Good Night Prayers for My Sister

Good Night Prayers for My Sister

Every day is divided into three major parts: the morning, the afternoon and the night. For everyone, no matter how stressful the day may be, there is this assurance that the night is coming to provide rest. Therefore, sending your loved ones evening messages to relax the body is a very habit to cultivate.

So, if you have a sister you want to send a good night message to, why not consider praying for her using these good night prayers for my sister. What else can you do for your sister who may pass through a hectic day than to pray for her and make her relax with some cool messages for a good night rest?

All that is needed from you is to select from the categories below and send them to your sisters. Send as many as possible to her and send to as many sisters as you have. Create a special feeling in their hearts as they prepare to sleep. Sleeping with the thought of a loved one or relative gives an assurance of a peaceful sleep; be that relative.

Best Goodnight Prayers for Your Sister

I hope that all your silent prayers receive attention from God and as you prepare to sleep, I wish you a good night rest. Dear sister, for who you are, you are the best.

1. Dear sister, every footprint of the day leads to the night. You deserve a good night rest. As you go to bed tonight, I pray that nothing will disturb your rest; go on and enjoy every bit of it. Good night.

2. My lovely sister, as the day builds up, our activities build, our targets increase and the desire to be on the top reaches its climax, just then the night shows up telling us to rest. I pray that a perfect night awaits you. Have a beautiful one.

3. For all your support in the day, for your resolve to make burdens lighter, I can’t wish you lesser than a splendid night. Your night will become to you a safe haven in Jesus’ name. Have a beautiful rest.

4. The call of nature is a necessity; such is the call to rest at night. I pray that you will find peace even as you sleep tonight. Enjoy it and see you tomorrow, my dear sister.

5. As long as the day breaks, the sun must rise. As long as the sun rises, the same must set, and with the sun setting is the night appearing. Enjoy your well-deserved rest.

6. Dear sister, you will always be motivated to sleep because the Lord will grant you his eternal rest. Good night.

7. You’d rather choose brightness over darkness, yet the eyes are never illuminated when closed together. As you prepare to sleep tonight, I pray that the angels will be on guard for you and you will be safe. Good night, my sister.

8. Sister, as long as there is a definite end to something, the relief will always be there. Everything that is bothering you will be put to a definite end this night. Enjoy it to the fullest.

9. Hello there, my dear sister. Are you sleeping already? Good night.

10. My dear sister, the ‘good night’ is a prayer in itself. I pray that your night is good as you prepare to sleep. Good night.

11. The day illuminates your path, the nights relieves you of the day’s workload. It’s time to rest. I leave you under the protection of the Almighty One. Good night.

12. Nature gives everyone, animals inclusive a compulsory leave daily. That leave happens at night time. I pray that yours come to refresh and to re-energize you for work. Good night, my sister.

13. The night is the only time to review the activities of the day. It should come with the satisfaction that the day has taken its own lot. I hope that all your troubles are laid t rest even as you go to bed. Good night, my dear sister.

14. A lovely morning, a merrier afternoon and a cool evening are what we need for a blissful night. May this night be a refreshing one for you. Good night to you my sister.

15. Dearest sister, the morning acts like a spice, the afternoon recharges you and the night serenades you into a colourful night rest. I pray that you will enjoy your night. Good night, my sister.

16. The weakness of the lion does not mean it would be threatened by a fowl. May you be refreshed from the inside every day of your life. To keep that momentum, you need adequate rest. Let’s get at it. REST!

17. The morning can boast all it wants, the day can flaunt its brightness but we all know it’s the night that brings the rest that the body needs. Good night dear sister.

18. To survive without ever obeying the rule of the night is impossible. No one has ever stayed alive without having a touch from the beautiful nights they experienced. What’s the night’s rule? SLEEP! I pray that you have it to the best, my sister.

19. When you hear lights out, you remember it is sleep time before any other thing. Get ready for your own part of the drama- LIGHTS OUT! Good night my sister.

