Catholic Birthday Prayers for Husband

Catholic Birthday Prayers for Husband

As a devoted Catholic member or even a Christian, you’ll most likely love to celebrate your spouse on his birth anniversary with some powerful catholic birthday prayer messages for husband.

Hence, I crafted the perfect birthday messages in form of prayers to help you meet that need.

You can be sure that these catholic birthday prayer quotes for hubby would help your partner begin and end his birthday celebration in a very positive mood.

So, are you ready to shower your hubby with all the prayers he needs to begin another year in his life? These catholic birthday prayers for husband will help you achieve that aim.

Go ahead:

Catholic Happy Birthday Prayers for My Husband

I pray that the good Lord perfect you in ways beyond your comprehension because your time for victory is here. Happy birthday anniversary, my love. Your joy shall last for a lifetime, my husband.

Use these catholic happy birthday prayers for your husband to mark his birthday:

1. Heavenly Father, thank you for another year you’ve added to the life of my husband. I pray you to increase him beyond his wildest dreams.

2. You are a year older, today, loving husband. May our heavenly Father protect you from the evil ones. Joy shall be your portion forevermore. Wishing you a pleasant birthday my love.

3. Jesus, the Son, thank you for being there for my husband. This new age shall bring him closer to you. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

4. Oh God, may your name be praised for choosing to keep my husband till this day. May this birthday be the beginning of a new dawn for him.

5. I pray that the Lord shall guide you as you go through another year. This new age shall bring you peace, joy, and happiness. Happy birthday to my loving husband.

6. May the joy of the Holy Ghost never depart from you. Happy birthday to my honourable husband with whom I am so pleased.

7. May the heavenly angels hold a prayer for you and pour out their blessings upon you as you celebrate a new age. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

8. My prayer is that you see many more years in good health, happiness, joy, and love. Happy birthday to the man I’ll always call my husband.

9. Oh God, you have done it again. You made it possible that he clocks a new age, today. Happy birthday, my love. This new age shall bring you marvellous gifts.

10. Happy birthday, sweetheart. From today, you shall feel what it means to be loved by God.

11. My praises to God for sustaining the breath of my dear husband. As he clocks a new age, today, may abundant life be his portion.

12. You shall no longer tarry in the valley. Your upliftment shall begin, today. Happy birthday, my love.

13. The Lord shall perfect all that concerns you as you mark a new age. Happy birth anniversary, sweetheart.

14. Thank you, ancient of days, for sparing the life of my dear husband amidst all the chaos of life. May you continue to preserve his life.

15. Thank you, Jesus, because you blessed my beloved husband with a new age. Many more happy returns to him.

16. Sweetheart, your days shall be long and you shall be fruitful. Happy birthday to you.

17. The favour of the Lord shall surround you and enlarge your coast as you mark a new age today, honey.

18. Happy birthday to my true love. I pray that you shall put God first and He’ll, in turn, bless you abundantly.

19. You will make it in this new year of your life no matter the challenges that may come your way. Happy birthday to my love.

20. May the Lord stand with you wherever you may go. This new journey shall bring you prosperity and peace. Happy birthday, love.

21. May you live a more fulfilling life at this juncture of your life. Have a superb birthday to the glory of God.

22. All your worries shall go with your former age. Today marks the beginning of a new you. Happy birthday, handsome.

23. You shall radiate light wherever you go because you are the light of the world. Happy birthday to my bosom friend and husband.

24. May your concerns be settled by God as you attain a new age, today. Wishing you a splendid birthday.

25. This new age shall be one of a kind. Happy birthday to my husband. Your latter, I decree, shall be greater than your former.

Catholic Birthday Prayer Messages for Husband

Oh, Jesus, it is time you bless my husband. I pray that you seize this birthday as an opportunity to bless him beyond his coast. Happy birthday to the sweetest husband in the world.

Use these catholic birthday prayer messages for your husband:

26. My heart earnestly prays for you, dear husband, that all your expectations be fulfilled as you add another year to your years.

27. What is more than gold and wealth shall be given to you by our heavenly Father. Happy birthday, handsome.

28. You are going to match forward and never have to endure stagnancy again. Happy birth anniversary to my lover.

29. May the Lord cause His face to shine upon you, the birthday celebrant, today. You shall experience the favour of God. Happy birth anniversary.

