Drinking Partner Quotes

Drinking Partner Quotes

Who are drinking partners? Maybe you’re new to the drinking world. Have you ever hung out with someone and realised that no matter the time or place, a drink just makes the conversation better? That’s a drinking partner.

A drinking partner is similar to a best friend except for somebody who gets you when you’re drunk. Life’s too short to drink alone. But that’s what you’re doing when you buy drinks at a bar by yourself.

Are you tired of drinking alone? Are you having a hard time making friends in your local drinking establishments? Search no more, use these relatable drinking partner quotes to talk about what it’s like having a drinking partner.

Drinking Partner Quotes

The best way to make friends is to drink with them. Ready to find your drinking partner? Go get a drink. The more fun it is, the less you have to say. Here’s to new friends, new adventures, and new drinks. Let’s cheer on that.

1. The best drinking partners are the ones who will do shots with you and then order a salad when dinner arrives.

2. The best part about having a drinking partner is that you can get wasted together.

3. The best drinking partners are those who won’t let you drive home when you’re drunk.

4. You gotta have a friend who looks out for you—and makes sure you keep your drink full. Cheers to great drinking partners.

5. The best drinking partners don’t brag to each other about throwing the best parties.

6. The best drinking partners show up at each other’s parties and break out the tequila.

7. Here’s to the ones who laugh loud, struggle hard and never give up. And sometimes have to put up with us. Cheers to drinking partners.

8. All the best moments of my life, I owe to my drinking partner. Nothing is better than having a drinking partner.

9. Who says you can’t go out for drinks with a partner who has been drinking all day?

10. Drinking alone is the saddest experience. Having a drinking partner to drink with makes it the best.

11. You can chat with your new BFFs while you kill the pitcher.

12. The best conversations are the ones that happen between you and your drinking partner over a pint or two.

13. Drinking is fun but what’s more wonderful is having a drinking partner.

14. Cheers to a partner in crime and the best kind of headache: the one you get from drinking too much. It’s nice having a drinking partner.

15. When you realize you have a drinking partner in life, you’ll never drink alone.

16. There is nothing in the world like a drinking partner. If you have one, there’s nothing you can’t do.

17. Every good memory I have is with a drinking partner. No wonder they’re so great. Cheers to the best drinking partners.

18. First of all, if you can find a drinking partner, you’re lucky.

19. If you can find a drinking partner ready to drink with you at night, it’s a whole other level of luck.

20. A drinking partner is a friend you can drink with. Friends don’t let friends drink alone.

21. To have a drinking partner, you don’t need to go too far, just reach out and touch someone.

22. Nothing is better than having a drinking partner. So we can blame each other for things that haven’t even happened yet.

23. One of the best parts about having a drink with a drinking partner is not only do you get to enjoy quality time with them, but the conversations are just more fun and entertaining.

24. The best part of the day is when you walk in and see your drinking partner already drinking.

25. The best pairs aren’t just two individual people but good drinking partners.

26. There’s a special kind of relationship with the person you drink with.

27. The only thing better than having a beer with you is having a drinking partner with you to share it.

28. The more, the merrier, if you have someone to drink with at least.

29. Life’s too short to drink alone. Find and drinking partner.

30. When it comes to friends, some of the most important are the ones who let you be yourself and don’t judge you. Just like the drinking partner.

31. When it comes to having a drinking partner, 50% of the time, you’re going to be in tears by the end of the night.

32. When you find a good drinking partner, get on their wavelength.

33. It’s not a party until you have a few drinks with your drinking partner.

34. It’s the little things. Like having a good drink partner—one who knows the right thing to say at exactly the right time.

35. Nothing beats the good times you can have with a drinking partner. Whether you’re catching up over coffee, beers, or cocktails.

36. Drinking partners may come and go but memories last forever.

37. We’re all out on the same boat. We have different oars, but we are all headed to the same destination: fun having a drinking partner.

38. I wasn’t sure what I was missing in my life, but it turns out it was having a drinking partner.

39. A drinking partner is God’s way of saying you can’t do it alone.

40. A drinking partner is someone who will hold your hair back while you’re puking in some bushes.

41. Sometimes, you just need another glass of wine and a really good drinking partner.

42. You know what they say, the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and the second best way is beer and having someone to drink it with.

43. A drinking partner is not a friend. A drinking partner praises you when you’re winning, and when the game is over, they go home.