20. Get inspired, get motivated. My message for you tonight is to bring you hope, joy for a better tomorrow. It shall be well with you my dear sister.

21. Hi lovely sister, may everything resonate together to bring unto you favour as you prepare to take your well-deserved rest for the night. Good night.

22. It is my daily prayer that all will be well with you. It’s time to take your mind off every other thing but SLEEP. Good night, sister.

23. When the sun goes down, it simply reminds us that the day has been used. When you see the moon appear, it is to lead us into the perfect world of rest. Good night sister.

24. The day is gone, the night has come. Your fatigue is long overdue, your deserved rest takes over in a moment. Sleep with your head high that you have made the best use of the day. Good night dear sister.

25. From this moment, I want you to realize that the better of you is still reserved inside of you. You’ve been excellent but I believe they’re more to what I see in you. I can feel it. Good night my sister.

26. A good night sleep is the recipe for a refreshed mind; it is a medicine to the soul. I pray that yours would be a great one. Good night, my sister.

27. No matter how beautiful my day is, it meets with perfection the moment I gaze upon your face in the evening. Thanks for making my day tough at night. Good night, my lady.

28. You are on my mind daily, I wonder how you stay being on the spotlight. Happy night rest, dear sister.

29. Dear sister, thanks for being all kind and sweet. As you go to bed tonight, I pray for refreshing sleep and an energized body when you wake. Have a sweet rest and a sound sleep. Good night.

30. Sometimes. I want the cool breeze to stop yet I’m happy to see it blow without hindrance. I pray that your sweet sleep tonight will be without any hindrance and you sleep peacefully. Good night, my sister.

31. With you on my mind tonight, I pray that heaven comes down and give you the reward for all your labours. Have a blissful night.

32. When the night comes, everything comes to rest except the deep thoughts of our beloved. Tonight, you are on my mind and I pray that God will continually guide you. Sleep well and have a beautiful night rest, my sister.

33. Dear sister, there are those thoughts we think about and start smiling, mine is the thoughts of you. Thanks for bringing smiles and laughter back to my life. Good night,

34. I treasure the moments we share together, the gist we share and the care you show towards me, my dear sister. I pray that you will never be disappointed in life. Good night and sweet dreams to you.

35. With every beat of my heart, I pray that all works well for you even as everything in nature draws you closer to your destination. Good night, my sister

36. When I open my eyes to see, I want to see you in flying colours, dear sister. Your prosperity is my desire. Good night.

37. My lovely sister; a night without trouble, a sweet sleep that calms the spirit, souls and body. These are my prayers for you as you go to bed. Good night to you.

38. I pray that your sleep tonight is such that will give you peace. I pray that your dreams will be sweet. Good night, my sister.

39. As you go to sleep tonight, I pray that all your doubts and trouble drown with the sleep and not wale up with you. Good night to you, my dear sister.

40. Hey, don’t fret. You are the most beautiful woman in the world. No other competitor. Good night, sweet sister.

41. I’ve heard that the world will never give you that which you deserve but that which you strive for. I pray that heaven will open for you. Good night, my sister.

42. A joyous soul is like water flowing down a slope, it goes effortlessly. I pray that your life will flow with milk and honey. Good night, my sister.

43. Like the rays from the sun, so shall you shine forth and even into the darkness of the night, your star will shine forth. Good night, my sister.

44. Dear sister, as you keep climbing the ladder of life, I ask that everything will be easy for you and tonight, you will be refreshed for a better tomorrow. Good night, my dear.

45. You stand unique and exceptional among others my dear. You are special. Good night, my darling sister. I pray that nothing will be difficult to you to succeed.

46. Your eyes shine brighter and sparkle more than the stars that twinkle at night. I pray that this light in you will not grow dim. Good night, my sister.

47. You are a special sister to me, I pray that you are led by the Lord all the way in your life. Good night, dear sister.

48. To go up may be difficult, but to remain on top is more difficult. I love you going on top because it gives me pleasure. Good night, my sister.

