Fighting Sickness Quotes

Fighting Sickness shows how strong you are and how much you are not willing to give up. It shows that you have a strength that is bigger than your pain, bigger than your fear and bigger than your illness. It shows that even when you feel like giving up, there is still something inside of …

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Mountain Breeze Quotes

Mountain breeze is a meteorological term for wind that blows downslope from higher elevations toward lower elevations. This occurs when there is an increase in temperature with elevation, and it usually occurs in the evening during the summer months. When air is heated by solar radiation, it becomes less dense and rises. As it rises, …

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Tired of Being Ignored Quotes

Tired of Being Ignored Quotes

Being ignored is one of the most painful experiences in life. A recent study says that being ignored is worse than being insulted or bullied. The reason why it hurts so much is that we are social beings and are hard-wired to connect with others. To be ignored is to be excluded from this fundamental …

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