Melissa Usunobun

"Hi! Meet Melissa. I am a simple, reserved, empathetic creative, enthusiastic, tenacious and result-driven individual. I am hardworking and a great fan of the line, 'there is dignity in labour'. I love creativity and that has made me a proud writer, graphic designer and a business enthusiast. I love to make friends, render help and influence positivity. I am a fast learner and I love to create positive changes and gain more experience."

Creative Diary Quotes

What goes on in your head and why? What are your current thoughts and feelings? You all have things going through your mind at any particular time that may seem to be random thoughts but, once you start writing them down, they can become your basis for everything else. Hence the importance of creative dairying. …

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My Personal Diary Quotes

A diary or journal is a place where one writes down personal thoughts, feelings and experiences in an informal fashion. It is an extremely useful (and often helpful) way to improve writing. Keeping a diary helps you learn the art of expressing your feelings and thoughts simply and coherently. It also offers an opportunity to …

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Diary Front Page Quotes

If you love to write, a diary has a regularly formatted checklist to help you outline your day. For many men and women, a diary may well be the only outlet for honest self-expression. The beauty of a diary exists in its ability to provide a historic record of one’s inner thoughts, feelings and emotions. …

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