Good Night Prayers for My Wife

Good Night Prayers for My Wife

Nothing is more beautiful than having an amazing woman as your wife. A woman who has your back in everything you do. A woman who takes care of the home without waiting for you. A woman who knows your worth and acts accordingly.

A woman like this deserves all the prayers in the world. Even though women are seen as prayerful people, there’s nothing wrong in a man praying for his wife also. You both are partners, and things should be mutual between you.

Whether your wife had a good or bad day, these good night prayers for my wife are best to send to her, just before she sleeps off. You don’t want to see the excitement when she gets one of the prayers below from you. This will make her realize that she married a true king.

Good Night Prayer Messages for Your Wife

My darling wife, you make my life so beautiful. You have always been helping out with sorting the bills. I don’t know what I would do without you. Tonight, I just want to appreciate and pray for you. May God continue to lift you higher than your expectations. Amen. I hope you have a good night.

1. My darling wife, I know it was a very long day. You work so hard that you even forget to take good care of yourself. While I keep wondering where you get all the strength from, here’s wishing that you have an even happy life, because you deserve it. God bless you for all you do. Good night, my queen.

2. A woman like you deserves all the prayers she can get because this family is still standing because of the sacrifices you keep making. You’re the most supportive wife ever. As the night draws near, I just thought I could say some prayers for you. God will continue to crown your efforts with success. Amen. Good night, wifey.

3. Everyone knows I am who I am today because of your love, encouragement and support. You’re by far the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and I won’t trade you for anything in the world. Thank you for always holding it down for me. May happiness always find its way into your life. Good night, darling.

4. I know I keep saying this, but I’m never going to stop. You’re the best wife ever, and I’m thankful to be doing life with you. The journey hasn’t been all rosy, but I thank God for a wife like you beside me. It’s bedtime, my love. Here’s wishing God’s grace and mercy upon you. Good night.

5. With a praying wife, nothing is impossible. There’s nothing you haven’t done to keep this family together. You work so hard than every other woman. Your presence in my life settles everything, my wife. I pray that you keep being a source of joy to this family. Good night.

6. I just thought it would be nice to send some prayers your way this night. You have been with me through every step I have taken in my life. You love me, encourage and pray for me. In fact, praying for you is the least I can do. May God make your sleep a peaceful one. Good night, my woman.

7. I never knew having a good woman could change a man’s life. Now, look at me. I’m practically living the life of my dreams, with the most beautiful woman in the world. How lucky can one be? Thank you for filling my life with so much joy. You shall never be found wanting. Amen. Good night, woman.

8. I hope you know just how much you mean to me. My darling, you practically do everything alone. Whenever I’m away on a business trip, I have no reason not to focus, because you have everything under control. Trust me, I owe you so much, and I will fulfil each of my promises. God bless you, wifey. Night.

9. It was a very long day for me, but I’m never going to let the day end without acknowledging the fact that I have the most beautiful woman in my life. I have been sleeping beside you for years, and the feeling is still the same. Honey, I’m stuck with you forever. Thanks for all you do for me and the kids. We love you. May you have a peaceful night.

10. I have never stopped enjoying peace, ever since I got married to you. People warned me against this marriage, but I knew what was in it for me. I’m now a better man. You made that happen, and I’m grateful to you. It can only get better with us, from here. Good night, my love.

11. Whenever I look at you, I still feel the same way I felt, the first time I still have my eyes on you. I don’t even know I have managed to feel like this for years now. You keep loving me the same. My life keeps getting better. I can’t be more thankful, my love. May God answer all your silent prayers, as you sleep tonight. Have a good night.

12. Whoever wants to know what a good life feels like should come to meet me. I never knew the future holds greater things for me. This is only happening because you’re in my life. The kids and I love and wish you the best. May you continue to be relevant. Good night, love.

