Disloyal Friends Quotes

Disloyal Friends Quotes

Friends are everything. They’re not just there to amplify the good times but also to help you through whatever bad happens in your life. When a friend betrays you or does something unfaithful, it’s a betrayal of the highest level.

It’s dangerous when the one you trust most betrays the boundaries of friendship. Unloyal friends are full of pain. They insist on sharing their good times, but not their bad times, and when they come, they make you feel kind of sad.

An unfaithful friend could make you an enemy faster than anything else. These disloyal friends quotes will make you know what distinguishes loyal friends and disloyal ones.

Disloyal Friends Quotes

When a friend betrays you or does something unfaithful, it’s a betrayal of the highest level — not to mention that it’s severely hurtful and can give you shivers long after the incident is over. Friendships that aren’t loyal are simply one-sided connections and should be severed from your life.

1. Disloyal friends are probably the worst thing you can have. But if you can’t trust someone, that person better get out of your life now!

2. Don’t waste your time on people who don’t value you. They certainly can’t be loyal to your best interests if they’re not loyal to you.

3. People are not just disposable commodities. Sadly, most people don’t think twice about being disloyal.

4. Being friends with someone who doesn’t show you love and respect is one of the most painful things in life.

5. Don’t tolerate people who are not loyal to you. They’re not worth it!

6. Disloyal friends are the worst. They can’t be trusted, they’ll abandon you in your time of need, and they have no real feelings for you.

7. If they’re disloyal to you, they’re not worth being around.

8. Disloyal friends can really suck the fun out of relationships.

9. When your friends are disloyal, it’s a little like having a bully in your corner.

10. If your friends aren’t loyal to you, don’t waste your time. They’ll only bring you down and betray you.

11. Disloyal friends are just plain bad friends. They’re worse than bad friends — they’re dangerous. You should not only stay away from this type of friend but desire nothing to do with them anymore.

12. If you’re disloyal to your friends, then you don’t have any friends.

13. Disloyal friends are the worst. Make sure you keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

14. The only thing worse than an unfaithful friend is a disloyal friend.

15. Disloyal friends who don’t have your back when times get tough will soon find themselves without a friend at all.

16. Disloyal friends will pretend to be your friend, but they are only out for themselves.

17. You should know that if you’re dealing with someone who’s been disloyal to you in your life, trust me. Their behaviour is not normal, and it’s definitely not something to be friends with them.

18. Being disloyal will destroy your friendships.

19. Disloyal friends are like plastic surgery—the more you have, the uglier you look.

20. Loyalty and trust are two of the most important things to have in a relationship. But if you’re not loyal to people who deserve it, don’t be surprised when they are disloyal to you.

21. Never forget: Some people will always be there for you, but it’s okay if they don’t always make the same choices you do.

22. Don’t let anyone tell you that friendship is meant to be easy. Loyalty comes with a price, but a friend’s worth it.

23. No one will ever understand the pain of having a friend who was disloyal to you. Everyone has their own thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, but loyalty is what matters most.

24. A true friend is someone who is willing to walk in your shoes and understand what you’re going through. True friends will never betray you, but disloyal friends will steal your happiness away.

25. Disloyal friends will do everything they can to steal from you and use you for their own benefit. Do not let them fool you with their charm or their stories of woe. They are dangerous and lack true character.

26. Disloyal friends are the worst. They say they’re your best friend when they actually want to do you harm.

27. Don’t get caught up with the wrong friends; they are too much work. Avoid disloyal friends

28. Disloyal friends act nice, so you would think that they are your friends, but in reality, they only care about what’s best for them.

29. Don’t be friends with someone who is disloyal or doesn’t respect you.

30. Loyalty is the most valuable thing in life. Don’t be with someone who’s not loyal to you.

31. Loyalty is a two-way street; you can’t have it if they don’t offer it back.

32. Loyalty is a choice. Don’t let your loyalty be taken advantage of.

33. Disloyal friends are everywhere. They’ll talk you up and make you feel like they care, but they’re always only out for one thing – their selfish needs.

34. Never be friends with someone who’s disloyal. Never let them get close to your heart.

35. Don’t be deceived by the friendly face of disloyal friends — they’re not who they seem to be.

36. If they’re disloyal to you, they’re not worth your time.

37. There is too much at stake to risk it all with a disloyal friend or lover. Don’t be one of them!

38. It’s not a thing when your friends are disloyal, especially when they’re all petty and ganging up on you. You should cut them off.

39. Being disloyal to anyone who trusts you will hurt their feelings.

40. There’s nothing more frustrating than a disloyal friend who isn’t there for you when you need them most.

41. If you have any friends who don’t stand by you in the face of adversity, they might be disloyal. You can’t trust them, and they’re not worth keeping as friends.

42. Disloyal friends are the worst- they’re always in your business, never on your side, and always point out every little thing you do wrong. But sometimes, you need a real-life reminder that loyal friends will be there for you when you need them.

43. Your disloyal friends want to drive you away. No, they don’t care about your problems or will help you through them; they just want to use you until they get what they want out of you.

44. No one should be your friend if they’re not loyal to your dreams and your aspirations; you should always be careful who you let into your soul.

