Artistic Quotes

Graffiti Quotes About Life

Graffiti is visual art painted, sprayed or marked on an outdoor surface. To be a graffiti artist is to be an uninvited guest in the city streets, always outside the law and using public places for one’s purposes. Graffiti art is often misunderstood and viewed as vandalism by bystanders. But graffiti can be so much more …

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Nail Artist Quotes

Nail Artists are the best! They are highly skilled professionals who have a great passion for nails and beauty. They love to create beautiful nail designs that are unique and stylish. Nail artists are part of people who make a living out of their talent and fascination with manicures. They take pride in making people’s …

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Art Is Happiness Quotes

Art Is Happiness Quotes

Art is the soul’s way of expressing itself, in an attempt to forge an emotional connection with other people. It is a means by which we may vicariously experience our highest and deepest thoughts and feelings. Art is honesty in its purest form. Art is happiness. Art is a way to show the world that …

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