Good Night Wishes Messages and Quotes for My Brother

Good Night Wishes Messages and Quotes for My Brother

Siblings’ love is one of the most beautiful forms of love. The love that exists between a sister and brother or a brother and brother can be very sweet. One of the reasons is because brothers are mostly there for their siblings.

Whether they are younger or older, most of them feel obligated to protect and love their siblings. It’s quite rare to see a brother who doesn’t protect his siblings. Whether younger or older, most brothers have one’s back.

The love you enjoy from your brother should never be taken for granted. You must reciprocate in the best way possible. Doing that doesn’t necessarily have to be on his birthday or on any special occasion.

It could be after a long day’s work. In case you don’t want to do this physically, consider using these good night wishes messages and quotes for my brother below, instead. You can send it as a message or SMS. He will appreciate it, either way.

Good Night My Dear Brother Messages

A brother like you deserves to get something more than a good night message, but I hope you know that’s all I can do for now. You have been there for me since day one, and I can’t be more thankful. May God bless you more, my dear brother. Have a good night.

1. My brother, you are the most hardworking man in the entire world. From going to work every single day, to providing for this family even when you don’t have much. I hope I can be as selfless as you. How was work today? I hope you have a peaceful night.

2. You’re the best example of a big brother. You’re just perfect for me, and I thank God for making it easy for me to follow in your footsteps. I’m very sure I’m on the right track already. Thank you for being an amazing brother. I hope your day went well. Have a good night.

3. Honestly, I am yet to see anyone who works as hard as you do. You don’t even rest at all. Even at night, you must be on your laptop. While I envy your work ethic, I just wish you could take it a bit easy on yourself, so you don’t break down someday. You know I love you, bro. Good night.

4. Both my day and night will not be complete without telling you how much you mean to me. Ever since our parents passed, you have been there. You make everything easy for me, by contributing both financially and in every other way. Thank you for everything, bro. I will make you proud. Good night.

5. I know I am not the best sister, but I will not deny the fact that I have the best brother in the whole world. No other brother can tolerate all my excesses as you do. You love me for me, without any judgement at all. I’m thankful for a big brother like you, who only wants the best for me. How was your day? Good night.

6. Your girlfriend won’t stop telling me how wonderful you are. I have been enjoying since the beginning of my life because I have you as my brother. Today, I just wanted to appreciate you for everything you do. I honestly hope I eventually make you proud. Good night, bro.

7. You’re the most brilliant brother in the world. You keep doing well both academically and in every other aspect. I am proud of you, dear, and I hope you don’t stop being a good boy. How was school today? It’s night, already. Go and sleep. See you tomorrow morning.

8. Both my night and day can’t be meaningful without you. In fact, my whole life will be nothing without you. I’m thankful for the bond we share as siblings. It’s a good thing to have a sibling who doubles as my best friend. I love you so much, bro. I hope your day was good. Have a splendid night.

9. You inspire me in so many ways than you know. I have learnt never to be lazy from you. You have made me go double on my hard work, and I’m glad to be doing well. I hope you had an amazing day at work. I’m off to bed, bro. Have a good night.

10. You’re the only one I have in this world. You are my greatest supporter and the one that hypes me even when I am doing rubbish. Thank you for always having my back. I hope I never have a reason to disappoint you. Do have a good night, my brother.

11. To be very honest, you’re the best brother in the world. I have searched everywhere to see if I’d be able to meet anyone who has the same qualities as you, but I have found none. Thank you for always putting us first in everything you do. You have really tried, bro. Do have a wonderful night rest.

12. You’re doing very well, and this doesn’t even come off as a surprise to me, because I know how hard you work. You are not a lazy man. You don’t just wait for things to happen, you go for them. You’re an amazing example to me and everyone around. Thank you for being the best. Good night, my brother.

13. I’m not the only one that’s proud of you. Everyone has learned a thing or two from your success story. You make your life an open book for others to learn from. Being your little sister is the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and I doubt if anyone will ever come first. Good night, dear brother.

14. Even though we’re brothers, we are not best friends, but I love and appreciate how great you are. You are the leading man! Everyone wants to be associated with you because of you lift others up. Trust me, the good things happening in your life are no coincidence at all; they were planned by God. I love you, bro. Good night.

15. It’s hard to want to misbehave, and not think about the warnings you’ve given to me. Even though you’re a disciplinarian, everything you down all boils down to how much you love and want the best for me. Thank you for always setting me straight. I hope your day was great.

