Goodnight Prayers for Kids and Children

Goodnight Prayers for Kids and Children

We all know kids are one of every parent’s assets. They are innocent and the heritage of every family. The need to always pray for them shouldn’t be something we can quantify. We can’t see all the activities they were involved in during the day neither can we protect them all through the night by sitting next to them when they are asleep.

Most times after the playful day, they sleep off at the slightest opportunity at night and know nothing again. As parents, it is our duty to always keep them safe by watching over them but when we also fall asleep, the need to become watchful lies solely on the prayer we prayed for with them after their bedtime stories.

We believed that these prayers will work for them because we have handed them over to their creator who neither sleeps nor slumbers. And the sign that they had a goodnight sleep filled with sweet dreams when they wake up is the beautiful smiles on their faces,

Below are some powerful goodnight prayers for kids and children you can use to make your kid(s) have a good night rest.

Powerful Goodnight Prayers for My Child

My child, it’s nighttime also really. I want you to always remember that I love and I hope you sleep tight knowing fully well that God will protect you and make you wake up stronger. This is my prayer tonight. Amen. Goodnight!

Check out these powerful prayers a child needs to sleep happily and calmly.

1. As you close your pretty eyes to sleep, I pray the angels to guide you and give you sweet dreams that will make you smile in your sleep. You are a special child to me and your creator. Good night and sleep sweet, my child.

2. I asked the angel to be your night watcher because since you are one of them, they will do the perfect job more than I can and keep you safe. Peaceful night and sweetest dreams to you my love.

3. As you drift off to bed, may you have a calm snore, a gentle toss and wonderful dreams. May the dreams you will have, give you a bright day coupled with a cute smile. I love you, baby. Blessed night, I pray for you child.

4. Days are filled with tests and stress, nights are for rest and sleep. So, do the latter to prepare for the former. Don’t just sleep off, also use this night to pray to God for sweet dreams as I have always prayed for you. Goodnight, lovely child

5. I want you to have a goodnight rest and so I asked God to take charge of your worries, I know he will handle them. So just trust him and sleep deeply with a beautiful smile on your face. Goodnight, my bubba.

6. As the earth relaxes, may you find peace in this blissful night. May you not lose a good sleep to bad dreams. May you sink into sleep and enjoy the sweetness in it. Sleep well, Angel.

7. Just as the day turns to night, the sun turns the moon. May all your worries turn to relief. All you need is just to put away your fears, take a hot shower, lay on your bed and enjoy your night. I love you, child. Sweet dreams.

8. Lord, I pray that you protect my little one as he drifts off to bed. Let the angels surround you with light and sweet dreams. Let him not be scared of the night rather let him enjoy the coolness in the dark night (Amen). Goodnight, my child.

9. Dear sweetest baby, just know that your nights are peacefully blessed because I have pleaded with God to personally watch over you. I have asked Him to not let you out of his sight. I have asked her to shower you with lots of interesting dreams. Blessed night, my sweet bubba.

10. The best time I love to pray for you is in the night because I get to talk to God to continue to shield you even when I am around you. You are a gift I will forever treasure. Sleep well, son.

Good Night Prayer Quotes for Kids

Sweet kids, sleep with all the peace in this world. You are always protected by the angels. May they keep you safe in your dreamland and bring you back strong and healthier than ever. Your night is blessed, kiddo. Good night!

These collections of goodnight quotes are what every child needs to hear from their parents.

11. Nights aren’t for only sleeping, it is also for having sweet dreams. Slight tight, baby

12. The stars in the night are a reflection of how shining our day was. Enjoy this beautiful view and have a goodnight rest princess.

13. You are as peaceful as the night, shinning as the stars and bright as the moon. Glad to have you as my own. Goodnight, my berry.

14. Nights look shorter, so make use of it by sleeping soundly and dreaming sweetly. Nice night, my little prince charming.

15. The heart finds peace mostly in the night, so enjoy the peaceful night with a calm heart. Goodnight.

16. Just as the stars brighten the night, may you shine worldwide with your unique talent. But for now, pleasant dreams my love.

17. Ice cream, candy and cakes might be sweet but the sweetest thing is sweet dreams. Have one or more my baby. Goodnight.

18. I get to recall how we spent the day together and mother and child in the night because that’s the time I smile and look at your innocent face. Goodnight and sleep well.

19. I pray that you receive inspiration from your dreams and protection from God. I love you always daughter. Goodnight.

20. I am sending you prayers this night and I hope the shinning stars will continue to lighten your way from now till old age. Goodnight, my star

Children’s Goodnight Prayer Quotes

The calmness of the night might makes you sleep quickly but my prayers are what will make you feel protected all through the night as it is coming from my heart. May God keep you safe tonight. Goodnight, darling children.

