me.

66. Angels, watch over us now, your love is strong, and your protection is never-ending. We’ll never be alone

67. Angels watch us each day; they bring joy to our hearts and always know what we need to hear.

68. Angels from above watch over us day and night, guiding us all the time, angels of love, bless you from above,

69. Angels watch over us, angels guide our path, angels keep us safe, angels protect us, angels keep our souls alive.

70. Angels are watching over us, lighting our path, guiding us on our way, and sending us signs that we are never alone.

71. Angels watch over us, making our lives a sheltered paradise. Convincing us of their greatness and protecting our souls, angels watch over us.

72. Angels are watching over us; we won’t be alone; angels will be there; they will always care on every good and down day.

73. Angels watch over us, never forsake us, ever guide us, ever help us. Heaven is our home; Earth is our world; forever, angels will be guiding us.

74. Angels watch over us; their presence is felt, for they always protect, love, and guide us.

75. Angels are watching over us, all we have to do is pray, and they will come to our aid.

76. Angels, watching from heaven above, watch over us night and day. They hear our cries; they surely do care

77. Angels watching over us with our eyes closed, whispering how sweet life would be if we never lived without love.

78. Angels, God’s messengers, watching over us, always reaching down to comfort us when our world falls and our spirits are in despair.

79. Angels watching over us, a guardian angel watching over us, lighting the way, but angels are not always easy to see; they’re unseen but so near.

80. Angels are watching over us, we may not be safe from harm, but all is well when an angel is by your side.

81. Angels have wings that never fade, angels have eyes that never blink, angels have smiles that never end, angels have a touch that never muffles, angels have blood that never drys, and angels have the love that never dies.

82. Angels watching over us, your eyes could sing, and your voice could be the one that moves me to tears.

83. Angels, watching over us, great protectors from above. Will never let us down, angels watching over us.

84. Angels watch over us. They hide in clouds; they fly into our hearts. They fill our souls with peace.

85. Angels watch over us, always on our shoulders, for they are always nearby. Their presence makes all things right and gives us faith to try again.

86. Love is like an angel that stays with us forever. You are an angel sent from God that fills me with happiness.

87. Angels watched over us; I watched as they carried you; they protected you in their wings. You laid in your little bed; I kissed you on my cheek, tears rolled down your cheeks, whispering “thank you”.

88. Angels, watch over me as you always do. You’ve given me love, hope, courage, and faith.

89. Angels watch over us; they make sure we are safe. They protect us, and when bad things happen, they cheer us right up.

90. Angels watching over us, whispering words of kindness. Whispering words of hugs and kisses.

91. Angels watching over us. Are they real? Are they here to protect us? My angel, I dream of you. Your love for me is real; your kisses are like sugar; you give me wings to fly.

92. Angels watch over us, whispering kind words, whispering words of prayer—whispering words of comfort.

93. Angels watching over us, praying for our protection. Giving us strength to fight, for they are watching us.

94. Angels watch us as we laugh and cry, as we hurt and hurt. Angels are there for us always.

95. Angels, help us when life is taking us down. Angels, help us, put the world to rights.

96. Angels are with me; they’re protecting me, angels with glowing wings, lead me to my destiny.

97. Angels above us, angels beside us, angels below us, angels everywhere, all-loving and carefree.

98. Angels are watching over us; real angels come down to Earth and give everyone a chance to be loved.

99. Angels are watching over us, watching everything that we do, seeing us fight our battles, crying with us, laughing with us.

100. Angels watching over us, guiding us to the right path in life, will protect us and guide us to our destiny.

To round it up, angels are spiritual beings who watch over us and help guide us through life. They’re there to lend us encouragement and support in times of need, and they’re also there to protect us from harm.

The idea of an angel watching over you is beautiful, so it’s so popular in art, film and literature. It’s comforting to know that someone is looking out for you, even if you can’t see them.

I must commend you for coming this far, and I am sure you’ve been able to pick from the lovely angels watching over us quotes above to use as encouragement in life. You can also share this with your loved ones on your social media handles.

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