30. Wherever you may go, the presence of God shall abide with you. I love you, handsome. The Lord shall increase you from this time of your life.

31. I am so pleased to be your wife. Seeing you grow old is my greatest joy as it is a blessing from God. May your old age bring you peace and joy, darling.

32. Happy birthday to my love. As you add a year to your age, you shall witness marvellous growth. This day shall launch you into greatness.

33. Lord, I adore you for sparing the life of my husband amid this pandemic. Happy birthday to a good man. May you enjoy the blessings of God.

34. May the Lord remember you and cause you to forget your sorry. Happy birthday, baby.

35. May your blessings in this new year of your life outnumber the stars in the sky. Wishing you a peaceful happy birthday.

36. Your past is over and a new era has come for your manifestation. Happy birthday to the love of my life. Your life shall become a blessing.

37. You make me so proud. May the heavens be pleased with you. You shall never have any reason to turn away from God. Happy birthday, honey.

38. I pray that your earnest prayers for the past years shall become wonders to behold in your life at this new age. Happy birth anniversary, honey.

39. Dear Lord, make my husband laugh wholeheartedly, today and for the rest of his life. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Rest in the love of God.

40. I want you to know that your days of striving are over. You are in the era of possibilities. Happy birthday to a man of vision, my husband.

41. Dear, may your joy be full until it overflows to everyone else around you. Happy birthday to you, love. You are highly favoured!

42. May the wisdom not to fall for the devil be bestowed on you. I wish you many happy returns. You shall be fulfilled with your life at the moment of your life.

43. Sadness, anxieties, and worries shall no longer be found in your heart and spirit. Wishing you a peaceful and joyful new age.

44. I pray that you shall sing a new song, and praises shall abide in your heart and lips as you clock a new age today, and forever.

45. You are blessed like a beloved son of God. Happy birth anniversary to you. Your happiness shall not be cut short.

46. May the desires of your heart become fulfilled no matter how grand they are. Wishing my husband a very happy birthday.

47. May the good Lord beat your expectations. Happy birthday to my love. Disappointment and pain shall not mark your new age.

48. May the Lord surprise you pleasantly throughout the days of your new age. Happy birth anniversary, honey. Bask in the love of God.

49. You shall always emerge as the best in whatever you do. May life treat you kind in the name of our Lord. Wishing you many happy returns.

50. You shall rise mightily to do exploit as you clock a new age, today. Happy birth anniversary, my love.

Catholic Birthday Prayer Quotes for Hubby

Our heavenly Father, take perfect control of this day. Make it truly beautiful and phenomenal for my husband as he adds another new age. Wishing you, my love, a wonderful new year. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

Use these catholic birthday prayer quotes for your hubby:

51. May your heart desires rise like a sweet scent to the heavens. Happy birthday, my love.

52. May He conform your desire to His will and speedily fulfil them all. Happy birth anniversary, my love.

53. You shall enjoy the rest of your life from this time onward. I love you, my baby.

54. Our Father in heaven shall send His angels to bless you abundantly as you clock a new age, today.

55. May all your trespasses be forgiven so that your future will be untainted. Happy birthday, my love.

56. The glory of God shall shine on you until the world beholds your crown. Wishing you many happy returns, my love.

57. Every day of your life shall be full of God’s love for you. May this new age endear you to your Father in heaven.

58. You shall become a fulfilled man. Your ways shall please the Lord. Wishing you a happy birthday, sweety.

59. It is my prayer that you shall live longer than your parents. You shall never die untimely. Happy birthday, honey.

60. With ease shall you achieve the longing of your heart. You shall continue to rise like a phoenix. Happy birthday, handsome.

61. Go ahead and ask and He will grant you your heart desires. Happy birthday, love.

62. You’ll have many harvests and suffer no losses as you clock a new age.

63. In Jesus name, you are safe under the shadow of the Almighty. Defeat and failure shall never be your portion.

64. I pray that the Lord shall remember you for good as you clock a new age, today. Wishing you a fulfilling new age.

65. You shall grow out of all your losses. Happy birth anniversary, my dearest husband.

66. Dear Father never abandon your son as he travels around the sun for another 365 days. Shine your light on his path and make your purpose known to him. Happy birthday, honey.

