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150+ WhatsApp Status About Me

WhatsApp Status About Me

I see WhatsApp status as an everyday diary where people express themselves with the only difference being that it has a time limit.

A person's WhatsApp status at each given time is determined by their mood and this makes it totally unpredictable as someone could switch from one emotion to another.

The Best Age to Get Married

To get married, research has shown that a particular age bracket is great for the single male and another for the single female. I learnt it's mid 20's for the female and late 20's for the male -how great that is! It is such a great idea if you get to that age as a single and the next thought is the plan for honey moon.

Good Afternoon Wishes for Him or Her

Good Afternoon Wishes for Lover

Good Afternoon Wishes for Him or Her

1. Each and every day of my life, I miss you so much, and I feel terrible because I can't see you this afternoon. Good afternoon, sweetheart.

2. I wish I could be there with you so we can grab something for lunch together. Good afternoon, darling.

3. I was at the cafeteria to grab something for lunch and the smile on the face of the cashier reminds me of your beautiful glowing smiling face. Good afternoon, my love.

100 Most Powerful Prayers for Strength and Courage

Most Powerful Prayers for Strength and Courage

1. Weak and shriveled, wasted and frail, rest gone, faith withered. No one to help, no one to cheer. Yet a glimmer of hope remains, flailing, reaching out to heaven. To Him who alone can save. Fan this fledging fire Lord. Let it burn again.

2. Steep mountains, deep valleys. All threatening to subsume. Fear mounting, heart failing with each tentative step. Keep my heart strong oh Lord. Do not allow my feet to stumble.

77 Get Well Soon Wishes & Messages for Someone Special

Whether you wish to say Get Well Soon to a friend, a collegue, family friend or lover, these Get Well Soon Wises and Messages will give you the best.

1. It's my utmost desire that you get well soon my love so you can experience the very best that life has got to offer today and always.

2. I'm sending you the best medicine of all - my love. I hope you get well soon my dearest.

3. As you journey this path of convalescing, I wish you quick recovery peace of mind and comfort.

Cool Text Messages for Him or Her

Cool Text Messages for Him or Her: The Best of Love Text Messages for Someone you Love dearly.

1. I have seen how magical falling in love can be
And I just sigh seeing it happening to me for real
Your love is so boundless, it has no start and no end
I am so lucky to have found you, I can’t just pretend!
I love you.

Romantic Text Messages for Her or Him

Romantic Text Messages for Her or Him

Loving you is not just response to stimli
I love you for sure and i do truly
Nothing makes a difference in me than your true love
And nothing is more ideal than your undying love.
I love you so much.

If money can buy anything
An exception is you
And if people's love don't cost a thing
An exception will still be you
Good morning my love