45. Disloyalty is the one thing that’s sure to keep friends and family far apart.

46. Never choose disloyalty. Those with disloyalty find untrustworthiness.

47. There are plenty of disloyal friends out there. They pretend to be your friend when they really want something from you.

48. Disloyalty is the lowest form of low. Don’t be one of them.

49. Disloyal friends will betray you, but true friends will be there for you even when the whole world needs a friend.

50. You’re not supposed to be friends with someone who’s disloyal. You should cut them loose and move on.

51. If someone is not there for you no matter what, they are someone you should distrust. They are disloyal friends.

52. The time for the disloyal friends to go is now. If you can’t be there for them, let them know. There’s no room for unfaithful friends in your life.

53. Don’t be friends with someone who doesn’t treat you right. Don’t let anyone make you feel less than what you are.

54. Loyalty is earned, not given. Be loyal to your friends, and they’ll be loyal back.

55. It’s better to have a friend who is honest and loyal than a friend who cheats you out of your hard-earned money.

Unloyal Friendship Quotes

Unloyal friends are the worst. They tell you lies and then act like everything you’ve been through together was all a big misunderstanding. They use your kindness for weakness to justify turning on you when things don’t go their way.

56. Unloyal friends are real friends when things are going great, but fake friends when things are bad.

57. Loyalty is everything. If you can’t trust your friends, then keep them at arm’s length and don’t bother with them anymore.

58. Don’t expect loyalty if you don’t show any in return. If you treat people the way you like to be treated, you’ll ultimately find yourself happier and more successful.

59. Don’t expect loyalty from someone who has been disloyal to you.

60. Unloyal friendships should be disconnected; if you want to keep them, keep them in the past.

61. Unloyal friends never feel like real friends when things get rough.

62. You’re better off without unloyal friends. Cut them off, and focus on the people who care about you and want to see you do well.

63. There is no friendship where there is unloyalty. Friendships are built on trust and loyalty, not lies or deceit.

64. Unloyal friends can’t stand by you through the good times and bad. But real friends will always be there.

65. Don’t expect loyalty from friends you have been disloyal to.

66. You’re better off without unloyal friends. Cut them out of your life, and you’ll feel better in every aspect of your life.

67. Never hang out with people who cheat on you because a disloyal friend is not really your friend.

68. Don’t be afraid to separate yourself from those who want what you have and are unwilling to work for it. Make the cut and focus on your own goals.

69. You promised loyalty to your friends, so you should never break that.

70. Don’t let the lies and betrayals of friendships go unacknowledged.

71. Unloyal friends will rip you off and make you feel like shit. Make sure to have real ones in your life; they’ll always be there.

72. Shun unloyal friends. We can’t have true friendships with people who would do us harm.

73. Unloyal friends are like plastic trees, they look pretty, but they don’t make a sound.

74. Disconnect from unloyal friends before they can damage your life and happiness.

75. Unloyal friends should be disconnected because a friend that’s unfaithful is not really your friend.

76. Friendship shouldn’t be based on disloyalty; it should be based on loyalty.

77. Unloyal friends don’t love you; they just love what you have to say.

78. A friend who is unloyal to you is not really your friend, you can not depend on him, and that’s not a friendship at all.

79. Say goodbye to your unloyal friends; it’s time to get better. Get away from those who don’t have your best interests at heart.

80. One who is unloyal to you is not really your friend, no matter how long you spend with them. This is a fact that they’ll generously prove.

81. A friend who is unloyal to you is not really your friend. A friend will always be there for you no matter the cost.

82. Trust is essential for a healthy, long-lasting relationship. You should never choose people who are disloyal.

83. Avoid unloyal friends; you can’t be friends with someone who is against you.

84. Unloyal friends are not really friends. You must do what you must do, And then you must say goodbye.

85. Don’t let unloyal friends get in the way of your happiness.

86. Friends that don’t stand by you when you need them have no use for you.

87. Where there is no loyalty, there is no love.

88. Don’t be afraid to cut friends off who aren’t loyal. It’s better for you in the long run.

89. You are better off without unloyal friends. Disconnect from them if they’re not willing to be there for you.

90. Unloyal friendships kill dreams and aspirations. They’re not worth the name, so you’d better not be part of them.

91. You’re better off without a friend who is only trying to exploit you.

92. You’re not supposed to be friends with someone who’s unloyal to you.

93. Unloyal friends are the ones who stick around when things are going well, but they’ll disappear the second they see a flaw in your life.

94. A friend who is not loyal to you is not really your friend. Loyalty is one of the best things you can have.

95. Disloyal friends have no place in this life. So be sure to disconnect from them and never look back.

96. Unloyalty is the one thing that can break a person or business relationship.

97. You can do it. Don’t be afraid to cut off your non-loyal friends, even if they’re family.

98. Unloyal friends stick around when things are good and leave when they are bad. Real friends will be there no matter what.

99. Unloyal friends hate when things are going great but love you when things go bad.

100. Where there is unloyalty, there is no friendship.

101. Don’t fall for the unloyal friends that only come around when things are going well.

102. It’s time to cut the cord. Cut the ties. Break up with your unloyal friend.

103. Unloyal friends are the worst. They pretend to be your friend, but they’re nowhere to be found when you need them the most.

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