44. When it comes to drinking, I always prefer to have a drinking partner.

45. You know it’s serious when you’re sharing a drink with us. Cheers to your favourite drinking partner.

46. When it comes to drinking partners, some people are better than others. Some will try to sabotage your ability to make good choices. Some will even make you drink water instead of vodka.

47. One of the most important keys to happiness is having a drinking partner with whom you can share the things that are really important to you.

48. The best thing about having a drinking partner is that you get twice the drinking for half the price.

49. Cheers to having a drinking partner who makes every night feel like it’s your birthday.

50. There is nothing better than a drinking partner. There is always someone out there that can double your happiness.

51. You’re not alone. A drinking partner will always be there to lift you up, share your drinks with you, and fill your cup when it’s empty.

52. The best part of waking up isn’t coffee; it’s having someone to share coffee with.

53. Nothing wrong with doubling up on quality time with a drinking partner.

54. Drinking partners are always there to drink beer. At that moment, they don’t care about anything else.

55. The best things in life are shared.No man is an island. A drinking partner is the closest thing I have to a best friend.

56. The best kind of friends are the ones you could drink a whole case of beer with.

57. No one should drink alone. There’s always a reason to bring a drinking partner.

58. The best friends are those you can sit with on your porch with a drink in their hands and never run out of things to talk about.

59. If you drink, have a drinking partner. If you drive, have a riding partner. If you go in a hole, have someone to hold your hand.

60. When you’re drunk, the only person you’ll trust to be with you is the person who’s in on it with you from the beginning.

61. A drinking partner is one who drinks with you, not one who drinks with you.

62. Don’t let another Friday go by without sharing a drink with a drinking partner.

63. There’s something about the mix of a good beer and a good drinking partner that can make any day better.

64. A special kind of bond forms between two people who have spent an entire night drinking together.

65. An intelligent conversation is just a debate where both sides are drunk. It’s nice having a drinking partner.

66. Every party needs a good host but also a drinking partner to throw you under the bus when it’s time to clean up.

67. A glass of wine gets better when you call a drinking partner to share it with.

68. When other people are gone, and you need someone to chill with, a drinking partner will be right there for you.

69. Friends don’t let friends drink. There’s always room for one more.

70. Nothing is more satisfying than having a drinking partner.

71. You’re not really drinking alone if we’re both drinking alone together.

72. The only thing I like more than drinking alone is drinking with a drinking partner.

73. You can’t have a drinking problem if you drink with a drinking partner.

74. When it comes to having a drinking partner, how do you just not have a drinking partner?”

75. If you’re not drinking with a drinking partner, then what are you really doing?

76. Having a drinking partner you can trust is priceless when you want to kick back with a cold one.

77. Isn’t it always the best when you can share life with a drinking partner?

78. Having a drinking partner makes better times and worse times better.

79. Drinking alone is no fun. Find someone you’re comfortable around and drink with them.

80. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Wanna go out for some drinks to go with a drinking partner?

81. Having a drinking partner can be the best thing in your life. And if you don’t have one, it’s time to start.

82. It’s not about how much you drink; it’s about how well you drink together.

83. The best part about drinking with someone is that you can share the same experience and find out what makes them happy.

84. When you and your best friend drink together, it’s more than just a beverage. It’s an experience that can’t be matched.

85. Drinking with a drinking partner is like breathing; without a drinking partner is like just choking on your own breath.

86. The best way to get over a bad day is to take another drink with your good friend.

87. The best way to get over someone is to find someone new. Drinking partners are the best.

88. Drinking with a friend is like being chased by a bear. Neither one wants to admit they’ve been caught. What you need is a beer-mate.

89. There’s a first time for everything. So drink up and toast to your drinking partner.

90. Wherever you are. Whatever you’re doing, whatever mood you’re in it’s better with a beer and a drinking partner.

91. The best thing about drinking partners is that they don’t judge. They just make sure you don’t judge yourself, either.

92. A good drinking partner is someone who makes a good drink, and you can enjoy it.

93. The best part of a drink is when you’re with someone who makes you laugh.

94. It’s the best thing about a good drink. Having a drinking partner and swapping stories over rounds.

95. A good glass of wine and a drinking partner can improve even the worst day.

96. Drinking with a drinking partner is like a wonderful adventure. They will always be there, every step of the way.

97. There’s no better way to enjoy a glass of wine than with a friend who knows your favourite by heart.

98. A good drink and good company are the perfect cure for a long week.

99. Never underestimate the power of a supportive friend. There is no better friend than a friend who’s always there to share a glass of wine with you.

100. There’s no better way to spend the weekend than having a drink with your drinking partner.

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