Being Unfaithful Quotes

Being Unfaithful Quotes

You may have heard that being unfaithful doesn’t necessarily mean a physical, emotional or sexual affair. It can also be an act involving the heart and describes a situation when someone betrays one’s trust or breaks a promise or bond by engaging in an activity without the partner’s knowledge.

There are times when people have to be unfaithful in a relationship. Mostly unfaithfulness happens when one feels bored and does not love their partners more than anything in the whole world and looking for something better.

Many people have said that keeping a marriage or relationship is easy and it means being faithful and honest to one’s partner. A lie is a lie, and it doesn’t matter to whom you tell it; the result remains the same. These being unfaithful quotes are a compilation of what your relationship should stand for.

Being Unfaithful Quotes

Being unfaithful is wrong. It’s a choice and one that’s just not worth it to make. Being unfaithful is wrong; You should not do it. Better to be single and bored out of your mind. But if you can’t stop doing it, then you need help.

1. Being unfaithful is wrong. But so is loving unconditionally, forgiving foolishly, and jumping into bed with someone that doesn’t treat you right.

2. Being unfaithful is wrong, but being a cheater is even more so.

3. Let’s be honest; being unfaithful is wrong. But it happens, and then you need to deal with it.

4. Being unfaithful is wrong. You should never go through life hiding something like this from your partner or anyone else.

5. Do not put yourself in a situation where you will feel guilt and regret. Either end it or change it.

6. Being unfaithful just isn’t worth it. Don’t put your relationship at risk and don’t put yourself in an uncomfortable situation; either talk to them about it or leave it alone.

7. Don’t be unfaithful. Being unfaithful is wrong.

8. Being unfaithful is wrong; it won’t improve your relationship. The problems will only increase, and the trust will quickly break down.

9. If you’re living a double life and hiding something from everyone, it’s time for it to end. It’s not easy to come clean about doing this, but in the end, it is necessary if you want to be happy.

10. Being unfaithful is wrong. A person with a checkered past should not be trusted.

11. Being unfaithful is wrong, even if you love your partner.

12. It’s time, to be honest. Being unfaithful is wrong, and it hurts everyone involved—including you.

13. Being unfaithful is wrong. You can’t be with someone and treat them like a business deal.

14. Being unfaithful is wrong. Let’s talk about it and see if we can find a solution.

15. Being unfaithful is wrong. No one likes being told this stuff, but it’s reality, and we just have to deal with it.

16. Being unfaithful is wrong, you know. But who says no to chocolate?

17. Being unfaithful is a bad idea. Unless your relationship with the other person improves, it’s not worth it.

18. Being unfaithful is like breaking a promise. The bigger the promise, the more it hurts.

19. It’s hard to fake your way through life, don’t be afraid to be yourself.

20. The number one sin against love is infidelity. When you marry someone, you take vows to be faithful to them until your final breath.

21. Being unfaithful is wrong and makes you unhappy, so there’s no reason to do it.

22. Being unfaithful is wrong. You will find yourself in a bind, don’t do it.

23. No matter what people say, being unfaithful is wrong.

24. I know it’s a problem, but I think being unfaithful is wrong.

25. You don’t need to be unfaithful; just trust the heart instead of the brain.

26. Not being faithful to your spouse is wrong—and it’s a choice. And while you don’t have to do anything, you should do everything possible to make amends, forgive and move forward together into the future.

27. Nothing is more painful than breaking one of our hearts. The pain lingers, and the scars remain forever even if we’re unfaithful.

28. The unfaithful heart makes a liar of the tongue.

29. The best way to stay faithful and loved is to keep your promises and always be honest with yourself and others.

30. Betraying someone’s trust is never easy; however, it is a choice you make in life. Don’t be a cheater!

31. Trust is a beautiful thing. Infidelity isn’t.

32. People have been having affairs for centuries. It’s the oldest story in the book. But you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

33. Many people have been cheated on, but they move on. It’s not a big deal.

34. If the information is true, it’s less complicated if you just keep these things to yourself.

35. Everybody makes mistakes. We believe in giving everyone a second chance.

36. Being unfaithful isn’t a dirty word. It’s just wrong.

37. Don’t do anything that you wouldn’t want to read about in the morning newspaper.

38. Never lie, cheat or deceive. Always stay true to yourself and your beliefs.

39. Hold yourself to high standards. Don’t cheat on your spouse.

40. Be faithful to your mister, faithful to the one who’s worth it . . .

41. A relationship isn’t built from one-night stands. It’s built with trust, understanding, and communication.

42. Don’t break your commitment to yourself and others. Be faithful, even when it’s hard.

43. A cheater is a person who changes rules to make a change.

44. Being unfaithful is wrong; it hurts the one you love and most importantly, you were given a second chance at love.

45. Being unfaithful is wrong. Don’t do it.

46. Let’s not be unfaithful to our love because being unfaithful is wrong.

47. Being unfaithful – it always happens. It’s a mistake, but you know what? It’s not the end of the world.

48. No matter how bad things may be, being unfaithful will never give you the solution you’re seeking.

49. Believing it’s ok to be unfaithful is a choice. Be the person you always wanted to be.

50. If your commitment to a relationship is not genuine and you are not trustworthy, then it is not love.

Quotes About Being Unfaithful in a Relationship

Being unfaithful in a relationship is a wrong thing. Cheating on someone you love or have promised to love forever will break them. If you do not have love in your life, then you do not possess the word “love”.

