Fight For Your Relationship Quotes

Fight For Your Relationship Quotes

A relationship is a journey of consent between two or more people. It involves love, care, respect, and trust from the parties involved if it must succeed for a long time. However, issues may come up that can threaten the longevity of even a loving and thriving relationship and rock its very foundation. At such times, it may be tempting to just throw in the towel.

You may have faced off with your loved one after some argument, misunderstanding or fight. But don’t just give up on that budding relationship like that, as all hope is not lost. Fight for your relationship. Do all you can to let your partner or loved one know you still value them.

Bear in mind, though, that they may not respond the way you expect, just give them time, and they’ll come around. But don’t fail to stay in touch with them until things normalize. Fight for your loving relationship with members of your family, friends, acquaintances, or colleagues at work. These quotes about fighting for your relationship will show you more.

Quotes About Fighting For Your Relationship

We have come a long way together, sharing good times and not-so-good times. I have learnt that life is a journey, and so is our relationship. Sometimes we stumble along the path, but we must keep moving and fighting for it because when the going gets tough, the tough must keep going.

1. A strong relationship requires choosing to love each other even in those moments when you struggle to like each other.

2. Love is not about how much you say “I love you” but how much you can prove it’s true. Fight for it.

3. The best relationships aren’t perfect; they just never give up on each other.

4. It is important to fall in love with someone who will fight for you, no matter what.

5. There can be a million and one reasons to give up on a relationship. But if you truly love the person, you will never let these reasons take over.

6. No relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share one umbrella and survive the storm together.

7. Love is not always perfect. But it’s always worth fighting for.

8. I’m not giving up on us. I just know that things will get better; we’ll figure it out the way we always do.

9. Some people will put you down, but keep going. If a relationship is real, you’ll fight for it.

10. Relationships aren’t easy. But they’re worth fighting for.

11. There is no challenge strong enough to destroy your marriage as long as you are both willing to stop fighting against each other and start fighting for each other.

12. When relationships are at their bottom, and you have nothing left to give, fight for it by giving a little more.

13. Falling in love is not a choice. Fighting for love is.

14. If you love someone, fight for them.

15. If a man truly loves you, trust me, he’ll fight for you.

16. If you love something, fight for it. Don’t be afraid to speak up and stand up for yourself

17. A strong relationship requires choosing to love each other even in those moments when you struggle to like each other.

18. True love is worth fighting for. Because this is what love is: fighting for someone, no matter what.

19. Relationships are not built on the things that are fine but are tested by the things that are not.

20. Marriage is about knowing when you are wrong. It is not about always being right— it’s about the fight.

21. If it’s meant for you, it will be yours. You just have to fight for her!

22. Love doesn’t mean having to fight for your relationship; it means always being willing to fight for your relationship.

23. You got to fight for your love. The best relationship is when you can act like lovers and best friends.

24. Let’s fight for what we love and take chances on love.

25. It’s not about finding the right person but creating the right relationship. It’s not about how much love you have initially but how much love you build till the end.

26. Never give up on someone you love. Great things take time.

27. Love is not about how many days, weeks or months you’ve been together; it’s all about how much you love and fight for each other every day.

28. No relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share one umbrella and survive the storm together. The best thing I did was fight for you.

29. You can’t get the same moment back, but you can always fight for your relationship and work things out later.

30. It’s not hard to fight for something you want. It’s hard to fight for something that you deserve.

31. When you fight for your relationship, you always win.

32. Don’t ever stop fighting for your relationship. But most importantly, don’t stop loving your significant other. They are the best thing that has happened to you

33. Relationships are worth fighting for, but you can’t be the only one fighting.

34. Do whatever it takes to make your relationship last! Don’t let your relationship fall apart.

35. In any relationship, always struggle to make it work better. Fight for it.

Fighting For Your Relationship Quotes

Having you as a lover has been one of the greatest things that have happened to me. Our emotions sometimes get in the way, but we can always triumph because love conquers all. Love never keeps a record of wrongs. No matter what it takes, I’ll keep fighting to keep our relationship stronger.

36. This relationship has strengthened over years of fighting, loving, and making memories together.

37. Hey, stop worrying about things you can’t change and start fighting for things that are worth it – your relationship.

38. This is the time to fight for your love, relationship and true feelings. You may not have the same person with you forever. Tomorrow is not HERE yet!

39. If you’re not fighting for your relationship, someone else will be.

40. Fight For Your Relationship. You don’t have a monogamous relationship until you fight for it.

41. Always be there for your partners, or someone else will be.

42. We believe that someone else will if you’re unwilling to put in the time and energy your relationship needs.

43. Don’t let your relationship fall apart. Relationships require hard work and dedication, but the rewards make all that effort worthwhile.

44. Sometimes, it’s easy to overlook the small things that make your relationship successful. Don’t let it die a slow death. Fight for it.

45. Fight to keep your love alive! You will fight for the way things are and even harder for the way things should be.

46. Everything you need to know about your relationship is probably written in the stars. Fight to see it.

47. The right one won’t always be easy, but it will be worth it.

48. When you truly love someone, you never give up on them. You fight for them and find a way to make things work.

49. If you truly love someone, you’ll fight for them and do all it takes to make things perfect.

50. If you love someone, you will never give up on that person. You will find a way to be together through the good and the bad.