13. If only I could be permitted, then I would love to say my vows again. I keep loving you with each passing day. Never have I felt this way for a woman. There’s something so different about you, and it sets you apart from others. I cherish you, my queen. I hope God keeps keeping you. Good night, sweetheart.

14. You’re the queen of this kingdom. I couldn’t have chosen a better woman, because you are and will always be the best amongst them all. I’m happy and grateful that I have you, my wife. How did today’s work go? I wish you huge success on all your pending projects. Good night, sweetie.

15. God always saves the best for the last and that’s what happened to me. Just when I thought I wasn’t going to find s good woman God sent you into my life. You didn’t only make my life better than you met it, you made my world come alive completely. I’m indebted to you forever. Good night, and have a sweet dream.

16. Women like you are very rare to come by. Honestly, I still haven’t figured how I got so lucky. It still feels like a dream. And trust me, if it’s a dream, I never want to wake up. How was your day, my wife? Whatever happened today is gone already. Tomorrow will be better. Good night.

17. One of the things I love about you, is how you take good care of our children. Whether or not I am around, you always make sure they lack nothing. These guys are so full of love. You’re really doing a good job, wifey. Don’t worry, I owe you one. It’s night already. Make you have the sweetest dreams. I love you.

18. Even before I got so close to you, I have always loved you from afar. I was the happiest man, the day you accepted to be my wife. Up till now, that hasn’t changed. It only keeps getting better. For you, I am ready to do anything. You will continue to always be a source of joy to us. Good night, sweetheart.

19. I don’t mind spending all my money on you, baby; as long as you keep making me happy. I was never a happy man before I met you. But now, I’m undoubtedly the happiest man living. You have given me more peace than I enjoyed while I was with my parents. You’re the sweetest wife ever, and I wish you good luck in all you do. Good night.

20. I don’t even know how you do it, I just know you’re the best wife ever. You’re not even a full-house wife, but you take care of everything that concerns the family. My dear, you deserve more than I keep giving you, but I’m hoping that God answers my prayers real quick. You will enjoy me. Good night, sweet.

21. Whoever claims they have the best wife, hasn’t met you. You’re the best wife in the world, and you deserve an award for that. You don’t mind putting down all you have, just to make sure this family doesn’t suffer. May God continue to lift you up. You will always be the head and not the tail. Amen. Good night.

22. You’re one of the most special women on earth. I never knew I could be so serious with my life. You came into my life and keep pushing me to do more. Everything I have gathered all these years was a result of the push you keep giving me. I’m grateful, and I hope you don’t ever lack anything good. Amen. Have a good night.

23. Nothing in this world will ever make me be unfaithful to you. You’re the sweetest woman ever, and it’s a privilege to be your husband. We have a happy family because of your labour of love and sacrifices. I owe you my love and loyalty forever. Here’s wishing that God answers your prayers as you sleep tonight. I love you.

24. I feel like I have known you my whole life; I feel like I need you in my life. I have never stopped feeling this way, ever since we got married. You’ve never left my side. You have my back like it’s no one’s business. Sweetheart, if I ever betray you, that means I’m ready to die. May the hands of God rest upon you, as you sleep. Good night.

25. No one claps harder than you, whether or not I win. You’re always there to cheer me up. You don’t mind giving up your happiness for me. I see all you do, my wife. I’m thankful for everything, and I hope to keep being the best husband. It’s night, and time to sleep. May God make your dreams come true, as you sleep tonight. I love you.

26. I will continue to do my best in making you happy because that’s one of my vows to you. I will continue to have your back, come rain and shine. I will never let you go through anything alone; whether bad or good. In short, you can always count on me. How was your day, babe? Do have a good night filled with God’s blessings.

27. Looking out for others is one of the features that got me attracted to you. You are best at doing that. Even though it requires going out of your comfort zone, you still make that happen. It’s so sad that people don’t give you the credit you deserve. Well, I’m not one of them, so I will keep giving you your flowers. How about we call it a day? Good night, love.