51. The most important thing to understand about love is that it’s a risk. You’re taking a chance with someone else’s heart and if you succeed, you may lose the one you have.

52. There’s a difference between taking what you want and taking what is yours. Be honest with yourself and everyone else.

53. Stay loyal to your partner, love them, and respect them. Being unfaithful is wrong in every way possible – physically, emotionally, or mentally.

54. There’s everything wrong with being unfaithful. The impact of your actions may be greater than you think.

55. Infidelity is a choice, and it’s not ok. You deserve respect and commitment from your partner.

56. Being unfaithful just doesn’t happen by accident.

57. Never be unfaithful to yourself, no matter how light the consequences.

58. We all deserve to be happy and should stop pretending it’s okay to cheat on our partner.

59. Commitment doesn’t always mean a ring, and it’s never too late to vow to be faithful.

60. Be faithful to the one you love and faithful to yourself.

61. Being unfaithful is wrong. The guilty party should be held accountable for any consequences that follow.

62. Being unfaithful is wrong. But don’t be afraid to cheat on your diet.

63. It takes self-confidence and strength to be true to yourself and your values.

64. You don’t have to be perfect or have it all together, but you do have to trust yourself and be sure about what you stand for.

65. When your trust has been broken, it’s the worst feeling.

66. It’s not cheating if you do it intending to be faithful to your partner.

67. Don’t say “I’m sorry” when you know the truth. It’s not about the infidelity; it’s about your inability to accept the fault in your actions.

68. Cheating is not always a choice, but it doesn’t serve anyone. If you’re unfaithful, you’ll always be miserable.

69. The one who told you to be true and then lied to you is wicked. Staying true to yourself is always better than changing for someone else.

70. Life is too short to be unfaithful. If you are looking for connection, if you are searching for love and a deeper relationship, let’s talk.

71. Don’t be a cheat, be better. Cheaters will always be cheaters, but they’ll never get a chance to cheat you.

72. Cheaters will always be cheaters, but liars can be exceptions.

73. Cheaters always have a reason. Always. Being unfaithful is so wrong.

74. Cheaters are the ones who don’t get caught.

75. Cheaters never win. Cheaters never win, but the biggest cheaters of all are those who think they can get away with it—and they do.

76. Cheaters are everywhere. They’re even in the dictionary!

77. Cheaters are everywhere in life. You’re probably even related to one.

78. It’s no surprise, but they’re probably the type of people that post a lot on Facebook Notes.

79. Cheating is a sign of a loss of self-respect. The world would be better if we all looked in the mirror and honestly faced who we were.

80. No one wants to be unfaithful. But once you’re there, it’s hard to turn back.

81. Your relationship is the most important thing in your life; stop being unfaithful.

82. It’s much easier and safer to put your head in the sand and pretend cheating doesn’t exist.

83. Being unfaithful is not going to make you feel better, even if it temporarily takes your mind off of the problem.

84. Truthfully, there is no gain in lying. Everyone is hurt and disappointed when they find out.

85. Nothing you can do will stop them from cheating. But if you’re honest, they won’t be able to deceive you either.

86. Cheaters will always try to trick you. But if you are a smart person, they cannot deceive you either.

87. No matter what they say, they’re going to cheat. But you won’t fall for their lies if you stay true.

88. Being unfaithful doesn’t mean you’re weak. It means you’re human. But if you’re gonna be human, be honest about it.

89. Being unfaithful is bad; it means that being honest will always pay off.

90. The cheaters of the world are relentless. There is no stopping them. But you can protect yourself from dishonest people.

91. Life is full of cheaters. You’re too busy to worry about it, though.

92. The perfect opportunity to remind yourself that you can trust your instincts when it comes to love.

93. Being unfaithful is wrong, but not everyone agrees and that’s the biggest problem

94. Being unfaithful is wrong. Being faithful is better.

95. Being unfaithful is wrong. We don’t forgive, and we don’t forget.

96. Being unfaithful is wrong. But keeping secrets can be even worse.

97. Let’s face it, being unfaithful is wrong. It’s always easy to be faithful.

98. It takes courage to do something different. Being unfaithful isn’t a life choice, it’s a daily practice.

99. Being unfaithful is like eating garbage. You never know what could be in it.

100. When it comes to relationships and cheating, some people are just unfaithful. And they’re always wrong.

There are no good or bad days to cheat on your partner. There is no greater sin than breaking your marriage vows. And yet, this is what millions of married couples do every day – to their detriment. The good thing is that these being unfaithful quotes will keep you reminded of how you should hold unto your core values always.

Thank you for reading through. I hope you enjoyed it and will share this post with your loved ones.

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