16. Everything about you is original; no wonder everyone wants to be your friend. You are amazing in every way, bro. I’m very blessed to have you as my brother. I’m thankful for all you keep doing, even when it’s not comfortable for you. I am hoping to make you proud someday. Good night, sir.

17. You are my young brother, but I love how you listen to me every time. You’re entitled to whatever you want to do with your life, but you still let me have my way, sometimes. You’re a good boy and I see a great future ahead of you. I just thought to send you something nice, tonight. Do have a good night.

Cute Goodnight Brother Quotes

I have the cutest brother in the world, and everyone knows that. You’re not only good looking, but your heart is also very beautiful. I just thought to send you a lovely quote before you sleep off. Good night, my brother.

18. I might come off as a hard brother, but it’s all because I want the best for you. I love you so much, and I’m never going to sit and watch, while you make mistakes. You’re a wonderful guy with a lot of potentials. If you leverage on them, you will go very far. Think about this. Good night, dear.

19. Isn’t it so amazing how we are two opposite gen but are the closest people ever. I can’t imagine sharing my secrets with anyone else. You’ve always had my back, brother. I’m thankful because you always look out for me, not minding if it’s convenient or not. Thank you for everything. Have a good night.

20. I won’t sleep if I don’t send you this message tonight. I just wanted to appreciate you for what you did in the afternoon. You have always been a caring brother, but today, you’ve earned my respect forever. Thank you for stopping by at the office with my lunch. I love you, bro. Good night.

21. You work too damn hard, without paying attention to whoever is watching. We all know you don’t have a good job for now, and you only accept menial jobs just to make ends meet. But you’re not ashamed of it at all. You’re so focused while at it. I’m very sure your better days are here already. I will keep rooting for you, bro. Good night.

22. No matter what the people of the world do, to pitch us against each other, their plans will only keep failing. We are the best brothers ever, and nothing can come between us; not even money. I’m very happy I’m going to be your brother forever. Do have a good night, brother.

23. I know everything about you, bro. I know when you’re happy, and when you’re not. You’re a very peaceful person who loves his space. Even though people keep misinterpreting the exact thing you stand for, you keep doing your thing without paying attention to them. You’re great already, bro. Good night.

24. I want to be like you in everything. I know you want me to be greater, but let me start by following in your footsteps. You’re the one who made me know the importance of following one’s dreams. I only God to know that I have a dream, of recent. Thank you for always bringing me out of my shell. I wish you have a good night.

25. I’m very sure the day was good because you bagged a major deal. I’m very proud of you, my brother. Looking back on how you started, I can only say “hard work truly does pay.” Thank you for going the legit way, when there are so many shortcuts. I owe you one, bro. Good night.

26. You made me understand what friendship means. You made me understand that family could be your worst enemy. You made me understand that one could make a good family out of friendships. Your whole life is an inspiration, trust me. Keep moving, bro. Good night.

27. I’d rather listen to you than sit in front of any motivational speaker. You motivate me more than anyone else, and you don’t even charge a dime; well, except for being a good brother to you. Thank you for raising the bar so high. I promise to do more than you. Good night, sir.

28. Some people choose others as their rode models and inspiration, but I’m glad I have all of these in my blood brother. Dear brother, you’ve made me do much more than I planned, and I’m super grateful for that. Thank you for the push; it was needed. Have a good night, sir.

29. Our childhood days were really not good. I was scared of what our future would look like, but I’m thankful it’s way better than what we had growing up. Thank you for always being a good example. You give so much love and expect nothing in return. You are the best brother. Good night.

30. I never knew we would be so close, one day. I’m thankful for this phase of our lives. We have been through so much, but God keeps coming through for us. You are the most supportive brother ever. With you, there’s no bad blood. I just hope we continue like this, so other people can know true love exists between siblings. I love you forever. Have a good night.

31. Our parents will be very happy and proud, up there. We did what they couldn’t do. I’m glad they gave me the best gift before they left. You are that gift, and I’m going to treasure you forever. I just thought to check on you, tonight. How was your day? Good night.

32. We could disagree on so many things, but we always come around, and you always respect my decisions as your elder brother. I’m not sure I have been the best brother, but I know that I am trying. God has been faithful to us, and we can’t deny his blessings. I saw what you went through earlier. I hope you were able to solve it. Have a good night.