21. The night is that time when you pray for a beautiful night. Sleep well child.

22. The angels move in the night to grant your heart desire inform of no sweet dreams. Sleep tight, child.

23. The best time for fervent prayers is the night when the world is relaxed

24. The silent hours of the night are the period of your sweet dreams. Nighty night my strawberry

25. Even though it’s night, see the magic in it and not the darkness. Have a magical night, pinky.

26. Let your heart be calm, let your face be lit because it’s going to be a beautiful night. Goodnight, Princess.

27. Two signs of having a peaceful night are the twinkling stars and the brightened moon. Sleep well, my prince.

28. I always look forward to tonight because I get to read you your bedtime stories. It’s the best feeling ever. Goodnight, ginger berry

29. Close your beautiful eyes with the full assurance that the angels are with you. Sleep tight, daughter

30. The lullaby and bedtime stories are the first step to sleep but my hugs and prayers are the last steps to sleeping well. Pleasant dreams, my love.

Good Night Prayer Messages for Kids

There’s no sweeter thing than praying for the kids especially after bedtime stories. I pray for you tonight and hope you kids find safety in the presence of God. Believe in this prayer because it came from the depth of my heart. Good night!

31. Dear God, I pray for the kids this night that you shield them with your blanket of protection. Make them have a soothing sleep. Amen.

32. As you sleep dear child, may you hear the lullaby from Nightingale, have a fearless dream and feel the angelic protection. Goodnight, my love.

33. I am sleeping peacefully tonight because I have handed your night into God’s hand and I know he is going to protect you. Feel relaxed and safe child. Goodnight.

34. May the angels surround your room, may the twinkle stars shine brightly into your life. May you not have a sleepless night but a beautiful one. Goodnight to you, son

35. Dear God, I ask of you tonight to keep my kids safe day and night because they’re children of light, with no room for darkness in their lives.

35. May the cool breeze soothe your body, the beautiful stars lighten your way to where you will have sweet dreams. May the angels hover around you. Sleep well, child

36. The owls don’t sleep at night just to keep you safe, the bats don’t sleep at night just to alert you and the angels don’t sleep at night just to watch over you. Goodnight, sweets

37. The cool night, the shining stars, the singing birds, all remind me that you are always protected. Blessed night to you, child.

38. Night is the only time I don’t have to worry about you because your colleagues (the angels) are already doing the job. Goodnight my angels.

39. I pray tonight that you send the full moon to reflect onto my kids’ rooms and give them a wonderful sweetest dream.

40. Dear lord, as my kids sleep tonight, may them have a goodnight sleep and may them sleep so well so as to regain their strength. Good night, my berries.

Good Night Prayer Messages for Child

Hey child, I want you to have a pleasant sleep and it can only be fulfilled with God’s love and mercy that I’m sending to you. I hope you like it and remember that I will always love you. My prayers are with you always. Good night!

41. The night can only be good when the dreams are sweet. I pray you to have these dreams. Good night, my berry.

42. Apart from the teddy bear that is with you, I want you to know that I’ve asked the angels to watch over you always. So sleep well because you are forever protected, my choco.

43. As you sleep off tonight after your playful day. I pray you to sleep well to regain your strength for tomorrow activities. I love you, princess. Blessed night.

44. The stars twinkle brightly tonight because one of its own is about to sleep and needs his room to shine bright. You are the star of my life who is sleeping in light and not in darkness. Best of the night to you, my prince charming.

45. Oh! My sweet child, as you sleep tonight, I pray you sleep tight and your dreams mild. Mama loves you. Till the morning.

46. The time is right. For the moon is bright. For you to sleep tight and for me to say Goodnight. I pray that you enjoy your dreams, sweet.

47. My best part of the night is when I read your bedtime to you. I love the bond and. I love the stories. Goodnight, my baby.

48. Dear bubba, I’m always excited to read your bedtime stories because it brings this huge bond between you and me. I love you. Goodnight

49. I pray that the sweet dreams you will have today will come to reality in your life. You are a sweet child.

50. Just like the sleeping beauty, I hope my (daddy’s) kiss will wake up your thought and see how much I love you. Good night, my darling petals and sunshine. Good morning sir.

Aren’t the goodnight prayers for kids and children sweet and prayer-filled? Why don’t you send/read it to them and watch them sleep comfortably and excitedly?

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