67. You shall live longer than you have done. The joy of the Lord shall be your strength. Happy birth anniversary, love.

68. Defeat and failure are things of the past. You shall break records and recover new territories. Happy birthday, love.

69. This journey shall be a smooth one. You shall have many testimonies to share again by this time next year. Enjoy your new age.

70. This day shall unleash you into greatness. You shall know the true meaning of the love of God. Enjoy your new age.

71. May our heavenly Father fulfil His promises in your life. You shall exceed greatly as you clock another age, today.

72. Your ashes shall transform into beauty. Your tears shall become laughter. It’s a new season for you because it’s your birthday, my love.

73. You shall follow the path of the immaculate light of God. You shall not wander through life. Your purpose and vision shall become clearer. Happy birthday, love.

74. There shall be rains of blessings upon you. Your life shall not be bereft of harvest. These are my prayers to God on your behalf cause it’s your birthday.

75. You shall never suffer to have anything good. The world shall become a favourable place for you. Enjoy your new age.

Birthday Prayer Wishes for Husband in Catholic Way

I pray that this new age makes you truly fulfilled, my husband. You shall accomplish your goals and enjoy the blessings of God. Happy birth anniversary, love. Many more shall you celebrate by the mercies of God.

Here are the perfect birthday prayer wishes for husband in the Catholic way:

76. May your heart desires come to pass just like this day. Happy birthday to my love.

77. I pray that our heavenly Father shall send His angels to you to bless the work of your hands in this chapter of your life. Happy birthday, love.

78. Your health shall blossom for the rest of your life. Have a fantastic new age, hubby.

79. You shall never know sorrow again. The beauty of the Lord shall shine upon you. Happy birth anniversary, my angel.

80. You shall not be surrounded by shame, sadness, or pain. May you enjoy your new age in happiness.

81. You have worked so hard and this time, you shall be favoured. Happy birthday to the most beloved man on earth.

82. May the Lord grant you the wisdom that shall transform your life for good. Happy new month, my lovely husband.

83. Every day you step out shall bring you joy. No longer shall you cry for anything good cause your life shall be full of it. Enjoy your new age, hubby.

84. The mercies of God shall go with you as you go on this day. Have a superb new year, love.

85. You shall enjoy more than the blessings of our forefathers, Abraham, David, and King Solomon. Happy birthday, baby.

86. This new age shall pull blessings in your direction. You shall never miss the good things God has directed to you. Bask in your birthday euphoria.

87. May you never get weary of living for Christ. The Lord shall prove Himself mighty in your life, today. Enjoy your new age.

88. You shall have so much to be grateful for when you look back at this time in the nearest future. Happy birthday to my hubby.

89. The Lord shall drop a revelation into your spirit that will transform your life for the best. Happy birthday celebration, love.

90. May God be your backbone for the rest of your life. He will carry you on His wings till you get to your promised land.

91. Fear and despair shall no longer reign in your life. You shall experience peace and joy. Have a splendid birth anniversary.

92. You shall sing joyful songs for the rest of your life. So prepare to dance to the glory of God. Happy birthday, love.

93. No matter what your fear may be, it shall never consume you. Happy born day, my baby.

94. The good Lord shall surprise you from this time. Have a delightful birthday, honey.

95. You shall live longer than your imagination. The Lord shall make each day of your life to be fulfilling. Enjoy your new age.

96. You shall have only great stories to tell when you recall today in the years to come. Happy birthday, my love.

97. The Lord shall preserve your life no matter how hard life gets. Happy birthday, beautiful.

98. You shall have no reason to bow your head in shame. Happy birthday, my baby love. Wishing you all the goodness in the world.

99. May you have the grace to patiently wait for your miracles. Happy birthday to my darling husband.

100. Your joy, love, happiness shall not be tampered with by the devil. Enjoy the rest of your life, hubby.

Quite sure you have chosen the best catholic birthday prayers for your husband. I’ll like to know which of them tick all boxes for you.

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