Congratulations on Your Daughters Wedding Wishes and Quotes

Congratulations on Your Daughter’s Wedding Wishes and Quotes

A daughter is the pride of the father and mother. Her tender-looking face the day she was born, sends streams of joy to the hearts of her family members and loved ones. Growing up, she gradually begins to unfold her motherly nature by getting to know how to show care and concern for others.

It gives parents great delight to watch their daughter grow into a woman — ripe for marriage. If you know a parent with such a daughter, why not send them some heartwarming messages on the daughter’s wedding day that will make them smile.

They will remember every moment spent together especially if they bring back pleasant memories. Remind them of how important they are, with adorable messages on a special day they will never forget. Feel free to choose from any of the lists of messages below:

Congratulations on Your Daughter’s Wedding Quotes

The journey of a thousand miles, they say, begins with a step. And drops of water make a mighty ocean. Dearie, you have taken many steps and gathered many drops of water over time, and today, I am glad to say congratulations to you on your daughter’s wedding.

1. Many waters cannot quench love. Of truth, you have been a source of motivation to your daughter. On this special day, I want to say congratulations on your daughter’s wedding.

2. Wherever she goes, whatever she does, she will always have her place in your heart. I celebrate with you today on your daughter’s wedding. Congratulations!

3. Words will not suffice to express my joy today as your daughter ties the nuptial knot. Have a memorable celebration!

4. When you turn and face the sun, the shadows will fall behind you. Don’t listen to detractors, celebrate your daughter’s wedding. Enjoy your day.

5. There is a season for everything under the sun. This is a new season, for your daughter. Make the most of it. Felicitation!

6. Where there is a will, there’ll always be away. Have faith, your girl will pull through. Accept my felicitations for your sweetheart.

7. There are two roads your daughter will find along her way in life, I wish for her to take the one less travelled, and she will see the difference. You are different. Have a wonderful celebration.

8. A wedding is a consummation of togetherness, romance, and especially love. Congratulation to your daughter on her new attainment.

9. When a man graduates from toasting a woman to roasting her, then you have a wedding. Glad to say, your daughter made it!

10. A great marriage is more charming than any other company. We join you in the celebration, it’s your daughter’s wedding day!

11. When it is well-tended with patience, marriage, like a garden, will yield rich harvest. Have an amazing wedding celebration today!

12. During weddings, we realise how much meaning our lives have, how strongly the bond of love holds us and the joy marriage brings. Congratulations on your baby’s wedding.

13. On this auspicious day, the bride smiles because she’s been able to make the groom turn the initial feelings into the real deal. Have a blast.

14. From a distance, marriage looks smooth like a rolling wheel, but it requires greasing with patience, understanding and so much love. Best of luck as your daughter becomes a bride!

15. Falling in love many times will give a successful marriage, beginning with a wedding. In your daughter’s new home, may love lead!

16. Your daughter’s wedding has been registered in heaven, now established on earth. You’re blessed!

17. Wedding reminds us that marriage is not a union of perfect people, but of two imperfect persons tolerating each other. Have a joyous wedding celebration with your daughter.

18. The beauty of a wedding heralds the sweet transition into love-filled marriage. I wish your daughter lots of love today. Congratulations to you!

19. This is the day when two people from different worlds mix together as one. Best wishes on the wedding of your princess.

20. Getting into marriage is the real deal. May your daughter never lose focus of the real deal while planning for the event. Have a successful wedding outing.

Congratulations on Your Daughter’s Wedding Wishes with Images

You are my beloved friend, and today I am happy to celebrate with you on your daughter’s wedding day. Years have gone by and your daughter has steadily grown into a real woman; her husband will be so proud of her. I am sending my wishes with images to you. Congratulations, dear.

21. My friend, I want to take this time to wish you immense happiness, joy, and laughter as your daughter’s heads into marriage. Have a successful outing!

22. I’m so excited to see your girl get married today. I wish you fulfilment, success and blessings on this special occasion. Congrats!

23. Thank you for making me a part of this day. My desire is that your silent prayers be answered as your daughter gets married. Congrats on her wedding.

24. May this love your daughter found, which she’s showcasing today, grow stronger and deeper through each passing day of her married life. Congratulation dear, your daughter has found true love!

25. Your daughter’s home will be filled with love and light now and forever. May she enjoy every bit of it. Congrats on your sweetheart’s wedding.

26. Receive my best wishes on the wedding of your sweet daughter. May this moment bring you all the best in life. I love you. Congratulations on our daughter’s wedding!

27. May your daughter find the strength to get through life’s many troubles as she takes on a new status. Enjoy your day!

