Glamping Quotes and Sayings

Glamping, or glamour camping, is a type of recreational activity where the participants have the opportunity to camp in exotic and luxurious ways. It presents an attractive alternative to tourists who would otherwise stay at conventional hotels. It allows you to enjoy all the beauty that nature has to offer while also enjoying luxuries like electricity and running water.

It is an activity that gleans the best from camping. Unlike camping, glamping is not a rigorous task that involves sleeping outside on the ground and fending for yourself. It is the fun part of sleeping outdoors, without all of the hassles that come with actual camping. The great part about glamping is that you get to enjoy being outside without having to deal with roughing it.

Glamping, which is an amalgam of glamour and camping, can be entertaining for all members of the family and provides a great getaway. It has become quite a popular activity, especially amongst urbanites. The list of activities that glampers get to do is endless.

What better way to enjoy glamping than by getting inspired by these amazing glamping quotes?

Glamping Quotes and Sayings

Glamping is a new trend in the travel and tourism industry. As the name suggests, it’s an amazing combination of glamour and camping. The idea behind glamping is to provide tourists with the luxuries they enjoy while they’re travelling inside a tent.

1. Glamping has become the new trend in love, life, and travel. Follow your dreams, get out there, and live life to the fullest.

2. Life is short. Do stuff you like, with people you like and where you like. Glamping is epic.

3. Glamping: a mix of glam and camping, in which you enjoy the comforts of home on an adventure.

4. Glamping is not just about having a comfy bed and hot shower, it’s about exploring the wonders of nature while taking in all the beauty of your surroundings.

5. Camping is the perfect mix of being close to nature, but still being pretty bummed out by all the bugs.

6. Glamping is the ultimate experience of living like a nomad, reconnecting with nature and realizing how special and important it is to be alive.

7. Glamping is like the best vacation you’ve ever had. You get to spend your time with your family and friends in a beautiful, rustic setting and you don’t have to leave until you’re ready.

8. There is nothing like a good glamping experience. Be bold, be brave, and go glamping!

9. Glamping is an activity wherein you get to sleep in small cabins and have some fun while roughing it. It’s a little like camping, but without all the dirt and bugs.

10. Glamping is the ultimate combination of rustic and modern. It’s glamorous, fun, and comfortable all at the same time.

11. Glamping is all about taking a break from the everyday—the things, routines, and especially the stress of everyday life.

12. Glamping is the gateway to getting out of your comfort zone and into new adventures.

13. Glamping isn’t about sightseeing; it’s about being surrounded by nature and experiencing everything new.

14. Glamping is about experiencing the best of both worlds—the comforts of home, and all the adventures you’re used to having on the road.

15. Glamping is the ultimate way to go off-grid, but it’s also one of the easiest ways to make your adventures a little more comfortable.

16. Glamping is the perfect balance of luxury and adventure, with all the comforts of home and an unparalleled level of comfort and luxury.

17. Glamping is not a holiday. It’s an escape—from the ordinary, and yourself. It is all about embracing the simple things and living in the moment.

18. Glamping is not just camping on steroids. It’s camping with the best of everything, and you get to experience it all alone at a secluded location with the option to wake up early and be the first one there.

19. Let the journey begin. Time to set up your tent, spruce up your campfire and choose a place in the woods where you will spend the night.

20. Glamping is a fun way to get away with the kids, and you don’t have to leave your home.

21. Glamping is a good way to get outside, away from the crowds, and embrace the wilderness.

22. The best glamping moments are when you’re in unknown territory and the only thing you know is that a fire pit and a hammock are waiting for you.

23. When you’re at the campground, life is simple. There are no news feeds, no emails and no Internet access. All you have to do is live in the moment.

24. You can have it all. Glamping is the perfect weather and a view that will make you feel like you are in one of those picturesque spots you have been dreaming of.

25. Glamping is not just a fancy word for camping. It’s about finding your little slice of paradise, where you can feel comfortable and relaxed like you’re at home instead of in the middle of nowhere.

26. With a little glamping, you can have the best of both worlds: the comfiness of home, with the adventure of a weekend away.

27. Glamping is not just about a weekend getaway—it’s about becoming part of a greater adventure.

28. Glamping is a combination of glamour and camping, which combines the outdoors with relaxation. Glamping destinations can include tents, chalets, cottages, treehouses and beyond.