49. From every angle, may success run after you. Every night, may life give you new hope. I wish you a good night. Good night, my dear.

50. The work of the cock started before the clock. Let goodness and mercy be your companion into the dreamland as you sleep tonight. Good night, my lovely sister.

Good Night Prayer Quotes for Sister

Every night, my prayers for you are that your life will always receive a fresh boost of energy and that you will become better daily. Like the famous quote; to the night belong rest, I say good night, my sister.

51. The rolling o the earth on its axis is a routine, but in it is the timing for all to make great things happen. Success is yours. Good night, my sister.

52. No one can fathom how the night wraps itself around the day. That’s exactly how success comes to those who plan very well. As you commit your ways to the Lord, may He guide you into all fulfilment. Good night, dear sister.

53. The day as its own glory; the night it’s own too. All work together to complete a cycle of the day and consequently the life we live. Continue in the path of success for you are unstoppable. Good night, my lovely sister.

54. No matter how gloomy the day may be, the brightness of the sun gives delight to the hardworking hands. For the night approaches when we shall have our rest. Good night, my sister.

55. It takes more muscles to frown than to smile. After such a hectic day, do less work tonight by smiling because it is cheaper and easier. I pray that daily you shall experience joy like no other. Good night, my dear sister.

56. No one can hold back the night from manifesting. No one can hold back your success, love, from spreading all over the earth. Have a good night, my dear sister.

57. The place of the day cannot be traded with the place of the night; also, the place of the night cannot be traded with the place of the day. Dear sister, your greatness shall be enormous. Good night, my dear sister.

58. When love rules, even the night yields to our desires. Have a great night rest, my dear sister. This night will bring back your lost glory.

59. The most important people in our lives are remembered when there is a perceived loss ahead. Let us not wait for bad situations to cherish each other. I admire you daily. Enjoy a good night rest, my sister.

60. You give to the day what the day needs. In the same way, you give to the night what the night desires. The desire of the night is calmness; receive that calmness that is devoid of troubles. Good night, my sister.

61. What may not be seen clearly in the day is better seen at night with the lenses of the mind is relaxed. Let love lead the way. Good night, my sister.

62. No matter how dark the night may be, the brightness of your life can never be hidden. I hope you have a real rest; good night, my dear sister.

63. The beauty of our galaxy in the night overshadows the dread that comes with it. With the beauty of your life, the world is illuminated. Welcome the night with full gear because you are unstoppable. Good night, my sister.

64. The beauty of the moon is only cherished only if it hides in the darkness for in darkness is its full glare seen by mortals. No matter where you find yourself, you will always shine out. Enjoy your night, my sister.

65. The night is beautiful; it gives room for a deeper reflection, echoes of the words spoken during the day reverberate and the confusion that emanates from the day is dissipated with better understanding. Good night, my sisters.

66. How important the night is! Without the night, the brightness of the day may never be appreciated. Without you, many lives may be forever hidden, so let the rise take you to the place of glory. Good night, my sister.

67. Sheathe your swords, the night has come. Take upon yourself the garment of love, for such is befitting now. Good night, my sister.

68. The night deceives those without understanding, but for someone like you meditation comes for deeper innovation. So, let the night take you into the realm of creativity. Good night, my sister.

69. The mattress is not your enemy, fight it not. The pillow is your friend, not a foe. Worries that want to deprive you of beautiful night rest is what you should kick out. Good night, my dear sister.

70. No matter how dark the night is; it brings out the best in you. The night is for your good, good night, my sister.

Good Night Sister Prayer Messages

The messages of the night are for a relaxation of the body and spirit. As you prepare to go to bed, I pray that you find peace and comfort, my dear sister. Good night to you.

71. Dear sister, today I want to tell you a secret: the Lord has promised never to leave you forsaken. Good night.

72. To my only sister, you are a great asset to the family. I pray that nothing will be hindering your progress in life. Good night, my sister.

