Best Friend Since Birth Quotes

Best Friend Since Birth Quotes

Friendship is a relationship best described as two people who understand each other and accept each other, with all their faults, who are there for each other come what may. A friendship like this cannot be explained in words. To know someone is to love them but to understand someone requires a real lifelong commitment.

Best friends are true gifts—you have them forever, through thick and thin, and everything in-between. If you are lucky enough to have a best friend and if you guys happen to be best friends since birth, then it is safe to say that your friendship was created in heaven. Being such close friends since the day you were born makes the bond between you two even stronger and more lasting.

A friend like this will be there to see you fall in love, get married, and start your family. They will help grow from children to adults, from a childless couple to parents with children, and from a couple to a family. It will be very hard for anything or anyone to come between a friendship like this.

Whether or not you have someone you’ve been friends with since birth, these best friends since birth quotes are a must-read.

Best Friend Since Birth Quotes

We have been best friends since birth. We’ve always been there for each other through thick and thin. We know the true meaning of friendship and love. We grew up in loving families and have been proven to be loyal and dependable friends ever since.

1. There is no better and stronger friendship than best friends since birth. They usually have a very strong bond.

2. A friend since birth is someone who has been with you through thick and thin. They have seen the best and the worst of you and still love you through it all.

3. Your best friend since birth can always be there for you and make you smile when you’re upset. They know all of your flaws and still love you anyway. This type of friendship is the most sacred one in the world.

4. There’s a deep connection that is shared between best friends since birth, and it’s a pretty awesome thing.

5. Your best friend since birth is the one who knows you inside out and still loves you.

6. The friendship between two people that have been friends since they were born has a special meaning, and it is priceless to both.

7. The best friends are the ones who make you laugh until you can’t breathe, who comfort you when you are hurt and cheer you up when you succeed.

8. Best friends since birth are those who you hang out with, share your secrets with, listen to you cry and laugh, and support you when people insult you.

10. You rarely meet someone who feels like your soulmate. A best friend since birth is almost unheard of and truly something special.

11. Your best friend since birth is the person who understands everything you are going through and helps you through it all. They know your past. They know your present. They will always be here for you because they understand you on multiple levels and don’t need anyone else to understand or love them.

12. The best friends since birth will forever be the best, even if they don’t know it. They’re the people who dedicate their lives to happiness rather than deny it to themselves.

13. Being best friends since birth is one of the most beautiful friendships which describes the eternal love of two people who have been together since their childhood days.

14. Being a best friend since birth is like a pair of gloves: you cannot be sure which one is right until you put them on.

15. Best friends since birth and my whole life, who knows me better than you do. I want to be with the one I can always trust, the one who will always love me.

16. Best friends since birth; you’re the one who knows me best. You know my flaws, my strengths, and my weaknesses. But I still love you.

17. Best friends since birth: the relationship and bond between two people can’t be described in words.

18. Best friends since birth: you know their soul and life’s journey as well as they do themselves. You make a perfect pair in almost every way—you’re each other’s favourite person to talk to, your thoughts are in sync, your sense of humour is identical, and you get each other more than anyone else ever could.

19. There are no words that can fully express how grateful I am for knowing you. I will always treasure the memories we share as best friends and will love you forever.

20. A best friend since birth is someone who knows all the good and bad you have ever done and still tells you everything will be okay. A best friend since birth is a soulmate that will be there for a very long time to care for and love you.

21. A best friend since birth is like comfort food. You don’t need it to be perfect. You just want everything to be the way it used to be.

22. Having a best friend since birth is like a dream come true. A person who has been with you through thick and thin, smiles and tears, fights and makeups, push-overs and tiffs. It’s not something you plan for, but it just happens. Then when it comes time to say goodbye, it happens again.

23. A best friend since birth is the one you can always count on. Best friends are there to support, listen, and be honest with you. There would be nothing without you.

24. The best thing about having a best friend for life is laughing with them, crying with them, and knowing that no matter what happens–you are always there for each other.

