Bored Housewife Quotes

Bored Housewife Quotes

Being a bored housewife can be a dangerous thing. A bored housewife often begins to drink too much alcohol, or she may become involved with another man. She might also start spending money irresponsibly, or become depressed and think about committing suicide. A bored housewife could also be a woman who does not have much to do. She may be bored because of her husband’s lack of attention to her, or because she is not allowed to work outside the home.

She is not interested in her daily routine. She loses interest in everything she does and becomes bored with her life. She goes through the same routine every day, which leads to boredom and depression. She cannot spend her time with friends or family members as she has no one to talk to about her problems. She may find herself dreaming about other things and wishing to be anywhere but home.

She feels lonely and depressed because she has no one to share her feelings with. She feels like being alone in this world and nobody cares about her problems. It can lead to depression as well as anxiety disorders if left untreated for a long time. Even though she has children, a husband and a home, she feels as if something is missing from her life. She may feel as though she has nothing to do and that her days are long and boring.

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Bored Housewife Quotes

A bored housewife often needs to find something to do with her time, whether it’s getting involved in an activity or hobby or finding a job outside the home. Some bored women will try to find ways to make themselves busy or find ways to stay active during their free time.

1. A bored housewife is a time bomb waiting to go off. You don’t want to be around when it does.

2. A bored housewife usually feels like she is getting old and bored, while her husband is always young and handsome. You must know that your husband is not the same person you met at the very beginning of your relationship because ages do differ for people.

3. The only solution for a bored housewife is to get involved with other activities outside the home but not necessarily because of boredom but to be able to meet new people and make friends.

4. A bored housewife represents an average woman who has nothing better to do with her time, than watch television. She also thinks she is superior to other women, who choose to work and be productive members of society.

5. Being a bored housewife is not a good thing for the family. If you are struggling in your marriage because of boredom, you will encourage your discontent and misery to multiply.

6. A bored housewife is not happy. She’s miserable and frustrated and her misery drags everyone else down with her. An unhappy wife will bring ruin to your home.

7. A bored housewife has little to do but tends to do her household chores and long for some time away from them.

8. A bored housewife is like a balloon – she needs to be filled up with air regularly or else she will explode in your face.

9. A bored housewife is dangerous to herself and others. A wife who has nothing to do all day but sit around and watch TV is an accident waiting to happen. Boredom kills and causes accidents.

10. A bored housewife spends too much time on her smartphone and booze. Most of her life she is idle and probably drunk most of the time.

11. A bored housewife is a dangerous thing. They start with hobbies like sewing and knitting, then writing, and before you know it they’re running for President.

12. Bored housewives are quite a common sight these days. They spend most of their time in front of the television and do nothing else. They grow fat, lazy, inactive and stressed because they do not get out as much as they would like to.

13. As a bored housewife, my husband forces me to work and play. Looking for interesting activities helps me regain my active spirit. Finding work-life balance at home is just as important as finding it in my career, so I have fun with it!

14. A bored housewife can be a dangerous thing. Her weekend alone at home could lead to a new friendship or an affair with one of her husband’s friends.

15. A bored housewife, who is recognized by her extreme lack of imagination and limited life experience, will likely feel that she has been put upon by the difficult task of having to think up things to do with her day.

16. She is bored by the monotony of her life, trapped in a home that she cannot escape. A workaholic, she has no hobbies or interests outside of the home and spends all her time cleaning, cooking and caring for children.

17. A bored housewife is more than just a person that stays at home. She is a person who goes from one day to the next, going through the motions of life, just trying to get by.

18. A bored housewife is just a housewife who doesn’t have anything to do. Being a housewife doesn’t mean you can’t be bored.

19. The worst thing about being a bored housewife is you can’t make a change in your life. It’s like being stuck in some kind of paint-by-numbers existence, where every day plays out the same and it never changes. You get up, do the same things each day and go to bed at the same time as always.

20. A bored housewife is a woman who desires change and excitement in her life. Without something to keep her busy, she may become depressed, feel trapped and fall into a rut.

21. A bored housewife is a dangerous thing. I mean, not dangerous to you or your family, but dangerous to herself. What do you plan to do about that? It’s not just her problem, it’s yours as well.

22. A bored housewife will not only be bored, but she also will not make the best of her talents, those that she could use to be the most valuable helpmeet and queen to her husband. She will also tend to be restless and troubled about many things.

23. A bored housewife is a woman who is not happy in her marriage and who has lost her passion for her husband. The woman has become tired of being stuck at home all day, every day, with no one to talk to but their children and the occasional phone call from their mother.

24. A bored housewife is a miserable person. She is unhappy because she loves her job and wishes she could be more useful. She feels that she has missed out on a full life and wants others to reveal the same way in their family.

