Emmanuel Osadeyi

I'm a young guy of 25 plus of age. An undergraduate student of Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo, Nigeria. Presently, I reside in Ondo state, Nigeria. I'm a content creator.

Graffiti Quotes About Life

Graffiti is visual art painted, sprayed or marked on an outdoor surface. To be a graffiti artist is to be an uninvited guest in the city streets, always outside the law and using public places for one’s purposes. Graffiti art is often misunderstood and viewed as vandalism by bystanders. But graffiti can be so much more …

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Monday Flowers Quotes

Monday is a special day as it marks the beginning of a new week and allows us to start afresh. The fragrance of flowers can bring smiles to the face and help to get over the blues. There are so many ways to express love, affection and care towards someone on Monday morning. Sending flowers …

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Water Flower Quotes

The water flower is an aquatic and delicate plant that grows in water. They come in a variety of shapes, but all have round flowers and long roots. They are usually found in lakes and ponds but sometimes float down the rivers. When we think of water flowers of which the most common is the …

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Gymnastics Team Quotes

Gymnastics is an incredible sport designed to test the body and mind. It pushes you to your limit, inspires you to reach farther, and gives us a sense of accomplishment when you finally conquer something you thought impossible. It is a sport that requires a lot of time and training. It is not easy to …

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