28. You have really gone through a lot, in this life. I thank God for making me be side-by-side with you, on this journey. It’s been tough, but we keep finding strength in one another. I pray that your days of worry and sadness end soon. Amen. Here’s wishing you a good night with sweet dreams. Mwah!

29. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Whenever I see you, beauty is all I see. I’m not even there handsome, yet I ended up with the most beautiful woman. I can’t wait to see how beautiful our kids will look. It’s been a long day dear, and now, I just want to sleep. Good night, my love.

30. You’re the best at what you do. Honestly, I have never seen a woman as versatile as you. You can do literally everything. I want to thank you for choosing me. I will keep forgiving you till the kingdom comes. Have a good night, my woman. May you see God in all you do.

31. Choosing a life partner was a bit challenging for me, but I just knew you were the best option. Years down the line, I’m glad I made the right choice. Our lives together look and feel the best. This marriage feels like heaven. My day is made already because I have you. Good night, love. You’re blessed and highly favoured.

32. I never knew God was preparing the best woman for me. I thought I was going to suffer, because there seemed not to be a better woman, back then. Right now, I’m filled with thanks to God. Thank you also, for loving and accepting me the way I am. I hope that God keeps surprising you. Good night, sweetheart.

33. Nothing beats being married to a hardworking and ambitious woman. My dear, I don’t feel threatened by your success at all. In fact, it gives me the right to brag. I’m not like other men. I will keep supporting your dreams, because a win for you, is a win for me. I pray that God keeps lifting you up. Good night.

34. I’m not surprised that you keep making waves, despite how overcrowded the space is. You keep beating your competitors down. What a courageous woman you are! You know what you want, and you keep going for them. You can always count on my loyalty. Good night, and have a lovely night rest.

35. You’re good at making the best decisions. In fact, I have trusted you with the most important decisions in my life, and you’ve never failed in delivering. I thank God for choosing you for me. As you close your eyes to sleep, may God manifest Himself in your life. Good night, and have a good sleep.

Sweet Good Night Prayers for My Wife

I just thought to send you some good night prayers since you’re the sweetest wife. Honestly, I feel so lonely without you, but I’m patient because you are away for the betterment of this family. May God keep guiding your ways, wifey. Have a good night.

36. You work so damn hard, and you deserve some quality time to rest, but you don’t ever do that. For you, time is money. Yes, I agree, but you also have to understand that without good health, you will not make money. My dear, start resting. I pray God gives you the rest you deserve. Good night, my love.

37. Ever since we became bed partners, I have never stopped having sweet dreams. God keeps showing me, unconditional love. I’m grateful for your presence because it has made me see a whole lot. I pray that God continues to keep you away from danger. I hope you have a wonderful night rest, my love. I love you.

38. After all you’ve done for me, it will be a sin not to love you. With every breath of my life, I’m grateful for all you keep doing. You’re an exceptional lover and wife. As you keep going forward, I pray that God continues to make things easy for you. You shall never beg for food. I love you so much, wifey. Good night.

39. I will always wish you good luck in everything you lay your hands on because that’s exactly what you deserve. How can a woman be so selfless and sweet like you? I have spent the best times of my life right beside you. I hope to spend many more. Good night, my wife. May you wake up rejuvenated tomorrow. I love you so much.

40. I will always talk about you everywhere I go. Having a wife like you feels like an answered prayer. Well, God keeps answering my prayers. He keeps making me excel, and I know it’s because you’re my wife. Tonight, I’m wishing that all the happiness you bring me, comes back to you in multiple folds. Amen. Good night, love.

41. These are surely the best times of my life. I have never been this happy with any other woman; not even my mom. You’re just so kind and special. I hope I don’t get to lose you in this life. I pray that God keeps guiding you as you make important decisions. Amen. Good night, my sweetheart. You’re loved forever.

42. You keep making me happy. Tell me why I will ever stop loving you. I’m now convinced that you’re in my life to make it better. You’re in my life to make sure I don’t miss it. You’re in my life to make sure I keep doing what is right. You have been a blessing, and I hope God’s blessings never depart from you. Good night, sweet wife.