28. Congratulations on your daughter’s wedding, honey. May she enjoy her wedding to bits. Congratulations to you once again.

29. Watching your girl grow up has been so exhilarating. As she begins a new phase of life, may she find a reason to always smile for the rest of her life. Cheers!

30. The pride of a parent is to successfully hand her daughter to a man in marriage. Your daughter has made you proud and I wish you all the best in life. Congratulations.

31. Wow! Our ponytail girl has grown into such a beautiful girl and is getting married today! The little girl of yesterday has grown into such a pretty lady. I am happy for you. Congratulations.

32. Heartiest congratulations to you on your little girl’s wedding. Your daughter has grown into such a responsible lady, and I’m happy she has found a compatible man. I wish her all the success and happiness in the world. Celebrate!

33. Best wishes on this special occasion. Your prayers have finally been answered. You guys instilled morals, discipline, and a sense of responsibility in your daughter with such care and love. I am delighted to see you become the bride’s parents. Congratulations to you, my dear friends.

34. There are a couple of things that will make you happy, and your daughter’s wedding today is among them. Send her my blessings as she ventures into a new home. Congratulations on this happiest of the occasion.

35. My earnest wish for you and your daughter who is soon going to be a lovely bride is lots of joy, happiness, and peace. I am proud of our little angel. I am so sure she will make a great wife and mother. Heartiest congratulations on this special occasion guys.

36. I believe you will be in a mix of feelings about your daughter’s wedding today. Your daughter has been a wonderful young girl, but today she will have more people in her life. Smile as your daughter becomes a beautiful bride. Best wishes guys.

37. Your lovely princess was your responsibility and you guys were never disappointed. It’s now time to commit her into the hands of another man that will show her love and care. May she find her heart desires and may you guys find fulfilment. Felicitation!

38. Extend my felicitation to your beloved daughter as she ties the knot today, with a man she loves. Relish this moment and the emotions that come with it. I am happy for you guys and your lovely daughter. Congratulations on your daughter’s wedding guys.

39. How time flies! I remember it just like yesterday when I beheld your dear daughter as a newborn. Today, I feel excited that I will behold her again, but this time in her bridal gown! I am happy to celebrate with you on your daughter’s wedding. Congratulations are so much in order.

40. Your daughter is the kind of wife I wish for my son every day. The man that married her has just hit a big jackpot. I am happy to be celebrating with your family today. We shall all be present at the wedding. Have a memorable day.

Congratulations to Parents on Daughter’s Wedding

For many years, from childhood to adulthood, your daughter has received invaluable morals, enjoyed much love, provision and protection. I want to send across to you my hearty congratulations for being proud parents of the latest bride in town today. Congratulations to you on her wedding day!

41. No doubt, your daughter would be so proud of you today. You have done so much for her dreams to come true and this is yet another dream come true. I wish you congratulations on your daughter’s wedding.

42. Today, I know you will be caught between happiness and sadness — happy that your daughter is getting married, and sad because she’s leaving your home. But cheer up, you’re not losing your daughter, instead, you’re gaining a new son. Congratulations to you.

43. Now, it’s time to give the responsibility of your daughter to another; the partner who keeps her happy and smiling always. Wish her very well as she heads to her new home. Be blessed.

44. This is a beautiful moment for you that you have anticipated for so long. Today, your daughter walks down the aisle with the love of her life; so enjoy each moment as they come. Congratulation.

45. I wish your daughter and her hubby’s union will be as blissful as yours — strong, supportive and love-filled. They shall make a perfect couple like you both. Toast to you.

46. To you, dear parents of the bride, I send my heartfelt wishes for the wedding ceremony and hope it goes all well. May happiness never cease in your life as your daughter attains a new stage of life. Felicitations!

47. Dear parents of the bride, receive my good wishes on the occasion of your daughter’s wedding. I wish you all the luck.

48. I hope your daughter’s wedding goes as planned. I wish you the best experience and may the couple live forever. Best wishes!

49. I’m sending all the best wishes to you, the parents of the bride as you marry off your beautiful daughter today. It would not be easy to let your beloved child go, but let your love accompany her home. Compliments!

50. You have done noble, giving your daughter to a gentleman for a wife. Accept my congratulatory wishes and gifts for the couple. Thank you for your invitation. Best wishes to you.

51. Parenting isn’t a walk in the park but you guys pulled it off big time. I am super proud of you for raising a daughter who is a worthy role model. She will make a good wife and mother. All the best.

52. Today, your sweet little princess will be taking on a new surname; the surname of the man with whom she has decided to spend the rest of her life. You may be sad she’s leaving, but you’ll be fine and she will be all right too. Congratulations on your daughter’s wedding.