33. You do everything like dad. I’m glad that dad had to replace himself with you because if not, I might have ended up on the streets. Thank you for making his legacy live on. Thank you for handling the company’s affairs like yours. Continue to be a good example. Good night, my brother.

34. Even though we are two brothers, we have never fought. I know it’s weird. People don’t ever believe, whenever I tell this to them. We have always thrived in love and cordiality. I love how we inspire siblings to love and believe in themselves. Glad to be doing this with you, bro. I hope your day was well spent.

Good Night Wishes for Brother

I have always had good intentions towards you, so I will always send you warm wishes. I hope that work wasn’t so stressful today. May you wake up rejuvenated and refreshed in the morning. Good night, my brother.

35. You’re the only one I trust with everything I have. Trust me, if you have been a bad brother, this wouldn’t have happened. You always make sure you look out for me. You’re selfless and amazing. I won’t stop thanking our parents for giving me the best brother. I hope your day was good. Have a good night.

36. I know you had a rough day, and that’s why I am sending this to you. Your boss has always been on your case, but for now, there’s nothing you can do. You will have to keep dancing to his tune, till you get a better job. This can be really depressing, but you’ve got it. I love you, bro. Good night.

37. In my happy and sad moments, you’ve always been there. As your little sister, I have never had a better covering. You keep making sure I am fine at all times. You shop for me and make sure I never beg for anything from my mates. Thank you for giving me what other brothers would never give their sibling, on a platter of gold. I love you forever. Night!

38. I just want to keep being the best elder brother to you. I want you to keep seeing me as a good example, instead of other people. I will keep doing whatever you want me to do, as long as you keep being a good girl. Please, don’t stop making me proud. Good night. With love from your brother.

39. It’s been such a great ride with you. You can be a handful, but you’re still the best little sister ever. I’m glad that you’re the one I am doing this with. You’re the most brilliant kid sister in the world, and I couldn’t have asked for a better person. I know you will never fail me. Keep doing good. Have a good night.

40. I just got back from work, and I thought to appreciate you for being the best brother anyone could ever wish for. You have done literally everything for me, but you don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. While I’m enjoying the attention and everything, I just thought to say thank you. Good night, bro.

41. You literally work your ass off, just to make sure no one lacks anything in this family. We will forever be indebted to you, for making our happiness your priority. You’re the best brother, son, and friend every family wishes to have. We all are proud of you, my brother. Sending this on behalf of the entire family. Good night.

42. If you weren’t my biological brother, I would be fighting our parents every day. I will go as far as fighting the family you belong to. But thank God you’re my brother and friend, and that’s what you will be forever. I love you, brother. How was work today? Do have a good night.

43. Your girlfriend is so problematic; always wanting to cause a rift between us. But trust me, I have cleared her already. Nothing and no one can come between us, because we are bonded by blood. Thank you for always listening to whatever I have to say, even when it’s irrelevant. I love you. Good night.

44. I will never fail to acknowledge your hard work on my growth. I mean, I’m not the same person I was, last year. A lot has changed about me, all thanks to you. You keep making it easy for me to learn how to live a good life. I don’t tell you this, but I keep learning from you. You’re the best, sir. I hope work didn’t stress you today. Good night.

45. Whether or not my cry is genuine, you will always want to join me, lol. People now see us as the same. You have been a brother and a very good friend. I have never imagined talking to any family member about whatever happens in my life. But with you, I do that effortlessly. Thank you for being you. Good night.

46. I never knew I would have a business of my own, at this age. All thanks to you! You held my hand, showed me what it means to be financially stable at a very young age, showed me how to go about it. Now, I am here! You made me, bro. And I’m thankful. I hope your day was fantastic. Good night, bro.

47. You taught me how to be unapologetic. You taught me how to always be myself, no matter who’s watching or wherever I find myself. This has really helped me in becoming who I am today. I took the lessons from my brother, and it gave me a good life. What manner of brother are you? Thanks for everything. Good night.

48. I’m very sure your day was hectic because you have a very strict boss who won’t mind killing you with work. That’s just one of the reasons I am sending this message. The second reason is to tell you how amazing you have been. You’re a very sweet brother, and you will be in my corner forever. Good night.

49. I don’t care about whoever is just coming into your life, all I know is that I will always come first. Do I even need to fight for that? We both know this. You treat me like an egg. You can’t stand people who talk to me anyhow. You love and trust me with everything. What more can I ask for? I have the best brother. Good night, dear. All my love.