43. In case you didn’t know, you’re the reason I work so hard. I want you to have all the good things of life. I don’t ever want you to lack anything. I want to take good care of you, so our children can be proud of me. This is my promise, and nothing’s going to make me look back. Good night, love. May God appear to you in your dreams.

44. You have been a sweetheart, from day one. My family loved and accepted you, the moment I took you home. It’s safe to say the feeling is the same with everyone. I made a great choice, my love. Thank you for loving and wanting the best for me. This man is hooked with you forever. Good night, and make sure you pray before you sleep. I love you.

45. If there’s anything that’s still making this family stand strong, then it’s your prayers. You wake up as early as 12:00 am, just so you can pray for the family. Then before 8:00 am, you’re already on your way to work. Only a woman of God can do this. I’m so appreciative of everything you do. May God thank you specially. Good night.

46. You’re the wisest woman ever. You make decisions for yourself and also help in making decisions that will benefit me. No man is luckier than me. All I want to keep doing is become the best husband. I promise to continue loving you. Close your eyes already, my wife. It’s bedtime. Wishing you God’s divine appearance tonight.

47. With the way you love me, I’m certain that God is so particular about me. God wants to bless, that the whole world would see how powerful He is. I’m ready for them. My wife, close your eyes now. I pray God gives you knowledge whenever you truly need it. I pray He guides you till the end. Sleep tight, my love.

48. Ever since I knew you, I have always known that you’re a special woman. Some men will kill to have you, trust me. You’re every man’s dream, but I’m grateful that you ended up with me. I just wanted to wish you a good night. May you be a point of contact to those who need God’s blessings. Amen.

49. I love the way you love me. Despite my flaws, you still love me. What would I have done without you? We’re in this together, my love. I just wanted to know how you’re fairing and wish you a good night as you sleep tonight. May God’s love be sufficient for you. Good night, love.

50. The fact that we’ve never gone to bed angry, is the highlight of this marriage for me. You have taught me how to have a forgiving spirit. You made me understand that there’s nothing in this life; all is vanity. If I hadn’t met you, I won’t know half of what I know now. You’re a blessing, and I hope you keep being so. Good night.

51. My love, anything you want, ask me and I will do it for you. You’ve stood up for me so many times. Even when I wasn’t doing the right thing, you were still there for me. I’d rather have you forever than have the world on my side. You’re my world, and so you matter to me. Good night, sweetheart. May you never be put to shame.

52. I know you had a long day because I know how tasking your job is. You deserve a better one, and I’m sure God is making provisions already. I just want to wish you a sweet goodnight, my love. May God’s face shine on you. May He touch you with his hands of love. Amen. Make sure you dream of me.

53. It has always been my dream to end up with one of the best women; if not the best. You have never gotten tired of me, ever since we started this. You want the best for me, and that’s so clear for even the blind to see. I’m very grateful for all you keep doing. I hope God blesses you more, my wife. Here wishing you have sweet dreams tonight. Love you, baby.

54. I have had quite a number of relationships in the past, but I’m glad the best one gave me my dream marriage. I had always thought there my parents’ marriage was the best. But when I got married to you, I knew that better ones exist. Thank you for doing this with me. It’s been a pleasure. Good night, baby.

55. You sum up my life in a nutshell. You can easily be connected to everything about my life because you’ve always been there. You have never left me. Even when the world tried to make us part ways, it only got better. Now, we’re here. All thanks to God. My love, here’s wishing you a good night filled with the blessings of God.

56. I’m always on my best behaviour, whenever I am with you. I’m always myself because you allow me. You’re the best wife ever. You don’t judge me, and even when I cry, you make me understand it’s okay for a man to shed a tear. You will only keep seeing the best part of me, love. Good night, and sweet dreams.