29. You don’t need a lot of space or the most expensive house. All you need is a tent and all that’s inside—our hearts and minds.

30. Life is short. Fill it with moments of happiness and adventure, where glamping is the ultimate after-work treat.

31. Camping is a chance to remove yourself from the city, to slow down and spend time with yourself. Glamping is an opportunity to connect with nature and the world around you.

32. Glamping is a love letter to the joy of experiencing nature and creating your little slice of paradise.

33. Glamping is not about a glamping tent or a camping trip. It is about being comfortable in the most beautiful places on Earth—and enjoying life to the fullest.

34. Glamping doesn’t have to be fancy. It can be as simple as a tent, a sleeping bag and the stars above you.

35. Glamping is a perfect way to get away from it all, but somehow still feel like you’re right there in the thick of things.

36. Glamping creates the ideal environment for you and your party-goers to discover nature. Climb a mountain, sleep under the stars, explore a stream, and even cook over an open fire.

37. Glamping is a new and exciting way to experience nature. It’s a perfect mix of comfort and adventure.

38. Glamping is an adventure like no other. Pack up your tent, inflate the bed, eat some s’mores around a roaring fire, and sleep under the stars. You’ll be glad you did.

39. Having all the comforts of home and a whole lot more, glamping is an affordable way to be one with nature.

40. Glamping is the perfect antidote to our modern world. It’s a way of life that revolves around the simple joy of being outside, breathing in the fresh air, and looking up at the stars.

41. A glamping experience is about letting go of your worries and curling up with a good book or movie. You’re not camping, you’re living the dream.

42. Glamping isn’t just a way to get away from it all, but it’s also a way to enjoy the little things in life.

43. Let’s live in the moment. Glamping is all about experiencing life, being spontaneous and saying “yes” to adventure.

44. The best part of glamping is waking up to the sound of birds chirping, horses neighing, and sheep bleating.

45. Glamping is a lot like camping, but with better weather, more trees, and a bigger flower garden.

46. Glamping is about stepping outside your normal and embracing the unknown. Nothing is more adventurous than a tent that functions as a home.

47. Glamping isn’t just about sleeping. It’s about waking up to a new way of seeing the world and having adventures that don’t necessarily involve going on a hike or getting out of town.

48. Glamping can be a life-changing experience. It’s an opportunity to get away from the everyday routine and connect with nature in a way that you might not otherwise.

49. Glamping is a great way to experience the beauty of nature and escape into your wilderness.

50. Glamping is the extreme version of camping: you get to sleep under the stars, cook over an open fire, and eat things that aren’t wrapped in plastic.

51. To put it simply, glamping is all about the experience. The best part of it is that you can bring your dog along with you.

52. Glamping is the ultimate getaway experience. You get to stay in style, but with a ton of comfort.

53. Glamping is the perfect way to create a relaxing getaway while still experiencing all the comforts of home.

54. Glamping means more than just throwing some campfire grub on the old grill. It means building a tent and sleeping under the stars—just as you did as a kid.

55. Glamping is all about adventure, exploration, and discovery. I’m ready to pack my bags for a good time.

56. Glamping is about taking that extra step to push your comfort zone, go above and beyond for the experience and even give yourself a little adventure.

57. There’s a constant battle in my mind between wanting to go and stay at a luxury glamping spot and wanting to stay in my home.

58. Glamping is the ultimate getaway. Just close your eyes, and imagine yourself in a beautiful place.

59. Glamping is the ultimate form of modern nomadism. It combines the best aspects of camping with the amenities, technology and comforts of a hotel. With glamping, you can stay in luxury hotels with hot tubs and en-suite bathrooms.

60. Imagine yourself on top of a mountain, watching the sunset, sipping a glass of wine. That’s glamping.

61. Camping isn’t just about nature. It’s also about the hikes, bonfires, and campfire stories.

62. Glamping is about finding that tiny slice of time, where you can relax and enjoy the simple things.

63. Glamping is not only about sleeping under the stars. It’s about waking up to an incredible view, eating great food and creating memories with your loved ones.

64. Glamping is all about simplicity and luxury, you don’t have to spend crazy money on glamping trips to feel like a queen.