50. Being your sister is my greatest blessing ever. Even at this age, you still look out for me like I am a day old baby. You spend on me like I am your girlfriend. You just place too many priorities on me. I love you so much. Thank you for all you do. I’m going to make you proud. Good night, my brother.

51. I have done this before, and I’m going to do it again. You’re the best kid brother ever. You’re the most stubborn, but I think it’s one of the reasons I love you. I just hope you stop using my ATM card without my permission, so we won’t keep fighting. I wish you the best in everything. Good night.

Good Night My Sweet Brother Quotes

I don’t care what anyone has to say, I have the sweetest brother in the world. You are not one of the stingy brothers. You’re so generous with your time and money. Why won’t I love you? I hope your day was as good as mine. Do have a good night, brother.

52. I don’t even know why I’m doing this, because you seem to be the most stubborn boy ever. It’s not easy to be a student, because of the stress that comes with it. But I hope you’re strong enough to pull through. Please, keep facing your studies. You will be fine. Do have a good night.

53. No matter how naughty you are, you will always be my brother. And because that comes first, I will always do my bit as a good big sister. How are you finding your new job? I hope you’re adapting to the change, though. Make sure you’re focused on the important things, and not frivolities. May God help you. Good night.

54. You sit and listen to my worries like your life depends on them. You think about them and helping finding a lasting solution for them. My dear brother, what would I do without you? I want you to know that I am nothing without your love and guidance. You’re the best. Good night.

55. I know it’s not enough to just send you a good night message, but I’m sure the day wasn’t good enough, and you need some words of encouragement. No matter how bad things get, if you have a positive mindset, you will always prevail. Get done with thinking about what doesn’t count, and start acting on the necessary. God will help you, bro. Night!

56. It’s not easy anywhere, my brother. I have a feeling that you don’t feel too good, hence, this message. No matter what you’re going through, God is the only One who can put a stop to it. Please, be closer to Him, and watch your problems go one by one. Tomorrow will be a great day. Good night.

57. My brother, things escalated so fast between myself and my boss, today. My boss has always been on my case. I am not sure what I have done wrong. Right now, I just need someone to talk to. I don’t know if you’re available to talk. If you’re not, then we will talk later. Have a good night. I love you.

58. Working under the best brother in the world, is like a dream come true for me. You’re not just the best brother, but the best boss. You know how to correct me without sounding harsh. And this isn’t because you’re my brother. That’s exactly how you treat other workers. I just wish other bosses can be like you. How was work today? Good night.

59. I got back from work just now, and my mind kept thinking about you and how much you’ve done for me in the past few months. My brother, you would lay your life down for me, just to make sure I am fine. What have I done to deserve this? Nothing will ever stop me from loving you. I will have your back forever. Good night.

60. It’s been such a hectic day. Well, I saw how our boss talked down on you, earlier. I don’t know where the hate is coming from, but I’m sure he feels intimidated by your intelligence. I don’t want you to think about that, as I believe it’s a stepping stone. To climb the ladder of success, you have to take many bullshits. You will be fine, bro. Good night.

61. You will make a very good husband and father. I have enjoyed you, almost all my life, and I can say for a fact that your wife and kids will be so blessed to have you. Thank you for the words of encouragement always. They always come in at the right time. I appreciate it. Good night, my brother.

62. My love and respect for you will always go up. I’m yet to see what will come between us. We’ve always been very close, right from the beginning. Our parents are even proud of us because we seem inseparable. Thank you for choosing me as your sister. I hope your day was good. Have a splendid night.

63. I hope we’ve both concluded that we can’t live without each other. We legit fell sick when we were apart for a few weeks. Since then, I have vowed never to be far from you; well, except for the fact that I get married someday. I can’t afford to love you forever. Good night, bro.

64. You’re my younger brother, but I always come to you for advice. You’re the best person to trust, in the whole world. I thank God for giving me such an intelligent brother, who always has a solution to my problems. I will choose you over and over again. Good night, bro.

65. Our parents must have done something right, for God to have blessed them with these two beautiful blessings. I can’t imagine their lives without us, not to talk of my life without you. Thank God we keep progressing, against all odds. How was your day, my brother? Have a good night.

66. Without you, I doubt I would know what it means to love. As twin brothers, we fell in love with ourselves, the moment we stepped out of our mother’s womb. You were the first person I saw. And ever since, it’s been a wonderful journey. You’re the best travel buddy ever. Well done on all you do. Have a good night.