57. In life, good things often come to the best people. As far as I am concerned, I have always been a good man. I decided to wait for God’s will, and He sent you. Thank God I didn’t feel the need to rush; it could’ve been a living hell for me. I love you so much. May God continue to keep you. Good night, love.

58. Many people don’t know how love works. I’m just thankful that I ended up with a woman who makes me understand more about love. Without you, I won’t know what it means to love. Thank you for loving me, despite my flaws and ugly sides. I will continue to honour you. Good night, my wife. May you receive the best news tomorrow.

59. There’s nothing I won’t do for you, my wife. You own me. Whatever is mine, is yours. I’m ready to share even my kidney with you. You’re my best part, and you deserve an undiluted love. Thank you for choosing me. May God keep crowning your efforts with success. Good night, my love.

60. You’re all I need, to be a happy and blessed man forever. The impact you keep making in my life is priceless. I’m thankful that I ended up with a woman you loves and looks out for me. You know how much I love you. I’m not ready to feel any better than this. You’ve captivated me in your love forever. Good night. Wake up beautiful, tomorrow.

61. You’re good looking, but your heart is the most beautiful part of you. If only people know this; they will learn to place more value on you. Well, I know this, and I guess that’s all that matters. How was your day, my love? I didn’t have a really good day, but I’m hoping tomorrow is better. Have a good night, love.

62. When I was down and was almost doubting God, you were the only one I saw. You were the only one who kept telling me that God cannot fail. You were the only one who kept my faith alive. Thank you, my wife. Now, I know the importance of a good wife. I hope your day was as good as mine. Good night.

63. Much more than you’ve always done for me, may God do for you. You will only keep going from glory to glory. You will not be cast away. God will perfect all that concerns you. You will never have a reason to mourn. It’s your time to laugh, and it’s happening now. Amen. I just thought to send you some prayers. Good night, my love.

64. You have never kept anything away from me. Before I ask you anything, you’re ready to tell me about it. What have I done to deserve a woman like you? You’re my biggest blessing so far, and I don’t need any more blessings. Because with you, I already have everything. God will continually increase you. Good night, dear.

65. You have never disrespected me, even though you earn more than I do. You have never shut me up. Not all women can do the things you do for this family. I’m convinced that you were specially made for me. I will continue to do my best, to make sure you always get what you deserve. Here’s wishing you God’s speed in all you do. Good night.

66. I have never had a better night outside of our matrimonial bed. This only makes me understand that that’s exactly where I belong. You have never shut me out. You enjoy spending time with me, as much as I do. I love everything about you, and it’s going to be like this forever. May you have a wonderful night rest. Love.

67. You will always be enough for me. Nothing in this world will ever make me consider cheating on you. In you, are where my loyalty lies. I will continue to be a better husband to you, and a better dad to our kids. Please keep supporting me. God bless you as you do. Good night.

68. If only you know how important you are to me. I have always loved you. You’ve always been in my corner. Unlike other women who make life a living hell for their husbands, you only keep giving me peace. I enjoy being in this marriage with you, my wife. May this night be better than your day. Good night, dear.

69. If I could give you anything now, then it will be the world. My baby, I love you so much and I wish I can make your dreams come to. No woman is as amazing as you are, and that’s why I keep wishing you the best. God bless you more, as you close your eyes to sleep tonight. Good night, my lovely wife.

70. I have not even started with you at all. I will make sure the whole world knows how blessed I feel to have you in my life. Gone through so many heartbreaks, but your love found me again. Here I am, bigger and better. I’m grateful to God and a supportive wife like you. I love you, wifey. Have a good night.

Best Good Night Prayer Quotes for My Wife

You are the best wife in the world; and for always supporting me, you deserve some beautiful prayers. Tonight, I’m sending this with joy in my heart. May the angels of God’s goodness locate you. You will have sweet dreams. You’re blessed beyond measures, in Jesus’ name. Amen. Good night, my wife.

