God Is My Boss Quotes

God Is My Boss Quotes

In the Bible, God is called the “boss.” He is the one who gives us our instructions and sets out our goals for us. When we acknowledge God as our boss, we are saying that He is in charge of us and that we will follow His directives; we are saying that we are not in charge of our lives. Instead, we are allowing Him to lead us where He wants us to go — even if it involves some pain or difficulty along the way. We should be willing to follow His directives even if these directives cause some discomfort or negative consequences in our lives.

A common misconception among Christians is that acknowledging God as our boss means that they are giving up their freedom and independence. This could not be further from the truth! When you acknowledge God as your boss, you gain more freedom because you don’t have to worry about making decisions on your own or worrying about what might happen if you make a mistake or take a wrong turn in life. You know exactly where you’re going because God has already told you where He wants to lead you — all you need do is follow His instructions without question or hesitation.

After all, the Bible says that everything belongs to God and that He rules over all (Psalm 24:1), so it’s a good thing to acknowledge God and submit to His authority. When we do this, we can experience freedom from fear and worry because we know who is in charge. We become more sensitive to His leading and guidance in our lives. We become more aware of what is right and wrong according to God’s standards, and we can see how much He loves and cares for us – even when we don’t deserve it.

Below is a collection of God is my boss quotes that will make you take your relationship with God very seriously.

God Is My Boss Quotes

God is my boss, and he gives me direction each day. His demands are clear and simple: love my neighbour as myself, do unto others as I would have them do to me, and trust in God. He has led me on a path of faith that has enriched my life.

1. God is my boss. He holds the whole world and me in his hands, and nothing will be too difficult for him to do. When problems arise at home, or the office, or when I’m out running errands, I remember that God is at the helm of everything. He controls situations that seem unclear to us and brings them to a conclusion according to his will. He is my helper, provider, healer and encourager

2. God is the ultimate authority. My life and everything that happens to me are always under His guidance. He is always there with me in our ups and downs, happy moments, sad moments and triumphant victories. God is my boss.

3. God is my boss, and He has a plan for my life. A big one, with lots of exciting opportunities. God is so big that He can use me to do things that nobody else could even dream up.

4. God is my boss and I work for him. He gives me wisdom, strength and direction. He is the source of all I need to live a healthy life and reach my goals. When our perceptions are of God, he enables us to see beyond ourselves and the world around us. He changes our way of thinking, enabling us to have peace in our minds and joy in our hearts.

5. God is the best Boss ever! With Him, you can be yourself and still feel loved. You can share your problems with Him, and He cares about what you have to say. He will give you good advice and help you learn to trust Him more.

6. We all have bosses, whether they’re at work or in our personal lives. But God’s my boss; He’s the One who knows what my life purpose is supposed to be and how to achieve it. He’ll hold me accountable and demand excellence from me like no other boss out there.

7. God is my boss, whose wisdom and love I trust completely. He has a plan for my life. He has developed this plan throughout aeons, and it includes every detail of my life on earth: the time and place of my birth, education, relationships, successes and failures. Each step in His plan is designed to build upon another so that on earth I learn necessary lessons for eternity. Praying for God’s guidance will help me discern how best to carry out His will today so that tomorrow I may better serve Him.

8. God is my boss, my life’s direction, and my hope and confidence in the future. He is more than simply a higher power; He has taken that role upon Himself. All this makes Him “boss” beyond human comprehension.

9. God has given me a job to do. Each day, He gives me opportunities to use the skills and talents He’s given me. Whether I’m at school, at home or on the job, God wants to be my boss.

10. God is my boss. He’s in control of everything that happens to me. No matter how difficult life may be, I can trust that He has a plan for me and that His Holy Spirit guides me daily.

11. God is my boss. He oversees my life and guides me with His wisdom, care and guidance. He is the ultimate authority to whom I submit because as my Creator He is worthy of our entire devotion, obedience and trust.

12. God is my boss and I will obey Him. God is my creator and I will give him glory. God is my father, friend and treasure. I will always trust Him in all things.

13. God is my boss. He has given me a job and I do it with joy because I know it’s his will for my life. He provides the answers to all of my questions—there are no secrets that he cannot reveal to me. He loves me like a father and guides me by his Spirit.

14. My boss is awesome. He’s the Creator of the universe, and He’s always on time. His Word doesn’t change and He gives me the direction I can count on. God is my teacher, therapist, protector and provider. I have a great life because God works in mysterious ways.

15. God is my boss; He works for me. God has a plan for my life, but that doesn’t mean He’ll tell me all the details. I will be asked to do things I don’t want to do and go places I don’t want to go, but if I trust His plan, He will take care of me and everything else will work out as it should.