73. Dear Sister, the entire world can pause. They can stare at us. They can even decide to run ahead leaving us alone. But one thing is sure, you can never be left out of goodness and prosperity. Good night, dear sister.

74. My lovely sister, no matter how far the distance between the earth to the moon is, you will find comfort and peace. Good night to you.

75. To my lovely sister, the garden is full of flowers; you are such a flower. Your beauty will glow to the world and no one can pluck you out Let the rest of this night refresh your spirit. Good night.

76. Dear lovely sister, my mind is full of thoughts because I have every moment to think about you. I admire and cherish your determination to succeed. Good night my sister.

77. To my sister, the day may extend itself for as long as possible but even if it is just a moment in the night, your rest will certainly come. Good night, my sister.

78. Dear sister, my mind has two angles of thought: first, counting the days to meet up and chat with you. Second, to reflect and the moments we spend together and relish in the memories. Good night, my dear sister.

79. Dear sister, as nothing can come between the day and the night, then nothing can come between you and a fulfilled life now and forever. Good night, my dear sister.

80. My dear sister, God designed you to fit perfectly into the world of possibilities. May your life always reflect success. Good night, my love.

81. I pray that the showers of blessings upon you and your family will always appear; it shall not cease. Good night, my sister.

82. As the night comes over the world from our side here, I pray that everything around you will resonate with peace Good night, dear sister.

83. Your glory will never be replaced instead it shall keep growing from one level to another. Enjoy the beautiful rest of the night. Good night, my lovely sister.

84. Dearest sister, no matter how gloomy the day may be, the brightness of the sun gives delight to the hardworking hands. Your rewards shall come fast; it shall no longer delay. Have a good night.

85. Today is used up it’s time to rest. May all your labours give you a reward that is overwhelming. Good night, my dear sister.

86. No one can hold back the night from manifesting; your fulfilment and greatness shall o man be able to contain. Have a good night, my dear sister.

87. My dearest sister. The place of your success will not be given to another person just as the day cannot be traded with the place of the night. Good night, my dear sister.

88. The sun has gone to rest, it’s time for you to also rest. I pray that your rest will never be truncated by any evil occurrence. Have a great night rest, my dear sister.

89. You are a sister in a million, I admire you daily. Enjoy a good night rest, my sister.

90. You give to the day what the day needs; that’s hard work. In the same way, you give to the night what the night desires; that’s REST. Therefore, I pray that your labours will never go unrewarded. Good night, my sister.

91. Your success will never be hidden. No one hides the glory of the sun. Good night, my sister.

92. The glory of your life will illuminate every corner of your life; no matter how dark the night may be, it is for your rest. Good night, my dear sister.

93. Dearest sister, keep pushing ahead. The day and the night are never tired of going in turns, so don’t be discourages. Look forward to a better tomorrow, and it shall be yours. Good night, my sister.

94. You are where you are for a reason; you are to shine. The beauty of the moon is only cherished only if it hides in the darkness for in darkness is its full glare seen by mortals. Enjoy your night, my sister

95. The beauty of the night gives room for a deeper reflection, forget the mistakes of the day and process the solutions with the night. Good night, my dear sister.

96. Dearest sister, never get discouraged when things are difficult, you may be the door that leads to the victory of others. I pray that you will a solution to the problem of the world and never an addition to problems. Good night, my sister.

97. As the night approaches, I pray that the revelation that will make you provide solutions to the challenges in your surroundings shall be revealed to you. Good night, my sister.

98. The night deceives those without understanding, but for you, my dear sister. It is the time to receive answers to our struggles. I pray you receive yours. Good night, my sister.

99. Worries that want to deprive you of beautiful night rest is what you should kick out. I pray that you receive power to overcome them all. Good night, my dear sister

100. May the heavens watch over you. Good night, my sister.

Since the night is for rest, then resting on a high note is also very important. Sending any of these messages listed above to any of your sisters tonight or any other night coming will make her glad that you have her in your heart. Please share with your friends.


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