God Always Listens Quotes

God Always Listens Quotes

God always listens to your prayers, even when you feel like he is not hearing. The very thought that he is listening helps bring peace in a time of need, and knowing that he will always be there allows us to have a better perspective on life.

There are times when you feel like your prayers go unacknowledged. You’re frustrated, lonely, disappointed and every other emotion under the Sun. When we allow God’s love and forgiveness to permeate our hearts, we can quickly forgive ourselves and others around us.

At times like this, it can be hard to believe that God is listening to you. Here are some amazing God always listens quotes that will assure you of his presence, love and grace.

God Always Listens Quotes

God always listens. He never rushes to condemn. He encourages us to openly bring our hurting hearts to him. There is no reason for us to fear being honest and forthright about the struggles that we face.

1. God always listens. You can tell him the truth, and he will listen.

2. God is always there when you need him. He always listens to you, His beloved child.

3. God always listens, no matter what you say—even if you’re just talking to yourself.

4. God always listens. He knows what you need before you even speak.

5. God listens to you. He knows your thoughts, your desires and everything that you do or say. He hears your prayers and wants to answer them in a way that will bring you the most good and joy.

6. Don’t worry about whether God hears your prayers – he always does, and he always answers.

7. God always listens. He never stops loving you, never stops wanting to hear your voice, never stops dreaming about you, never stops anticipating what you might say next. When you speak to god, he speaks back to you through the Holy Spirit.

8. God always listens. When you speak to him, he listens! When you pray, he listens! When you share your hurts and worries with him, he listens! And when you ask for a miracle—he answers!

9. God is always listening. He knows your needs, desires and dreams. He is always ready to help you fulfil them even if you don’t know how to ask.

10. God isn’t just there to help you, he’s always listening.

11. We never know what God is doing in the background. He is always listening.

12. God never fails to listen, even when you are speaking.

13. Man is hasty, but God isn’t, he waits for us to listen.

14. God always listens, God always answers. Don’t ever give up hope.

15. God is always listening. He hears every sigh, every prayer, and every plea. He knows our deepest desires and will fill them perfectly.

16. God knows what you need even before you ask because He’s always listening.

17. God always listens, trust me. He knows your heart, and he’s not far away.

18. God is listening right now like He always does even when we don’t want to listen.

19. God always listens; that’s why He allows you to make mistakes.

20. God always listens. She hears, sees, and knows all of your worries, fears, and troubles. She’s not only with you at the most difficult times, but also right beside you when you feel like you’re alone.

21. God is always listening. Please speak your heart to him, even if it’s the tiniest whisper. He is aware of the need in your life and Will help you meet them.

22. I believe that God is always listening. I just wish I could understand him better!

23. God listens when you pray. God understands when you give. And God loves you more than words can say.

24. When you can’t find the words to say, just remember: God is listening.

25. God is listening. And he’s always waiting to respond.

26. God is always listening. Don’t cry out to Him in your pain and sorrow; He will hold you and comfort you, even if you cannot hear his voice.

27. Let me tell you a story: God is listening and always willing to assist.

28. You have to believe that God is listening. The words you speak will never fall on deaf ears.

29. He who trusts in the lord, and does not doubt, his heart will be filled with joy.

30. God always listens to you, to your prayers, and your needs.

31. God always listens. It’s just that sometimes he chooses not to answer, which is why we have to be here today.

32. God always listens, but when you pray, be sure to talk things through.

33. God always listens to our prayers, even the ones that seem silly. He is always there for us, no matter what.

34. God always listens. No matter what you say, he hears you. You don’t have to be perfect, just speak up!

35. God always listens to those who are praying. His answer will always come.

36. God always listens. He is not distracted by the sound of your screams and sobs but hears every cry for help that pours from your soul.

37. God always listens and God always answers. He is faithful.

38. In the face of discouragement, God always listens to you.

39. God is your advisor, your guide, and your best friend. Always listen to him.

40. God listens to all of your excuses, but never to your words.

41. There is always something new, even if it is not always what you want. Try to see the good in everything. Always remember that God is listening.

42. There is no problem so big that God can’t solve it. Just listen to his voice and follow his direction.

43. He is always close to us; He does not forget or grow weary. Trust him and you will have the happiness that never ends.

44. God is always listening; He just hasn’t gotten around to answering yet.

45. God listens to you when you cry, but God doesn’t cry.

46. God always listens, even when we don’t.

47. God always listens. He’s in your everyday life, helping you create something beautiful.

48. God always listens and never forgets. How can you forget him?

49. God always listens and always says yes.

50. God always listens; He is always near. He watches over you in the comfort of his presence and hears your every cry for help.

I hope you enjoyed these God always listens quotes. Just always keep in mind that no matter where you are, God is always there for you. The more we learn to communicate with him, and ask for his guidance in our lives, the better our outcomes will be.

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