65. Glamping is the best way to experience the outdoors, without sacrificing comfort and ease.

66. If you have the means to go glamping, do it. If you don’t, find your way of being a little weird and a little off-the-grid.

67. When you’re glamping, you don’t need a tent. You just need a place to set up your hammock, picnic table, and maybe a coffee table. Things get pretty chill when you’re in the mountains.

68. Glamping is about more than just being outside. It’s about experiencing the world around you in a new way, with warmth, comfort, and style.

69. Glamping is a lifestyle choice, not a weekend event. The best way to live out of a tent is by experimenting with new food and drink pairings.

70. Glamping is a glamorous way to live in nature. If you’re looking for a unique getaway, glamping might be the answer.

71. Destination glamping is a place where you can be free to let go of all the stress of everyday life.

72. Glamping is more than a getaway. It’s an experience – one that leaves you with memories that last a lifetime.

73. Glamping is about stepping out of your comfort zone. It’s about being a little bit chilled out but still ready to have the adventure of your life.

74. Glamping is where you get to experience the best parts of camping without having to sleep on a hard surface.

75. Life is a series of campfires, a fair amount of sunrises and sunsets, and a lot of good memories.

76. Glamping is more than a way to stay in style, it’s an approach to living that combines the best of camping and home.

77. Glamping is more than just a weekend getaway to a remote cabin in the woods. It’s about setting aside time, taking it slow and staying connected with yourself, while surrounded by nature.

78. When you are glamping, you’re always connected to the earth and its natural beauty. You never lose that connection. It is this connection to nature, with an appreciation for all of the seasons, that makes glamping so special.

79. Glamping isn’t just about sleeping in a tent. It’s about being surrounded by nature, feeling like you’re at home, and experiencing the joy of simple pleasures.

80. Glamping is the epitome of both luxury and adventure – a getaway made for those who don’t want to leave behind the comforts of home but also crave time away from it, too.

81. Glamping is more than just sleeping under the stars, it’s about being surrounded by nature and learning something new each time you go.

82. Glamping is all about the perfect balance between comfort and adventure.

83. Camping is an experience that’s all about the journey. The destination is just a bonus.

84. The beauty of glamping is that you can go to a city, stay the night and wake up in nature. It’s so fresh and different from staying at a hotel or a guesthouse.

85. Discovering a new glamping experience is like discovering a new continent, or perhaps even the world.

86. Glamping is a frivolous pursuit, but it’s also a way to live without stress. That and drink champagne in the forest.

87. Glamping is not just a weekend escape, it’s an experience that connects you to where you’re going.

88. Glamping is camping, with a little more comfort that takes some of the rough edges off. No chance of getting eaten by bears or having to sleep on the cold, hard ground.

89. Not a camper? No problem. Glamping, or glamour camping, is the new wave of luxury camping that allows for all the natural beauty of nature with just a touch of modern comfort.

90. Glamping is an easy, fun and luxurious way to experience the outdoors. With specialist tents and yurts, you can relax in style with no camping experience needed.

91. When you are glamping, there are no worries about campfires or tenting. Relax, enjoy, and experience nature like never before.

92. If you’re a nature lover and want to spend some time in the great outdoors surrounded by trees and wild animals, glamping is the perfect option.

93. Glamping is a great way to get away from it all and reconnect with nature. It’s a time to take back your life and escape into the wilderness you deserve with some breathtaking photos, incredible memories, and new friends on social media.

94. Glamping opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to perfect your ideal camping experience every time.

95. Glamping is a fun way to get away from your everyday stress and have an adventure.

96. Glamping: glamorous camping, where you can have everything from a shower to electricity without sacrificing nature

97. Glamping is an awesome way to stay in the wilderness, but without having to rough it. If you’re looking for a vacation with a more luxurious twist, this is it.

98. Glamping gives you the chance to experience something unique in nature. You can be outdoors, but you don’t have to give up on comfort.

99. To the adventurous soul, there’s nothing like glamping and ending the day with a glass of champagne in hand.

100. Glamping is a unique blend of glamour and camping. It combines the adventure of sleeping under the stars with all the comforts of home, such as soft beds and hot showers.

101. Life is about experiencing new things, not sticking to the same old routine. Come out of your comfort zone and indulge yourself in the luxury of glamping.

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