16. God is my boss. He decides what I do, who I’m with, and when I work. If he wants me to wake up in the morning and lay back down at night, then that’s what I’ve got to do. If he wants me to goof off all day, then that’s what I’ll do. If he wants me to spend time with my friends, he works through them…and it just happens!

17. God is my boss because He’s the one who created me, so I don’t have to worry about a boss at work. God wants all of us to succeed and be the best we can be. When you think in terms of Him as your boss, it changes your mindset on things like work ethic and responsibility—instead of working for yourself or for what other people want you to do, you work for Him.

18. God is my boss and I am His employee. He created me and gave me life to work for Him. As an employee of God, it is my responsibility to serve Him and obey His commands.

19. God is my boss, so I try to be like him. He is holy and I am not. That is why he has a right to make demands and expect things of me (just as any good boss). But it’s not all about work. God wants me to know he’s my king, too— so he presents himself as seriously interested in my needs and concerns.

20. God is my boss. He tells me what to do, He gives me tasks, and He makes the final decision on my success or failure. If I want to be successful, I need only obey His instructions.

21. God is my boss. I am His employee. He wants me to trust in Him completely …to put all my faith in Him alone …and not in anyone or anything else.

22. God is my boss. I know this because He tells me so. He is God and has told us that he is the one who makes all of the decisions for our lives and everything else. It doesn’t matter what the situation is or what you might think about it, it matters what God thinks about it; because he calls all of the shots.

23. God is my boss. Now, I don’t mean that God is like a boss. He is more than just a boss who comes in at the end of the day to review performance. Sure, He disciplines us when we go wrong. But he also lavishes blessings on us as we seek Him in every situation.

24. God is my boss. He runs my every move, and he controls all of the details. If I don’t do what he says and do it exactly, who will? God’s ways are always better than mine. His plans are always bigger than mine.

25. God is my boss and I’m not afraid to admit it. He has a plan for me, which means I will never be alone or without guidance. I can feel confident in His guidance because God has proven Himself faithful time and time again by using me to do great things.

26. God is my boss. He gives me purpose and meaning in my life. He shapes me into the person He created me to be, and guides me through each day.

27. God is my boss and I am His employee. He owns the company and I work for Him. The Bible says that I have been bought with a price so that I am not my own anymore (1 Corinthians 6:20). In other words, my life belongs to God and He can tell me what to do with it at any time.

28. God is my boss. He’s the one who calls the shots, who gives me orders and guides me throughout my day. And yet, although he is my boss, I don’t take him too seriously.

29. God is my boss, and I am His employee. As an employee, I am responsible to obey His commands, follow His example and do what He wants of me.

30. God is my boss. I will worship Him, praise Him and obey Him. I am His creation and He is my creator. Therefore, I will serve Him with my best effort wherever he places me on earth. Everything in me belongs to God and whatever He asks of me is reasonable because He knows what’s best for me. Then He will use me as an instrument to get favour with man and glorify Himself as the Great Almighty Creator who could bring about anything even if it seemed impossible for us to accomplish by our human power.

31. God is my boss. He knows how much work I can handle and He’s there to help me through any problems that might come my way. He gives me strength, confidence and discipline when I need it. He has a great plan for my life and it’s better than anything I could make up on my own. God is the perfect boss; all I have to do is trust him, listen to his instructions, keep working hard and do my best for him.

32. God is my boss. He’s the one who tells me what to do, and when. And I’m so grateful for that. Sometimes I feel like I have to decide for myself whether to take on a new project or not, but God’s always there to provide guidance.

33. God is my boss, and I’m not afraid to tell you. Because let’s face it, most bosses are incompetent, tyrannical, and utterly useless. They waste our time and abuse us, leaving us feeling unappreciated. But this is not the case with God, who is a strict but benevolent master; he wants what is best for his creation.

34. God is my boss. He hires and fires me. He tells me where to go and where to stay. He decides who I should hang out with and how much money I should make. And when the school bell rings, it’s time for Him to take over again! And oh, by then, I’m ready!

35. God is my boss. Sometimes that means He is my supervisor and sometimes it means He lets me vent to a co-worker first before calling me into His office. Either way, it still counts as “talking to God.”

36. God is my boss. He knows what I should do when I should do it and how the world operates. He provides for me, protects me and leads me along the pathway of life. He is my inner voice and I cannot live without Him.

37. God is my boss. He’s the highest authority that I’m accountable to. He’s my job description and the one who has to give me a raise! I produce His work and show off His glory! My life’s work is to help others find purpose in their work, and understand why they exist, so they can make a difference in this world.

38. God is my boss and he wants me to be a part of his amazing job. God has given every one of us unique gifts and talents, but it’s up to us to seek him out to understand what he wants us to do with them. If we want to prosper in life, then we should be willing and ready to work hard for God!

39. God is my boss. He’s the only one who has the right to call me into his presence, summon me to work and assign me tasks. I’m free to refuse, but if I choose not to do what he tells me, then I can’t expect any help from him.

