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Graffiti Quotes About Life

Graffiti is visual art painted, sprayed or marked on an outdoor surface. To be a graffiti artist is to be an uninvited guest in the city streets, always outside the law and using public places for one’s purposes. Graffiti art is often misunderstood and viewed as vandalism by bystanders. But graffiti can be so much more …

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Life Is a Work of Art Quotes

Life Is a Work of Art Quotes

We all like to think that life is beautiful and everything on this Earth is amazing, yet we fail to take the very best out of it. The craziest thing about people who can do this is that they know how fragile life really is. They know the unconditional sense of duty from the inside …

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Challenging Situation Quotes

In life, we go through challenging situations. These situations can be internal or external and are usually beyond our control. They can be big or small. They can affect us in many ways. We may experience pain, anger, sadness, disappointment or challenges with work. These situations may cause us to doubt ourselves and our abilities.  …

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Life Is Like a Parachute Quotes

Life can be hard; it hits you with unexpected challenges, some of which are difficult to handle. But life is also like a parachute. It has unforeseen circumstances, uncertainties, twists and turns, but if you survive the journey, it all works out in the end. Also, the future is the horizon of all possibilities and …

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