53. This is a day you both have prayed and yearned for, your prayers have been answered. I feel happy for you as I pray for blessings in your daughter’s new home. Best of luck.

54. You have invested so much in her all these years. From this day onward, your daughter will start applying all that she has learnt from you in her home. I am confident in the way you’ve brought her up, she will make a super wife. Accept my congratulatory wishes.

55. May this day be the beginning of better things to come for you and your daughter as we all are going to witness her walking down the aisle today with her love. My best wishes to you.

56. New parents, new siblings, new family, that is what your daughter will be taking up by getting married today. We give all our support and best wishes to you. Have a blast.

57. Congratulations, parents of the latest bride to be. We felicitate with you as you hand your daughter over to her groom. May love and peace abound in her marriage. Enjoy blessings.

58. I pray for greater feats to be achieved by your daughter even as she gets married. She will fulfil her destiny and be a blessing to you and to her new family. Good wishes!

59. Your daughter deserves the best of gifts on her wedding day. However, part of my gift to her is to wish her success and lots of happiness from the hall to her home. Congratulations on your beloved princess’s wedding.

60. I was overjoyed when I heard the news of your daughter’s wedding. I pray that her joy will know no bound from this day till forever. We shall all celebrate together. Cheers to the new bride!

Congratulations on The Marriage of Your Daughter

A daughter gives pride to her father and companionship to her mother. Your daughter is the kind that every parent will wish for — confident, humble, kind, obedient, respectful and brilliant. I want to say congratulations to you on the marriage of your daughter.

61. Your duty to your daughter will now be taken over from you henceforth. Your daughter’s marriage is bound to be successful because of the wonderful role you played in her life. Congratulations on the marriage of your daughter.

62. All your efforts and dedication in raising your child will never be in vain. Your daughter is lucky to have you in her life, imbibing all the amazing virtues. Her marriage is made in heaven. Congratulation.

63. As your daughter goes off to meet with her prince charming in holy matrimony, I pray that every moment of her marriage will bring her happiness and fulfilment. Cheers to you.

64. I am sending all the best wishes and encouragement to you because I know it is really hard to let your sweetheart go. But I assure you that this is the best for her at this stage of her life. She will make an amazing wife in her marriage. Happy married life to your daughter.

65. I need no invitation to come to witness your daughter’s wedding; we’re family now. Marriage is a beautiful thing and I’m happy your daughter is getting into one with a fine gentleman. I wish them all the best life has to offer. Congratulations on this special occasion.

66. Loving wishes on the celebration of your daughter’s marriage. I am happy so for you. May this occasion be the beginning of a new and happy life for your daughter and your family too. Felicitations.

67. It is apt to say congratulations to you because your dearly beloved daughter is going into marriage today. May this joyful occasion bring only love and happiness into your daughter’s life. I wish you a happy and long life for your daughter and son-in-law. Have an awesome day.

68. This must be an important day in your life, the day that our elegant young lady finally gets linked up with her hubby. You have done a great job in raising her into a brilliant, young woman. We celebrate your daughter’s marriage with you. Best wishes.

69. Make sure you keep my own food and drinks! I can’t keep calm, my friend is getting married! Oh, I am so happy for you. Marriage will look really good on her, mate. Compliment!

70. Everything will work out perfect, your daughter is a huge asset to any man that marries her. I am always proud of her. May her marriage give her joy, love and peace of mind. Best of luck.

71. Hurray! Our aunty dearest is getting married! Say me well to your beautiful daughter, we wish her all the best in her marriage. Kudos!

72. There will be lots of gifts coming in today to celebrate your daughter’s marriage, I know. She is the delight of all that know her. I join you in the celebration. Congratulations to you all.

73. It’s a happy day for all of us in our house today! My kids are over joyous because their mentor is getting married. Though they’re a bit sad that they won’t be seeing her often, they wish her a happy home. Have a successful event.

74. The whole city will have to stand still today because our dear queen will be joining her king today, to live happily ever after. May your daughter’s marriage bring you all blessings unspeakable. Compliments of the occasion.

75. Your daughter has made a perfect choice of husband, fit for her. Your investment in her has paid off. This marriage will usher your lovely daughter into a season of joy, grace and success. Stay blessed and happy.

76. What a wonderful way to begin the day! The news of your daughter’s marriage has got us all excited. We love her and we love you too. Congratulations, best parents.

77. Compliments of the occasion to you! Your favourite daughter is going to be a beautiful bride today. Have a blast today as your dear daughter transits into marriage.