67. The only person in the world, who makes me proud, is you! I know your wins are my wins, but you deserve your flowers. Thank you for always putting this family name out there, in a good light, of course. I wish I could be celebrated like you, but I guess I’d have to wait for my time. Good night, brother.

68. I have never seen siblings who have the same understanding of things as us. It just feels like we have similarities in everything. We are not even twins; we just happen to come from the same parents. God works in mysterious ways. Now, tell me how your day went. Good night.

Good Night Brother Sms

This SMS is just to remind you that you are doing very well. You don’t have to listen or dance to the tune of anyone. Run at your own pace, and watch things happen your way. How was your day, anyway? Good night.

69. I have decided to drop this SMS, because of the things going on in the world, lately. Trust me, you need backing as strong as the Lord’s because the craziness in the world is overwhelming. No, don’t fret. The Lord will take absolute control of everything. Just believe. Good night, bro.

70. You’re the one who always talks me out of my sad moods. There’s nothing I have hidden from you, ever since we’ve been brothers. With you, I get vulnerable as much as I can. You love me, regardless of what happens in my life. Thank you for being in my corner. I hope to have you forever. Good night, dear.

71. You handle things maturely, more than I do. I have seen you go through the hardest times without anyone knowing about it; except me, of course. You’re best at tackling stuff as they arise, and I salute you for that. This night, I hope you do not ever experience the one that will be above you. Good night.

72. I can’t close my eyes without sending a good night SMS to my loving brother. You’re not just the best for me, but for everyone around you. I’m one of the most blessed people to have you. I hope that you keep doing well, no matter what the world does to stop you. Good night.

73. You have always been a perfect brother. Even other people get jealous of us. I had already set standards of whom I wanted my brother to be, but you beat all the standards I had. You came with full force. I love you with all my heart, brother. Have a sound sleep.

74. Whenever you’re not around, I always look forward to spending time with you, because times spent with you are always productive. You come up with new business ideas for me, every time. You just make sure you’re involved in everything that has to do with me. Thanks for you support so far. Good night, bro.

75. Your heart is the most beautiful place, that’s why I live there rent-free. Your heart accommodates people, not minding their backgrounds or beliefs. Honestly, I love everything about you, and sometimes, it’s just hard to believe you’re a man. Keep it up, bro. Have a good night.

76. It’s true that not all heroes wear capes. You have been through so much for me, but people don’t know this part of you. If only they know how wonderful you can be, they will learn to celebrate you more. Well, I don’t care what they feel. You’re my hero forever. Good night, my brother.

77. We have done so much together since we got mature. I love how we sort out differences without having to summon family members. We could keep shouting from morning till night, but we always come back to each other. Thank you for being a great brother. Good night, my brother.

78. It’s not easy to be a sister to such a stubborn boy like you. I have no idea how I survived this long. God must really love me because I couldn’t have pulled that on my own. How did work go today? In case you have any challenges at all, don’t hesitate to let me know. You’re loved, dear. Have a good night.

79. You have really struggled a lot. I have never seen a more hardworking man in my entire life. You put so much effort into bettering your life than listening to what jobless people have to say about you. Now that’s how to live life. Shunning them, while your success keeps making the noise. Keep doing me proud, bro. Good night.

80. I think you’re better than having a sister. With all I have heard from those who have sisters, I’m very sure that having a brother is the best thing to happen to me. I love you for all you keep doing for me, brother. Here’s wishing that you have a sound sleep. Good night, bro.

81. You are always willing to risk it all for me, even though I don’t make you proud enough. I honestly keep trying to make you see that I am worth everything you do for me, but things aren’t just working out. I’m sure they will, very soon. Thank you for everything, my brother. Have a happy night rest.

82. What more can I say, than to thank God for giving me more than a brother. You’re just one person, but you mean everything to me. Our parents are proud of me, because of you. You’ve invested so much time and money, to see me become who I am today. Thank you for the sacrifice. I will make you proud. Good night, my brother.

83. The most handsome guy in the world happens to be my brother. My friends won’t stop drooling over you. In fact, I have started receiving your groom price, lol. I’m just kidding, bro. But you’re just too handsome. If I weren’t your sister, I would’ve shot my shot. Hope you had a good day. Good night, bro.

84. Amidst all the craziness going on in the world, you’re the one who still keeps me sane. I don’t know what I would possibly do without you. Thanks for always coming through; it’s always timely. I hope you’re enjoying your new place of work. I wish you the best. Good night, bro.

