Feeling Isolated Quotes

Here’s one fact about life to keep at the forefront of your mind, everyone experiences a season of isolation and even depression at certain points in their lives! It doesn’t mean we’re weak or undeserving of the space we occupy on earth. With how fast-paced the world has become and how life always wants to serve hard times, it’s normal to feel alone.

But many factors contribute to why we feel this way, and it’s even more difficult when there’s no one readily available to patiently listen, understand, and try to offer us the comfort we need and for as long as we need it. It can be difficult to get through times like this, hence the specially curated feeling isolated quotes below.

They’ll reaffirm our uniqueness and let us know we’re not alone in our feelings. We’ll also get the needed encouragement and warmth because tough times don’t last forever. Regardless of how late to the game we think you are, there’s still time to rewrite our story to a version we prefer. There are stories of people overcoming loneliness and depression daily, and you can be one of them!

Feeling Isolated Quotes

Feeling isolated is something everyone will experience in this busy, digital world. But, constantly reminding yourself that you belong here is important and getting busy with something you love doing is important in such times. In your free time also, be involved in nice and unforgettable times to unwind.

1. When life gets tiring, look out for the simple and happy things around. That’s how you don’t get drawn in by isolation.

2. Isolation and frustration are normal, especially when we can’t always compel people or control situations in our favour.

3. Living comes with so many pressures we can do without. Sometimes, it’s normal to want to isolate yourself from the rest of the world and cry.

4. Cry over spilt milk, but don’t let feelings of isolation and regret prevent you from seeing the beautiful future ahead.

5. Comparison is a quick way to attract isolation and feelings of unworthiness. You’re doing well within your rights!

6. When you feel isolated and overwhelmed, take a step back and count your blessings. You have a lot to be bubbly about!

7. When isolation comes knocking, deliberately starve it by finding the positives around you.

8. Feeling lonely can indicate that you haven’t yet found your safe place or person.

9. The world in itself can be isolating, and everyone feels this impact at some point in their life.

10. The period of feeling Isolated is a difficult one. It’s like sifting through an endless pit of despair.

11. The world of isolation will cheat you of the real impact you’re sure to make if you dare to make a move.

12. You’re not alone in your feelings of isolation. Even people with large followings around them get lonely.

13. When you find the power to take a step daily, you’ll slowly beat isolation at its game.

14. No one knows why life must be so tiring and frustrating, but pressing on is something you should keep doing.

15. Feeling isolated isn’t fun. It can be your sign to reach out and form new connections.

16. When your desire to be loved in a certain way isn’t forthcoming, it’s normal to feel isolated and like no one sees you.

17. For every season of loneliness, there’s a season of happiness for those that ride the storm.

18. Feeling isolated and incomplete is normal when we don’t immediately discover purpose.

19. Sometimes, life can feel like an unending chore. Feeling drained and isolated as a result are normal reactions.

20. Most times, the cure to isolation is to get busy with your life. Your competition should always be your former version!

21. Everything about you is worth it. Try reaching out for help if you need it, then focus on taking life one day at a time.

22. Isolation will do nothing but rid you of your happiness and potential. Get back in the game and keep pressing on!

23. Most people don’t realize that they can be strong for themselves. It starts by getting up and putting one foot in front of the other.

24. Being different isn’t always fun. But rather than suppress your authenticity for a few approvals, choose to be brave and free!

25. These days, not everyone is patient enough to understand others. The most important thing is knowing your mind and chasing after the things you want instead of feeling isolated.

26. Your place in life isn’t below but above. You’ll always find people on your way up the ladder!

27. You are created strong and beautiful. All that’s left is for you to get up and live up to your potential instead of feeling isolated.

28. It’s not your responsibility to get people to like you or be sad if they don’t. Be free and unapologetic about life instead of feeling isolated.

29. Sometimes, it takes feeling isolated to find your voice in a world filled with conflicting thoughts and distractions.

30. You won’t always fit in, and feeling isolated will be normal. But maybe you are created to stand out in a crowd!

31. Sadly, many people are dealing with isolation and depression. If you are one, know that you’re not alone.

32. Find positivity around to help you through the feelings of overwhelm and loneliness. Everything will be fine!

33. Life will throw you curveballs that leave you feeling isolated, but normalcy will come in no time.

34. Emotional pain can be extremely uncomfortable. But you’ll find the respite you need soon!

35. At some point, we’ll require answers to pivotal questions. When they aren’t forthcoming, it’s normal to question your existence and feel cut off.

36. Life is even harder when it’s like no one can understand you. The best will come if you don’t give up, though!

37. Realize that emotional pain is normal and you’re not alone. Life happens sometimes, and keeping to ourselves is how we can cope.

38. You’re alone and feeling like the world has collapsed on you. But stability and joy aren’t far off if you hold on.

39. There’s no right or wrong way to react to your loneliness. Just focus on staying sane!

40. Sometimes, the best way to deal with your feelings of isolation is by connecting with others.

41. We all experience loneliness at some point in life. But, certainly, you won’t always feel invisible.

42. Sometimes, feeling isolated is not all bad. It’s how your mind alerts you to uncomfortable situations.

43. Fighting loneliness isn’t as easy. Although, if you persevere, you’ll see the sun again in no time.

44. When you feel like you’re at a breaking point, taking time for yourself is all right.

45. Sometimes, the toughest and bravest thing to do when you feel lonely is to reach out and ask for help.

46. Life can throw you down as much as it wants, but don’t let it snuff out your ability to fight back hard.

47. When you’re at your lowest point in life, don’t feel guilty about doing whatever gives you respite, including staying alone.