25. A bored housewife is usually very hard on herself and does not realize when she is exhausted, frustrated or overstressed; instead, she hides all these feelings inside and then gets irritated when people do not listen to her or do not cooperate as her expectations.

26. A bored housewife is a woman who feels unhappy in her home and/or marriage. She may feel as though she is not doing anything with her life, and her husband does not understand that she needs more from him for their relationship to work. This could lead to an unhappy marriage, or even divorce, if not dealt with properly.

27. A bored housewife can feel like a prisoner. She often has little to do and feels confined by her home and family. She may feel that she is unfulfilled, and she may find herself questioning the choices she made in life.

28. A bored housewife likes to get out on the town, but she is often bored with the nightlife. She prefers to stay home, or go from one friend’s house to another so that her husband doesn’t get too suspicious of where she is going at night.

29. A bored housewife tends to be a neglected wife. She may have no friends, she may feel isolated, lonely and unfulfilled. She is the forgotten partner and often blames her husband for her lack of satisfaction in the marriage.

30. A bored housewife is a life of constant stress and fatigue. She has learned to live in a world that is not her own; she has adapted herself to another’s wishes and desires, has lost the joy of being herself, found no satisfaction in her home because it offers nothing but empty material pleasures, and the only conclusion she can reach is that life seems empty and meaningless.

31. It is a true statement that a housewife can get bored easily, but the good thing about this is that she will, later on, find ways to pass time.

32. A bored housewife doesn’t merely want to be entertained. She wants to be enlightened, energized, stimulated and challenged – she wants to be inspired!

33. A bored housewife can be very dangerous to her family. They get up to mischief, which if not checked in time, will have a devastating effect on their husbands and children. This is not a good thing for marriage and family life.

34. The woman who is at home all day usually gets bored. There is nothing to do. The housework is done, there are no children to look after, and the husband comes home late and wants his dinner.

35. A bored housewife is not a happy woman, she is an unfulfilled woman and one who has lost sight of what it is that makes her happy in the first place.

36. A boring housewife is a sad housewife. You may have the best job, the nicest kids and the grandest home but if you’re bored, that leaves a hole in your heart.

37. The housewife who is bored and frustrated because she has too much time on her hands, who has no real purpose in life, no professional activity to give direction to her intelligence and add meaning to her life.

38. A bored housewife is a bored woman. It’s pointless to try and busy her with home-related chores all day long because she won’t be happy about the thoughts going on in her head: that she isn’t doing enough for herself or others and that she feels stuck in an unfulfilling routine. Instead, it would be best to encourage her to pursue her interests and dreams while also looking after more domestic affairs than usual.

39. Being a bored housewife is like being turned into a zombie. You feel your body stay but your soul is lost somewhere in between.

40. A bored housewife is a great danger to the people who surround her. The temptation to meddle is too great, and the opportunities for mischief are unlimited.

41. A bored housewife is a frustrated housewife. Don’t let yourself get lazy, or else you might end up as one of those sad and lonely women who think they can only live through their husbands.

42. Homemaking is a labour of love, but a housewife also needs recreation, rest, and change. There’s nothing more boring and wearying than being stuck in a rut day after day. It is important to keep the home always sweet and clean.

43. A bored housewife is the worst housewife. A boredom-free household means that the household will be happier and more organized, which will make our lives easier.

44. A bored housewife will not necessarily be caught up in her kitchen or just looking busy. Her appearance alone says that she is not interested in anything that might be happening at this moment.

45. A bored housewife is a happy one. Boredom is a luxury you can afford; so give in to temptation. Trust me on this one, the feeling of being bored never goes away until you make it go away.

46. Bored housewives are a danger to themselves, their families and society in general. Their only hope for a better life is to find happiness through meaningful relationships with others, with God and with themselves.

47. A bored housewife may believe that sitting around getting high and drinking isn’t much to do. But when you are not busy doing things, you are in a position to make your idle time a motive for improvement.

48. The most boring person that you have ever met is a bored housewife. Most people would discover this fact when they are about to get married and suddenly the life of a housewife is boring!

49. She is a woman of great depth, with a profound understanding of the meaning of life. She can be a friend and confidante, psychic, therapist and lover. Bored housewives are generally quite talented at all of these things.

50. A bored housewife is more dangerous than any other criminal. She must have a purpose in life and if she does not, she will turn against society to satisfy her greed for excitement.

51. A bored housewife is a woman who has a lot of time on her hands, but whose priorities lie in the home rather than in outside pursuits. She may not have a job and spends most of her time cleaning and making meals for those around her.

52. Lack of communication, being a homebody and constantly looking at other women’s lives on social media can all lead to boredom, which is a feeling that women tend to suffer with more than men do.

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