25. A best friend since birth isn’t just a best friend. That best friend is someone who knows you better than anyone else, understands your quirks and understands why you are like that. They are the ones that know everything about you, including all your embarrassing moments and still stand by you, no matter what.

26. Every time I see your smile, I realize how one of the best things in life is to be able to be friends since birth.

27. We have been friends since we were born, and our friendship is one of the most special things in my life. You have always been there for me.

28. I love you since the day you were born. You are my best friend, and I would like to share every moment with you.

29. I’ve known my best friend since before we were born, I think. We’re the only people who completely understand each other.

30. You are such a good friend – a best friend. Our friendship is so great that even my parents think of you as their daughter’s best friend.

31. I have known you since before we were born. As children, we played together and built forts together. As teenagers, we stayed up all night talking in our kitchen or my room and only went to bed when our parents forced us to.

32. A lot has changed since our days as little kids, and there are a lot more responsibilities for us to handle. However, no matter how much we change, it is still our best friends that hold on to the memories of when we were just kids.

33. It’s hard to believe that our friendship began so long ago. You were there when we were both young, and we are still as close now as the day we first met.

34. You have been my best friend since birth. You can’t get any better than that. You’re my mirror, echo, and reflection; the most beautiful thing in my life.

35. I am so blessed to have you in my life and to have met you when I was so little. You’re an angel, and I love you from the bottom of my heart.

36. Best friends since birth are rare, but something that makes life even more special.

37. You and I have been best friends since birth. I like to think that God knew we were meant for each other way before either of us came to this planet, and so He put us in each other’s path so we could be together.

38. A best friend since birth is one of the most precious things that you can have in your life. When they are around, they make you feel good and loved. You can go to them with any problem, and they will try to make it better, even if it means moving heaven and earth for them.

39. Best friends since birth are like sisters gathering strength from each other, passing it on and helping others find their way.

40. We’ve been best friends since birth. We have shared good times and bad. We have each other’s back even when it’s not easy.

41. A best friend since birth is someone you can depend on, trust, and love throughout the ups and downs of life.

42. A best friend since birth is an incredible blessing. To have them there at your darkest moments, happiest moments, and even most awkward moments is priceless.

43. We met when we were both in diapers, and now that the diapers are gone, we’re still best pals.

44. We’ve been best friends since birth. We share everything and make the most of every opportunity. I love being at your side, having you to talk with through the good times and bad.

45. Best friends since birth share the same sense of humour and love of life, but they also understand each other as no one else can.

46. Even though they’ve had their fair share of adventures and shared ups and downs, best friends since birth always have each other’s backs.

47. These two friends have never been separated. They’ve been inseparable since they were born and grew up in the same neighbourhood. They’re best friends, and nothing can keep them apart.

48. I have known you since we were born. You are always there for me through the good days and the bad days. You help with homework, take me out to eat and tell us stories about our childhood. I love you so much.

49. We’ve been friends since we were born. We’ve grown up together and cheered for each other through countless ups and downs. We have even had to take care of each other when things got serious. Sadly, now we are both getting older and finding the time to spend together is priceless.

50. We start every day together. Whether it’s a trip to the grocery store or a trip to the park, our best friend is always by our side. We know that when our pal needs us, we can count on each other through anything.

51. As your best friend from birth, she is always there for me. From planning my vacations to simply listening to me whine about my latest breakup. She understands the ups and downs of life.

52. Best friends since birth are the closest and dearest ones you always turn to.

53. These best friends are inseparable. They have been together since birth, and they know each other so well that they can tell each other apart even when they’re wearing the same shirt.

54. Now, this is a friendship that has stood the test of time. You practically grew up together, held each other’s hands, and shared everything. There’s nothing you wouldn’t do with your BFF, even if it makes you feel guilty and uncomfortable.

55. Two people who have been friends since birth. They may be best friends, but they can also be more than that.

After going through the list of best friends since birth quotes, I hope you got one or two quotes to share with your best friend since birth. Please share with others who are not your best friends too. Thank you.

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