71. My day will never be complete without wishing the best part of my life, a very good night. You’re one of the reasons I work tirelessly, and I’m glad how you keep giving me reasons to continue what I do. You’re an amazing woman, and I’m glad I got the best mom for our kids. May God bless you with joy and peace. Good night, my love.

72. Thanks to God for our divine meeting. Ever since it happened, God has only kept showing Himself. I never knew marriage could be this sweet. Thank you for choosing to be with me on this journey. It’s worth everything, with you. It’s nighttime, sweetheart. Let’s go to bed. May God answer all our prayers. Amen.

73. You’re better than the best wife on earth. Well, I think you’re the best. Whoever is competing with you is just wasting their time. Being with the best woman has changed my life. Everything about me now feels like a fairytale. Thank you for bringing sweetness along with you. May it never finish. Good night, my love.

74. Feels like I have known you all my life. You’ve been my love and best friend, from day one. I keep thanking God for giving me the best man for a partner. If it weren’t for you, my life would’ve been shattered. Thank God for the best woman. Here’s wishing you all the love and happiness in the world. Good night.

75. I needed no one to tell me because I knew I was making the right choice. Who would’ve thought? People thought I wasn’t serious with my life, so I wasn’t going to find a good woman. Little did they know that God had the best plan for me. It feels so good to be living my dream. Cheers to a wonderful night, wifey.

76. People thought I wasn’t going to make it, but God shut them up with my marriage. I picked up the stones thrown at me and made something meaningful out of my life. For standing by me, make God meet you at the point of your needs. You will continue to experience God in everything. I love you, wifey. Good night.

77. The best part of my life is you. My story will be meaningless without you. You made me understand that God truly saves the best fit the last. I want you to know that you will never be alone. I will be right by you forever. I love you so much, my wife. Have a good night with answers to your prayers.

78. Nothing beats having a praying wife; one will always have peace of mind. The peace I keep experiencing in this marriage is priceless. Where were you when I had it tough? Where were you when I needed peace? Well, I’m thankful that you’re here now. I can keep enjoying peace for as long as I wish. May your life keep enjoying peace. Good night, love.

79. You know so much about me, yet you have never used it against me. I still don’t know what matter of woman you are. You have my back like your life depends on them. You don’t ever want to be far from me, just so you can be sure I am fine. I know I will always be fine, with you. Good night, sweetheart. I love you.

80. No matter how much the world tries to bring you down, you can always count on me. You’ve been my favourite person, for a very long time. You are always happy whenever I win. I’m convinced that you were made for me. I won’t stop till I give you the best. Good night, my darling. I love you forever.

81. Honestly, things are not easy, but with you in my life, I’m convinced that God will keep showing up. Thank you for coming into my life. If not for you, I would’ve ended up with someone who doesn’t deserve me. Just so you know, I’m indebted to you for life. Good night, my queen. Wake up very early tomorrow.

82. You love your job, but you love your family more. You hate to be lazy, but family is everything to you. You keep striking a balance between work and family. You run both with your sweat and blood. I want you to know that God is not done with you. As a matter of fact, He’s just getting started. So, be ready. Good night, dear.

83. My day can only be made if my wife has a good day. Without this, I can never be happy. With our hard work, you deserve to have a day free of drama; whether from your boss or anyone. From henceforth, I’m wishing you stress-free days. God will ease up your work. Amen. Good night, my baby.

84. What a year! You’ve really gone through it all. One thing I am grateful for is that I never left you throughout these times. God granted me the patience I needed. Now we are here; bigger and better. It can only be God. I pray that we keep experiencing Him in everything. Good night, my wife.

85. You have been through a lot, and you deserve to know exactly what’s next for you. As you sleep tonight, I pray that God shows you the path to your breakthrough, in your dream. He will show you how to go about achieving your goals. Amen. Sleep tight, my lovely wife. I love you so much.