Good Night Messages to Your Brother

You are my brother and very good friend. You’re the only one who understands my every mood, even without making an utterance. I’m so happy to have you in my corner because if not, things could’ve gone bad. Anyways, how did the day treat you? Good night, dear brother.

85. You always come through with the best advice. I don’t know how you do it, but you’re such a genius. I can’t believe I came before you. All your business strategies always work. I could’ve been paying for all you do, but I’m thankful you have this much knowledge about everything. I love you, bro. Good night.

86. Whether or not I get married someday, you will always be my king. You will always rule my world. I can’t possibly talk about my success without you. You’re literally the ladder that took me up. I won’t be ungrateful, bro. I will keep telling the world how amazing you are. Good night, my brother.

87. In a world where siblings stab themselves at the back, it’s hard to find a wonderful brother like you. I’m thanking God for this blessing because it’s so rare. So many people will kill to have a brother like you. Thank you for the love and support so far. I’m sure you enjoyed your day. Have a good night.

88. My life seems all rosy because you’re present. If it weren’t for you, things would’ve gone really bad. Thank you for always putting me first. For always considering my happiness and comfort before anything else, I am thankful. Here’s wishing you have the most splendid night. I love you, my brother.

89. Even though you keep tabs on my life like I am a baby, I still love you so dearly. There’s nothing in this world that will make us fall apart, even though you’re a very annoying elder brother. Well, I need so many things. When should I submit my lists? I hope you had a fantastic day. Good night.

90. There’s someone who is always good for everyone, and that’s who you are to me. You’re the best brother in the entire universe, and my life will make no meaning without you. Thank you for all these years of sacrifice. I will forever be indebted to you. I just thought to confirm you had a good day. Love you.

91. At this age, you still find ways to impose your decisions on me. I have tried to stop this, but I have come to realize that it’s just who you are; domineering. Your love for me surpasses all of these, though. I will forever be your little sister. I hope your day went as planned. Good night.

92. You clap for me, no matter what my win looks like. You’re always there to cheer me on when no one else cares. It’s not like you’re jobless or something, but you just feel the need to be there for me. I’m blushing so hard, right now. I hope you’re home already. Have a good night.

93. I’m already getting jealous of whoever you will end up with. I can’t imagine anyone taking my brother away from me. She would be a very blessed woman. Your kids will also love you because you’re just the best. Your love and care for me will never go to waste. Good night, my brother.

94. You’re the only one who’s always been by my side, apart from our parents. Even when anyone tries to cheat me, you come for them. Honestly, I don’t think I deserve so much love from you. But it happens that’s the only thing you give effortlessly. I love you so much. Good night.

95. It’s so cool to have such a wonderful brother; a truth sayer who doesn’t mince words at all. You were the one who taught me how to tell the truth always. Now I know it pays. Even though I didn’t get to choose my siblings, God gave me the best. I love you, my brother. Have a good night.

96. You always figure that I need your advice, and you come through with it, every single time. I have dodged so many bullets because of your advice. I’m standing here today because of how much you’ve helped me. It’s my wish that all your heart’s desires be granted. Good night.

97. You’re like a friend who knows all my secrets but never uses any of them against me. You are always there to help and support me. I’m a focused man because of your care and advice. I don’t have much yet, but I’m going to keep surprising you. I love you, my brother. Have a good night rest.

98. You play way too many roles in my life. You’re my business strategist, advisor, helper; I can go on and on. All I can say is thank you. I see all you do even in my absence. I’m never going to let you down. You will be proud of me, someday. Believe me, the day is almost here. Good night.

99. I don’t blame them people who treat family like trash. I mean, not everyone is as lucky as me. God has blessed me with an amazing brother like you, and I’m grateful for that. You will never regret having me as a younger brother, I promise. I hope you have a sound sleep. Good night.

100. Despite all the challenges I keep facing, you have never left me. I have lost so many friendships and relationships since this whole thing started, but you’re the only one who hasn’t given up on me. I wish I can hug you right now, my brother. Thank you for everything. How did work go? Good night.

Hey, there! Thank you for going through the good night wishes messages and quotes for my brother I listed up there. I hope you got one or two of them to wish your brother a good night. Please, kindly let me know how satisfied you are, by dropping your comment(s) below. It’s also important that you share this content with others. Thank you.

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