78. May the blessings that come with marriage follow your sweet girl to her new family. She and her husband will build a happy home together. I send you my best wishes.

79. Roll out the drums! The apple of our eyes is walking down the aisle! You know your daughter is the community’s favourite, so we all will be there to cheer her up. All the best to you.

80. Your beauty queen is going to be a glamorous bride. Today, my prayer for her is that she will achieve her dreams and a successful career. May you be delighted in her every day. Receive my heartfelt wishes.

Congratulations to The Mother of The Bride

I can say with all assurance that you have done very well in raising the bride in an environment full of love and discipline. Your daughter has represented you well everywhere she has been, and I have no doubt she will make you a proud mother as she heads into her own home. Accept my felicitations.

81. Nothing else equates to a mother’s examples. You have been a perfect role model to your daughter in every aspect. Today, she has become a virtuous woman just like you. Well done. A resounding round of applause to you.

82. Shout out to the best mum ever! We can see the evidence of your good works in your exceptional daughter who’s going to be today’s bride. It’s going to be an awesome event today, I know. Congratulations on your daughter’s marriage, mama!

83. Congratulations ma! I just got into town yesterday and I was told that our dear Cookie is tying the knot. This is terrific news! Before it’s late, I want to say a special congratulations once again to you and your daughter. Marriage will so suit her. I wish her all the best.

84. Thank heavens, Cynthia is getting married! I’m so happy for her awwnn. But I feel sad because I’m going to miss her company. I wish her well, though. I will surely be at the wedding. Congratulations ma’am!

85. Mum, my sweetheart is getting married? Really? She couldn’t even wait for me to grow up. Ohhh I feel heartbroken. Lol but it’s all good, I feel delighted. Tell her we’re shutting the whole place down later tonight, all for her. Cheers to you ma, you’re the best.

86. If all mums were like you, all kids will grow up with the best of upbringing. Your daughter is transitioning into marriage a well-groomed woman because you did a great job. Happy day to you on your daughter’s marriage.

87. Now I know that the saying: “a lion cannot give birth to a goat” is true. Your daughter is a wonderful blend of beauty and brains, same as you. There’s no gainsaying she’ll make a good wife and mother. Kudos to you ma.

88. Before the messages start pouring in, let me take this time to say congratulations to you. Our dearest sister has found the man of her dreams. May her new home be filled with goodness and prosperity. My regards to you all.

89. I wish I had the powers, I would have declared today a public holiday: world Jenny’s day. She is so loved by all, so today is all for her. Thank you, ma, for giving her to us. Congratulations!

90. Compliment of this day! What a special day it is. I’m happy to see this day, for I’ve been looking forward to it. Your daughter will live happy just like you have lived. Have a memorable marriage ceremony.

91. To God be the glory, your daughter has found the man to call her own. Your wish for her has finally come true. As a mother, you did a thorough job imparting her life and now, the time for application has come. I wish you and your daughter the very best.

92. I write to felicitate with you and your daughter on her marriage. She will continue to live the good legacies you have laid for her. Congratulations ma.

93. Hey mama! Kudos to you! I’m happy to hear that our own small mummy is turning into a wife! A standing ovation for all of you. Best of luck to you mama.

94. I won’t be exaggerating if I say that your daughter is three daughters in one. She is so industrious, diligent, and a born leader. I am not surprised, she took them from you. I wish her heavenly-made marriage and I wish you well. Enjoy the day.

95. May the blessings of marriage shower on you and your family as your daughter gets married. We all send our greetings. Celebrate on ma.

96. Congratulations big mummy! Your daughter grew up in an atmosphere of love and togetherness in your home. May she find a better atmosphere in her new home. I’m sending my own gifts right away.

97. I made your daughter a promise which I said I would fulfil when she’s getting into marriage. Wow! Suddenly the day has come. I will surely fulfil my promise to her. She will become a representation of you where she’s going. Compliments mummy!

98. We’re turning up! It’s our own super girl’s wedding day! Marriage is a sweet thing o! Mama, I’m coming with my whole crew and we’re going to make history at the event. We’re excited about your daughter’s wedding. Congratulations mama!

99. Awwwnnn! My best friend is going to be taken away from me. I’ve been fighting back the tears since I heard the news. I’m happy for her and wish her love and grace. Enjoy your day ma.

100. Blessings, fruitfulness, love, fulfilment, prosperity and every other good thing in life are all I wish you and your daughter. Her marriage shall bring you all favour. Felicitation ma’am.

Now you don’t have to be confused anymore about what wishes, messages, greetings or quotes to send to the parents whose daughter is getting married. Just pick from the list above, couple with some gifts and send it across. It will make their day.


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