86. What I feel for you is so strong, and everyone knows that. You’ve been my greatest blessing for a long time now. We have always been together, and there has been no time I regret ever falling in love with you. Instead, I consider it a blessing This night, I’m wishing you lots of sweet dreams. Keep being amazing. Night.

87. A woman like you deserves to succeed in everything she lays her hands on. You’re just too focused to fail. Tonight, I pray that the door to your success be open. God will manifest Himself in your life, as you trust in Him. You will never have any cause to mourn. I love you so much, queen. Have a good night.

88. The best nights of my life are the ones spent with you. Whenever I’m off on a business trip, you’re all I think about. You’re my life and essence. Without you, things will not be this beautiful. Thank you for always finding your way into my arms. I love you forever, baby. Good night, and be ready for a wonderful day tomorrow.

89. My life is only sweet because I have the sweetest person. You’re my everything. You’re all I have always wanted to have. Now, I have you, I promise to keep taking good care of you. You will never regret ever falling in love with me. Here’s wishing you a good night coupled with more blessings from God.

90. In my dreams, you’re all I see. It’s safe to say you’re a blessing to me. You’re my evening. I will only keep wanting more of you because I can never have enough. I know you had it rough today. Relax and take your time. Make sure you have a sound sleep. I wish I could kiss you now, though. Good night, my woman.

91. Without an alarm, you wake up every morning and make sure you wake me up as well. You heat my water for a bath and make sure my office clothes are well pressed. You serve me breakfast before leaving for work. Now, I have had dinner. What more can I ask for? Thank God I married you. Good night, my love.

92. We are not only a couple; we are business partners. Trust me, I have never seen a better business partner than you. The fact that you maintain poise and maturity when it comes to our business, is everything. There’s time for everything, and you keep understanding what that means. You’re the best. May our business keep booming. Good night.

93. Even after three kids, you’re still as beautiful as ever. Just like the first time I set my eyes on you, you still sweep me off my feet. Every time I hear you talk, my heart skips a beat. We’ve only been able to maintain this love, because of God’s love for us. It will only keep getting better. Good night, my wife.

94. My woman; my everything, what would I have done without a woman like you. A woman who supports my dreams, while she has hers. A woman who keeps the home in good shape, despite her busy schedules. I’m blessed to have you, wifey. I hope we’re both blessed forever. Have a good night.

95. Things have never been clearer. I now have a clearer picture of my future, because I have you. We have been very helpful to each other. We keep solving our problems without inviting a third party. It’s not been easy, but we keep learning. I never ever want to be away from you, dear wife. I love you till the kingdom come. Good night.

96. I pray that this night shall be a wonderful night for you. You will have the last laugh. God will keep you and guide you. You will never be cast away. Things will get better for you. You will wake up safe and sound, by morning. Amen. Do have a good night, my love. Lights out!

97. I love how you’re mindful of everything that concerns me, without minding if anyone is watching or not. Aren’t you just the sweetest person? Know that, no matter what your worries are, God can solve them. He has more than enough, so take it to Him in prayers. Your prayers are answered. Good night.

98. I have never seen anyone woman who believes in God than you. You’re a strong believer in God. My praying life is only active because of you. Thank you for making me burn for Christ. Thank you for making me a changed man. Let’s keep believing in God; He shall heal every part of our lives. Good night.

99. No matter what your worries look like, take it to God in prayers. God is the only One who can settle you. He’s the only One who truly knows how you feel. I strongly believe He’s going to help you out of whatever condition you’re in. Don’t worry, this night shall be better than all those nights you had in the past. Good night.

100. You don’t have to worry about anything because you have a God who is bigger than your problems. That He hasn’t shown up, doesn’t mean He doesn’t love you. God will come through in due time; just believe. It is well with your soul, my wife. Have a good night.

Hello, dear reader. I hope you took your time to go through the good night prayers for my wife I wrote up there. I’m also very sure you got something for your wife. I hope that she loves what she sees when you send it to her. Please, don’t forget to tell others about this page. Thank you for always sticking.

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