51. some people are so important to us that we must do whatever it takes to stay in their lives. No matter what. And no matter what, being friends or whatever, you love someone and never give up on them.

52. While it can be challenging, nothing is more fulfilling than fighting for the person you love.

53. Love is powerful. It always finds a way, even when things go bad. So, fight for it.

54. When it comes to love, never give up. Fight for the people you love and find a way to make things work.

55. When you love someone, you do everything possible to make it work. Love is believing in the other person and being willing to fix problems caused by yourself or the other person.

56. We know how it feels to love someone with all of your heart. Love is an adventure, and no matter what, we believe you should always fight for that special person in your life.

57. When you truly love someone, you’ll always make time for them, even if you’re busy. You will come up with reasons and excuses to spend time with them.

58. Relationships take work. It’s easy to love someone when they’re perfect, and everything is great — you make it work because you want it to. When things get hard, and you have to work for it, that’s when you know if it’s true love or not.

59. Life is hard. But love makes it a little less difficult. Whenever you need me, I’ll be there for you.

60. When you’re friends with someone, you look for a reason to believe in them. You do all that you can to encourage and support them.

61. Sometimes, being there for someone in tough moments means listening, not giving advice. That’s a silent way to fight for your relationship, which is also good.

62. If you love something, fight for it. Don’t just sit there and wait for it to come to you; get it yourself.

63. If something is important to you, try your best to get it. Don’t just sit there and wait for it to come to you; get it yourself.

64. If you love something… get it, don’t just sit there and wait for it.

65. If you want something extra special, you have to go get it. Don’t just sit there and wait for it to come to you.

66. If you really want something, keep fighting for it with all your might. Don’t just sit there patiently waiting for it to get to you; go for it yourself.

67. If you love something, fight for it. It is not easy. You’ll have to be tough and persistent. With a little effort and creativity, you can find yourself with the new job of your dreams or the right person to spend your life with.

68. If you find something that you love, fight for it. It won’t be easy. You’ll have to be brave, but it is achievable with a little effort and creativity.

69. With a little energy, fight, and ingenuity, you can find yourself in the job of your dreams or with the right person to spend your life with.

70. If you want something, ask for it. Sometimes it’s hard. You might have to be tenacious or stubborn, but don’t give up.

Fight For Your Relationship Quotes

I may not have been measuring up to your expectations in our relationship — no calls, texts, or special days. But I want you to know that I’ll always fight for our relationship no matter how far I may be from you. You mean the world to me; many glasses of water cannot quench my love for you.

71. If you love something, don’t let it slip away. It may seem impossible at first, but if you can fight for it, you can keep the job of your dreams or the person you love.

72. When you fall in love with something, whether a job or a person, don’t give up. The right thing won’t come easy, but it will be worth it in the end. Fight for what you want, and you might just get it.

73. Go after what you want. It does take time, but it is incredibly rewarding. Once you find your dream job or the love of your life, nothing else matters.

74. Don’t apologise for your passion when you find something you love. Fight for what you need and deserve.

75. You’ve found the one. Now all you have to do is convince them you’re the one for them. It won’t be easy, but it could be a life-changing decision if you give it all your efforts.

76. Sold your first painting? Get ready to do it all over again with your second. It takes hours of practice, patience, and resilience. Once you figure out what you love and who you love, you’ll have a lifetime of success ahead.

77. Nothing beats a soulmate. If you believe in true love, don’t give up the search for your person.

78. If something is important to you, go get it. Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you or think it will just come to you.

79. If you want to achieve anything in life, you must fight for it. Don’t wait for someone else to bring that prize home for you. Go out, get it yourself and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

80. If you’re truly passionate about someone, go for it!

81. Sometimes, you have to fight for what you really love.

82. When two people truly love each other, no time is too long, no distance is too far, and nobody can ever tear them apart.

83. When we fight, it reminds us that we love each other more than anything else in the world.

84. If you don’t fight for what you want, don’t cry for what you lost.

85. Don’t be a crybaby because you didn’t fight for what you wanted.

86. Always fight for love because it’s all worth it.

87. If you do not fight for what you want, don’t complain if it is not given to you.

88. Don’t fight to keep your relationship great. Just work to make it better.

89. If you really want it, fight for it. If you don’t, don’t be surprised if it goes away.

90. If you want someone, don’t give up. Fight for it. Otherwise, don’t expect to get it in the first place.

91. If you want someone bad enough, never give up on them.

92. Fall in love with and fight for someone who will never let you fall asleep, wondering if you still matter.

93. There are things that we never want to let go of, people we never want to leave behind. But remember that letting go isn’t the end of the world; it’s the beginning of a new life.

94. Fight for your love relationship. Putting yourself back together takes ten times as long as falling apart.

95. You just have to fight for it, and love will win, I promise!!!

96. Don’t give up on the love you’ve fought so hard for. Stay together; it’s worth it.

97. When you truly love someone, when they become so much more than just a person to you and are your world, then it stands to reason that you will fight for them.

98. Relationships are like playing in a car; you have to put in some effort to get somewhere.

99. Falling in love is easy, but staying in love and fighting for your love takes real work.

100. A great relationship is about two things: First, appreciating the similarities, and second, respecting the differences and fighting for your love to keep standing.

With these fight for your relationship quotes, I believe your partner’s confidence in your relationship will be strengthened. Remember, if your relationship is worth it, then go ahead and fight for it. Godspeed!

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