40. God is my boss. He doesn’t like to be called God Almighty, God the Creator, or any number of other titles that sound so impressive and grand. He prefers to be your Boss. He judges us not by our imperfections but by our intentions.

41. God is my boss, and I will not listen to the voices of Satan and sin. Every day God challenges me to be a better employee by living out the commandments he gave me–and challenges you too.

42. I am a good employee and I never argue with my boss. God is my boss and I do what he says. That is how the Bible says you should be obedient to your boss.

43. God is my boss. He is the head of my life and I don’t have to do anything that he doesn’t want me to do. Each time I look at someone, I can see them with his eternal eyes. Each time I speak or act toward another person, it comes from loving him first and foremost.

44. God is my boss. When things go wrong on our jobs, some of us blame others or pretend it’s no big deal. But God is not a picky boss who will tolerate excuses and poor work. He expects excellence from those who work for him, just as any good employer does from his employees.

45. God is my boss because he commissions my life and moves me forward for his glory. No one in my life loves me more than God does, so why won’t I listen to him?

46. God is my boss, He sets the example with His own life and through Jesus Christ. God provides each of us with spiritual guidance that’s understandable and relevant to each individual’s unique circumstances, needs and desires.

47. God is my boss. He is the CEO and Chief Equipper of my life, who has gifted me with talents and abilities that help me grow in my career. When I am doing the work God has called me to do, he empowers me through his Holy Spirit and fills me with joy.

48. I have a boss. His name is God and he created me. He’s my supervisor and he’s responsible for me. He knows what’s best for me, so I need to obey his rules and listen when he tells me something. Sometimes doing what he says is hard, but other times it’s easy because I want to please him.

49. God is my boss and I’m His employee. He provides the tools and supplies needed to complete the job and then lets me work independently. I may find myself doing some very different tasks at different times in my life, depending on how big my job is. But no matter what I’m asked to do, He never sends me out alone. God always gives me support from those who have gone before, who can help guide me on my path.

50. God is the boss of my life. There is no excuse for me to do anything other than follow God and do what He has said. I will follow His instructions, pray to Him and trust in Him and I will be successful in anything I do.

51. God is my boss. He’s my boss because he owns me, he owns everything in the universe and he’s infinite so that means there’s no limit on his power. The devil is a liar and God will tell you those lies if you listen!

52. God is my boss and I feel the best when I am following his instructions. God wants us to rely on him for our success so that we can be a good influence on other people in the workplace.

53. God is my boss. He makes the rules, and I am on His team. He knows what I need better than I do, and I’m glad to follow Him. It may not always be easy, but it always pays off in the end.

54. God is my boss. He’s the one who calls the big shots. And there’s no way He’d let me be successful without His help. So even when things get tough, I can rest knowing that His plan is bigger than mine – and it includes me!

55. God is my boss, and he owns the universe. He makes the world spin, the oceans roll and lightning soar. He invented the stars and stuffs the clouds with wonders. He makes the dreams of children come true, but he won’t let me have a pony.

56. I believe that God is my boss. I trust Him every day, and He trusts me to do what is right and good. We work as a team, and even though I am not always perfect at it (nobody is), God’s unconditional love means that if I fall, He will be there for me to pick me up. As the best boss ever, He is always loving and forgiving of my mistakes—just like He wants us to be with each other!

57. God is my boss and I am his manager. As such, it is my responsibility to set the tone and lead by example. I have to take every opportunity to share God’s love, light and wisdom with others.

58. God is my boss, he has a unique plan for each of our lives. The Bible tells us not to worry because Jesus is the only one who can help us make it through anything.

59. God is my boss. I work for God because God gives me the job as a gift. He doesn’t make demands on me, but he does instead give me good instructions and expectations.

60. God is my boss. That’s right, He pays me more than enough to make it on this side of eternity. His job as the King of kings and Lord of lords makes Him infinitely more wealthy than any earthly employer.

61. God is my boss and I am his employee. The grace of God enables me to qualify for the job. God has given me an assignment, and in his wisdom, he has given me the tools that I need to complete it.

62. God is my boss. I have a mission and purpose, a passion to fulfill and a plan to follow. This isn’t about making it to heaven, but about living life for the One Who gave His life for you, me and everyone else.

63. God is my boss and I have no other boss but him. I’m not working for any other person on the earth, except him. He has given me a job to do and when I do it well, that is by obeying him, then he gives me great rewards which are not from any human being so I should praise his name and do my work as if he is watching me every day all the time.

64. Every decision I make, and every path my feet take is determined by God. God is my boss. He has a plan for me and if I follow that plan, things will turn out right.

65. God is my boss, even when I am in a bad mood. He gives me direction and guidance as well as work to do. I must do my best at all times and try to find ways that would help others be blessed.

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