48. When you face life’s challenges, it’s normal to feel isolated and think that nothing will ever go your way again.

49. Even if it doesn’t feel like it right now, some people will completely love you. You have to keep moving forward till you find them.

50. It’s normal to be surrounded by many people and still feel isolated. Everything will be fine if you don’t cut off your lifeline!

51. We want things to always work out, so it’s normal to feel misery when things aren’t going according to plans.

52. Sometimes, life doesn’t go as planned, and you’ll feel sad and lonely. Take all the time off you need, but remember to pick yourself up.

53. Sometimes, life is overwhelming to live, and isolation naturally follows. It is a normal occurrence that everyone will face.

54. You’re not alone in feeling occasional frustrations. Regardless of what life throws at you, you’ll be fine!

55. Learn to pick the lessons from trying situations and keep moving forward. That’s how you’ll win against trying situations.

56. When you need a helping hand that’s not forthcoming, react to the hurt however you want and move on!

57. Take your time to process your feelings. Life comes at you sometimes, and it can be hard to describe to others.

58. Isolation is like being lost in the fog. You become tired of waking up, and it feels like you’ll never get out of the situation.

59. At different turns, you’ll find yourself in situations that cause you loneliness and helplessness. Times like this don’t last forever, though.

60. When nothing seems like it’s going your way, take a break as you require, but don’t allow life to suck you dry.

61. Know that you’re not alone if you feel isolated and unloved. Also, remember that your creation is for a reason!

62. Sometimes, even pretending to be happy is especially difficult when life deals us lemonades.

63. Depression is a terrible thing to experience, but you’re not alone in it. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and you can come out of it.

64. To beat loneliness, reach out and connect with other people. You may be shocked at their willingness!

65. Humans crave relationships to thrive in life. When we don’t have these associations, it’s natural to feel alone.

66. When you feel low and sad, remember other people who searched and eventually found happiness.

67. It isn’t a weakness to reach out for help when you sense yourself slipping past feelings of isolation.

68. Wanting to be alone is a normal reaction to unpleasant changes. Just make sure you don’t stay down for too long.

69. When life gets tough, it’s normal for people to forget that the sun can and will still shine.

70. Some people need to hear your story. They’re ahead, though, so you have to keep moving.

71. To avoid disappointment and loneliness on your journey through life, always remember that your happiness is in your hands.

72. When you stop feeling like yourself and the world loses its colour, it’s time to draw closer to your loved ones.

73. Regardless of the situation, you’re still the main player in your game. You are created special and awesome!

74. The burdens of this life are enough to make any sane person feel isolated, restless, and tired.

75. If you desire freedom from any situation, know that you have the strength to make it happen.

76. Human nature is predominantly social. If you’re feeling isolated, you aren’t alone, and there’s nothing to feel ashamed about.

77. If you’re uncomfortable with any situation, you have the power to change it. That’s how you’ll beat life at its game!

78. If you don’t learn how to find your joy, the worries of this life can easily draw you into frustration and fatigue.

79. Feeling isolated doesn’t mean something is wrong. It’s just human nature to feel alone sometimes.

80. Sometimes, you need a little encouragement to remember that you’re worthy of the space you occupy here.

81. Searching for an external person to validate your existence and feelings is one sure way to suffer depression quickly.

82. If other people have carried on with their lives, you owe yourself to carry on with yours.

83. Being alone can be good sometimes. It’s how you’ll filter and re-order things in your life.

84. Feeling isolated can be tough, but it doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong with your life.

85. When you feel sad or lonely, know you’re not alone. Everything beautiful will come for those that hold on.

86. When your tribe don’t have your back as they should, it’s normal to feel unseen. You must learn to live your life regardless!

87. Feeling isolated doesn’t mean you’re weak or something’s wrong with you. Everyone feels this way from time to time.

88. If you’re feeling alone, maybe it’s time to bring more people closer. There’s always space ahead for everyone!

89. There’s nothing wrong with having lonely moments. It’s a fact that we aren’t always going to be happy every day.

90. Deliberately smiling doesn’t mean you have it all together. It just means that your joy is always within your control.

91. Situations will test you and try to undermine your happiness. Suck up to it for a while, but remember to take back your control.

92. If allowed, isolation can expose you to a higher level of self-awareness. Riding the wave can be a game-changer!

93. Embrace every season and lesson in your life. It’s how you’ll grow up to your full potential.

94. Isolation can have you believing you’re the only one going through struggles in life. That’s far from the truth, though!

95. Maybe your situation isn’t as hopeless as you think. It could be loneliness magnifying the situation more than it is.

96. Pretending to be happy hasn’t helped anyone in life. If you feel depressed or lonely, consider reaching out for help.

97. The purpose of life is in daily authenticity, and not some ‘fake it until it’s the true situation.

98. It’s easy to reflect on the past and feel sad. But there may be better things ahead if you keep pushing.

99. There’ll always be worse things than you’re facing. Ride the storm, and you’ll enjoy victory in no time.

100. Rather than stay close-mouthed, you can find your healing if you dare to connect with other people.

With the fast-paced world we’re living in, it’s getting increasingly easy to feel lonely and unheard. Hopefully, these feeling isolated quotes will relieve someone of their burdens when you work on any of these quotes and send them to someone that needs it.

Thank you for reading (and please check out other titles on our site as well)! Also, share and drop your comments below.

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